The Ecclesiarchy Militant

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The Eclesiarchy Militant
Abbreviation: Ecclesiarchy
Group Numbers: 4 dedicated members, many other players who are not members, but work with the Group.
Leadership: The Clergy
Goals: Defend 'The Temple of Our Martyred Lady'
Recruitment Policy: Those willing to fight for what they belive
Contact: Post Name And Profile In The Official Recruiting Thread

The Ecclesiarchy Militant.

This group originally considered itself part of the Redemptionists. However, when the Redemptionist hierarchy refused to acknowledge the Investiture & Priesthood of Parson Johanas, the congregation split away. The split was not particularly harsh or angry (largely because the Parson asked the other group members to be polite) and it is unlikely to become a point of contention, but in the foreseeable future, the two groups will remain sundered.

The Ecclesiarchy is the governing organization of The Emperors priesthood. Under normal conditions, they are prohibited from taking up weapons (Exception: Adeptus Sororitas). However, in times of crisis, the more militant members of the Ecclesiarchy will go into the reliquaries of their monasteries and take up the weapons of saints & champions long dead. For the length of the disaster they resurrect the Ecclesiarchy Militant, holy warriors in defense of humanity.

Group Organization

The Ecclesiarchy Militant has taken up the defense of Cathedral of Saint Jude as a holy mission, due to the presence of the "Reliquary of Lisa Harper". Calling the area 'The Temple of Our Martyred Lady', they have vowed to forcibly resist any attempts to seize the area by any non Imperial group, but specifically the Church of the Resurrection.

The group is led by example, the higher level players help less advanced ones. Everyone works. Everyone fights. To quote the articles of faith: "There can be no bystanders in the war for survival. Anyone who will not fight by your side is a enemy who you must crush utterly!"

Some members were created specifically for the group. Those with Parson, Vicar, Confessor, or Deacon (shared with the redemption) in their names are considered 'clergy' and accorded a touch more respect. Those who have achieved great recognition in the group are accorded to have 'taken minor orders' and are also considered clergy.

  • Group Policy

The Ecclesiarchy Militant maintains a revive point at The Farrant Monument [14,43].

The Ecclesiarchy is in support of the following ideas.

Uniform Barricading Policy

Optimal Defense Diagrams

Distributed Defense

PK Listings

  • Baricade System

Areas under the controll of The Eclesiarchy Militant have two baricade plans, one 'Siege Plan' based on the UBP, and another 'Low Threat' plan based on ODD methods. any time where the Alert level is Yelow or greater the 'Siege Plan' goes into efect. so far since this idea has been implimented this has been the consatnt state of Molebank, however it is hoped that this may change soon.

Current Status

Parson Johanas is undertakeing a six week seclusion to meditate on the Emperors will for Molebank, and Malton. Alexei Yaruk 18:09, 5 Jan 2006 (GMT)


This group was formed as a "second front" of the Redemptionists in Molebank around the Cathedral of Saint Jude known as "The Temple of Our Martyred Lady" to its followers.

The only known picture of the 13th century Gothic cathedral with its twin spires stretching skyward as if imploring the Emperor for the redemption of Malton can be seen at the Molebank Citizen Volunteers site.

In December of 2005, the Church of the Resurrection overran Malton and desecrated St Jude's Cathedral. The Ecclesiarchy Militant was cought off balance and is only now recovering. Plans to retake the cathedral have been set in motion.

The Group was prevented form celebrating Emperors Day by the CotRs untimely attack. The cooks are very unhappy.

As of Jan 4, the CotR has been defeated and forced out of molebank. The victory is a hollow one however as the choice to leave seems to have been motivated by lack of prey.

Relations With Other Groups

As it currently stands, the split from the Redemption has been debated, with the result that the Redemption and Ecclesiarchy Militant form the basis of The Imperium in Malton. Several other groups have joined, including, most notably, GauntsGhosts.

A Radio brocast of Prayrs, Hymns, & Information was being sent out by this group under the Title: The Emperors Word

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