The Durand Monument

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the Durand Monument

Vinetown [86, 68]

Doddington Towers Taswell Towers Club Quarman
Paul Plaza the Durand Monument Sperril Lane
the Kirk Building the Lees Hotel a factory

Basic Info:

  • A monument is a city block containing a statue or similar piece of public art, without a building in it. It is functionally equivalent to a street, except that players with the Tagging skill can gain 2 XP for writing graffiti on a monument.
  • This is, game-play wise, an empty block, and cannot be barricaded.
  • After the July 3, 2009 update, some monuments became tall and can be seen from a distance with binoculars

The Durand Monument

The cracked statue of a women. As part of the design another figure is already broken at her feet.


You are at the Durand Monument, a metal statue of a woman with a crack running across it.


Despite being bordered by three tall buildings The Durand Monument is never in shadow. Sperril Lane to the east and Paul Plaza to the west means the path of the Sun is never blocked and the area sparkles with light.

The Durand Monument by the French artist Marianne Durand was a gift to the Godfry Museum's European sculpture collection, but only on the condition it was given a permament home in the open air.

The crack across the statue was part of its design, symbolising the fraility of life. A point lost on those zombies who shamble past it.

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