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The Electric Light Torchestra

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The Blackout List

While the ELT does not involve itself in tracking fugitives of justice or zombies who stood out in the sun too long, we do take offence to those survivors or zombies who seek to undo our great works. Therefore members are asked to keep track of anyone who purposefully destroys a portable generator. These vandals should be recorded here and reported on sight to the Dulston Alliance. After all, if we can supply them with the proof then they should come along to clean up the trash.

The following is a list of known vandals in or around the NE Corner, or specifically Dulston:

Vandal's Name Proof of Crime(s) Last Date Spotted Last Known Location
AshyyLarry None/1 crime recorded 27 February 2007 A Factory, Dulston
Azog One Two crimes recorded 27 May 2007 A Factory, Dulston
Bastard Squad None/1 crime recorded 14 March 2007 A Factory, Dulston
Blackfoot None/2 crimes recorded 10 February 2007 Parrott Towers, Dulston
captain ante None/1 crime recorded 6 March 2007 Treweeke Mall (SW Corner), Dulston
deadcarl None/2 crimes recorded 21 February 2007 A Warehouse, Dulston
drulling 2 crimes recorded 8 May 2007 The Whitlock Building, Dulston
everyone in here One Two of countless crimes recorded 12 August 2007 A Factory, Dulston
FireFighter Mike None/1 crime recorded 17 April 2007 The Whitlock Building, Dulston
He's dead Jim One TwoThree of countless crimes recorded 11 May 2008 St Anacletus's Hospital, Dulston
Hurt Bringer None/1 crime recorded 28 February 2007 A Factory, Dulston
Matthew Gooding One crime recorded 15 May 2007 The Whitlock Building, Dulston
Mei Mei None/1 crime recorded 28 April 2007 The Whitlock Building, Dulston
Officer johnny None/1 crime recorded 22 April 2007 The Whitlock Building, Dulston
Phathom None/5 crimes recorded 19 February 2007 Downe Towers, Dulston
Ramkoer One crime recorded 11 January 2008 Treweeke Mall (SW Corner), Dulston
sebff1 One crime recorded/Out of two known crimes 26 July 2007 A Factory, Dulston
Tecke One crime recorded 8 August 2007 A Factory, Dulston
The Good Man Possible Zerg, 1 Crime recorded 16 July 2008 the Waish Building, Pescodside
The Speaking Demon One Two crimes recorded 10 August 2007 A Factory, Dulston
theuberzombie None/1 crime recorded 14 March 2007 The Bridgman Building, Dulston
Unhelpful Zombie spy, Death Cultist, 1 Crime recorded 28 April 2008 Urban General Hospital, Kinch Heights
Vachon Blaze 1 crime recorded 22 May 2007 The Whitlock Building, Dulston
Zawa o' Draugr None/1 crimes recorded 22 April 2007 The Whitlock Building, Dulston

Vandal's Name - Simple link to the vandals' character profile. This is to confirm that the individual named in the crime is not confused with someone of a similar name. In the past some killers or vandals have been known to take the names of well-known survivors, but spell them slightly differently. This causes a lot of confusion as sometimes innocent people are accused of crimes they never committed. To avoid that always link to the real criminal's profile. Then a mere name cannot fool you.

Proof of Crimes - This refers to a screenshot of the survivor destroying a portable generator and/or radio. After the screenshot has been posted somewhere public link to it in this section and assign it a number based on the number of current screenshots already recorded for that vandal (i.e. 1, 2, 3, ect). Then reference all claims against the survivor to that proof. This master list allows us to keep track of all such criminals and report on their whereabouts.

Last Date Spotted - Simply put, when the vandal was last spotted at the location specified under the next column. The exact time is not required, but can be included if desired. In most cases this refers to when the criminal also committed their last crime at said location. If so, be sure to add a screenshot of their newest crime to their proof list.

Last Known Location - Where you last spotted the vandal. As with the date column the location might be where the vandal committed his most recent crime. Be sure to note the building and the suburb. In the case that the location is a revive point be sure to inform the Dulston Alliance of this fact so they can execute him, as whether a survivor or zombie they are still valid targets for outstanding warrants. After all, would we really want to revive a vandal? Nope.