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The Deadites of Malton
Abbreviation: T.D.O.M.
Group Numbers: 3.14159265359
Leadership: Zonslit
Goals: Kill all Humans
Recruitment Policy: Be a Zed/Human Pker
Contact: None

Created on July 31st, 2005, at exactly 4:56 a.m. by Zonslit, the Deadites were the first known organized zombie group in Malton. Since their creation, they have reportedly killed more than 100 humans, and currently have more than 35 active members. They are allies with the Undying Scourge. for a time, Zonslit had announced the dis-banding of his group. As of Oct. 24,2005. Zonslit has re-banded the Deadites, as an unlead (for he has no time for leading, merely Wiki-ing anti-Human Group). This is an Authorized message by the Un-Death himself.

Goals Of T.D.O.M=


As goal for all of us Zombies, our goal is to gain the upperhand, and to eat brains. Yet with no organization,we have no purpose. Thusly, Here are some goals for us:

1.)-Capture Fort Perryn. 2.)-Capture Fort Creedy. 3.)-Capture the large buildings (malls.cathedrals.etc.). 4.)-Become the superior race (in this game). 5.)-Ambush Revive Points.


So, you are a human? You are in a safehouse,or wandering th streets, in search of prey? Or do you want a PKing clan? Come here, my friend, you have found the right choice. With the allience of the zombies, you have no enemies,only prey. Your goals are as followed:

1.Become the most powerful you can possible become. 2.Encourage the destruction of teh C.O.L. 3.Talk to the leaders of other PKing clans so that you may gain their trust make them an ally. 4.Destroy safehouses from the inside, while Zeds come from the out.

As a Pker, you should not fear death. If death is prevalent, use it to become a powerful Zombie.

Sessecion of the Suburb of Heytownand Whittenside

Due to the unsually high concentration of zombies in Heytown, I will move there to center our operation to the surrounding suburbs, killing all who dare stand in the way. I will also secede Whittenside, for our Pking capital.

Order of Sessecion

We, the clan of T.D.O.M. hearby take hold of Heyttown and Whittenside as our own. All unwanted "visitors" will be killed. All humans in Heytown will be annhiliated, and in Whiitenside,once deemned possible. The C.O.L will NOT be able to stop this order, for to do that is to kill me in perma-death and in spirts. Allies like the RRF however,are welcome.

We have this reason to secede Heytown : The extrme abundance of zombies present in the Suburb on Oct. 26 2005.

Shall you try to stop T.D.O.M., we will kill you, and you zombie, over and over again.

Whittenside was picked out of a hat.

Withdrawal of Malton Citezenship

Since you are an outlaw, or a menace and threat to the city, you are no longer a citezen, should you join the group. There is no reson as to why not, since this place will only be a giant research lab for Zombies, and the odd relationship to huamns (food). So, you are now a non-citezen of the city. Zombies, it is your job to kill all humans in Heytown, and Pkers, to kill all non-willings huamns. This is your duty. Now, GO!


T.D.O.M will arrange a goverment, as soon as we have members who want to be a goverment.


All the members T.D.O.M.


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