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What is Dead can never die.

The Dead Man Zone, aka the DMZ, is the ancestral homeland of infamous zombie horde The Dead. It includes, but is not limited to, the following six suburbs: Dunell Hills, Peddlesden Village, Owsleybank, Chudleyton and Caiger Mall, Molebank, and West Becktown.

Dead Man Zone
Peddlesden Village Chudleyton
Dunell Hills West Becktown
Owsleybank Molebank
Known Groups:


  • N/A



  • Ruined Hospitals: 15
  • Ruined Police Stations: 13
  • Ruined Fire Stations: 22
  • Ruined Schools: 18
  • Defiled Monuments: 21
Destroyed Phone Masts:

Ostrehan Towers [2,36]
Gotch Museum [14,35]
The Houghton Towers [4,24]
Universal Manufacturing [13,46]
The Donovan Building [14,27]
Dobin Auto Repair [3, 44]

Abandon All Life, Ye Who Enter Here

This area is was the main area of operation by the Dunell Hills Police Department. Now it is a wasteland.

What to expect in the DMZ

If you are a Survivor

You will be eaten, then killed, then you shall rise up and kill.

If you are a Player Killer

Join The Malton Globetrotters! Snack Strong with Doritos!

If you are a Bounty Hunter

You will be eaten, then killed.

If you are a Zombie W/O Brain Rot

Eat survivors. Wallow in pubbie tears.

If You are a Zombie with Brain Rot

See above. Camp NT buildings.