The Dudoc Hotel (Foulkes Village)

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The Dudoc Hotel
EHB and open for business
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The Dudoc Hotel

Foulkes Village [3, 86]

Vigar Walk Lorgh Walk Punnett Cinema
Threadgould Road The Dudoc Hotel The Feaver Monument
Faraker Bank The Gullis Museum Connery Drive

Basic Info:

  • Also known as motels.
  • 50% chance of finding wine.
  • Hotels can be barricaded normally.


The Dudoc Hotel is a gargantuan, hyper-modern hotel, now prematurely decayed.

The Dudoc Hotel: not so much a white elephant as a gilded mammoth.


Conveniently located between Foulkes Village's museums, a short walk away from historic St Aelred's Church and the Potter Monument, and between two of Malton's finest hospitals, it seemed the 8-star Dudoc Hotel was bound to succeed. Indeed, it was intended to be a high-profile destination in its own right, tapping into the much-vaunted Foulkes Village renaissance. Designed, built and managed by M. Philippe Dudoc, it was to be the centrepiece of his Cosmopole hotel chain.

However, the inherent sleepiness of the Village was barely affected by its incorporation into the city of Malton, even after 150 years. Despite its pre-outbreak gentrification and the influx of young urbanites, the area never attracted the business clientele and gastro-tourists the Dudoc desperately needed. With over a thousand beds, five restaurants (with several Michelin stars between them) and a massive spa complex, all topped by a heliport (not just a helipad - how 80s!) - the Dudoc collapsed into bankruptcy as rapidly as a soufflé in a chill wind.

Barricade Policy

In October 2008, the Dudoc became the official entry point of People's Republic of DB. However, the Foulkes Village Barricade Plan lists the hotel as EHB.

Current Status

Still bankrupt.