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The Electric Light Torchestra

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Jobs @ the Electric Light Torchestra

The ELT is currently hiring!

The successful candidate should possess:

The ELT is always looking for more members. Not only is the band not yet filled out, but even when all instruments are taken there are others to be claimed. Roadies, agents, site scouts, talent scouts, electricians, effects technicians, security, foodstaffs, manufacturers, technicians, medical staff, maintainence, publicity- the ELT needs YOU! If you think you're qualified for an enlightening position, don't hide your light under a bushel. Just contact us and tell us why you fit into our Torchestra. A bright future lies ahead. Request here for membership or use any other contact option given on our main page.

Member List

Honorary Members

The ELT has chosen to recognise the following residents of Dulston for their valuable dedication and continuing support in the fight for light.

Former Members

Allied Groups

Habits of our members

  • Balcony Jedi - All he ever wanted was to be the sexy bass player. And years after he first touched an electric bass - due to reasons better not explained here - with his tongue, which got badly entangled, he was finally there. Where, you might ask? Well, he came to the awareness that he might not be sexy, but at least a bass player. Luckily, in a zombie infested city no one really cared about his looks, and he came to enjoy taking a back seat on stage and in life, pulling the strings in secrecy (pun intended), but always audible.
    He guards his custom pimped old school Harsh Mall tube amps like the apple of his left eye (don't ask). When he's not busy rocking out or providing services to Dulston he enjoys being shot by disgruntled GKers and Defective Swarm members now and then.
  • Colin Anderson - Colin is the ELT's semi-recurring member who, like seasonal allergies or a bad case of acne, always comes back. He serves several functions for the ELT: in the field he's yet another drop in the pipeline that brings fuel and power to all corners of Dulston and the closer areas of Rhodenbank and Pescodside. In the group he's the unofficial Propaganda Minister, the DJ for the ELT's Caliber 45s radio program, and one of the more combat-oriented members. In the band, Colin is the current electrician/technician as well as the synth player, working largely on a combination of kicks, threats, Fonzie elbow-smacks, prayer, and copper wire. In the field Colin is noted for several potentially annoying habits- among them playing synthesizer at four in the morning, constantly getting in the way of the next big wave of zombies, running out of AP or IP in whichever building will fall next, and enjoying ska music (which may be more of a war crime).
  • Kikashie - Once the ELT's Lord of reconnaissance, song writing, and pudding. Shares an obsession/disease (referred to as "The Brando") with fellow ELT'er Wang Hager. Created the ELT "Recon Map", was chief song writer for the ELT, and still is the self-proclaimed "Head of Intelligence" for the Dulston Alliance. However, due to this self-proclamation, he is constantly accused of attempting to "subtlety assume leadership" of the Dulston Alliance. Whether that is truth or truth is yet to be revealed. In a nutshell - Kikashie is jack of all trades, master of two or three.
  • OneArmedBandit - Some people might accuse Bandit of wandering around Dulston in a confused, disorganized haze, without any single objective in mind. Those people would be right. Generally he patrols around Stoner's factory: barricading, supplying power, healing the injured, and repairing buildings. Bandit's main strategy, however, is to drain the AP of zombies by being eaten by them. Ha ha, take that!
  • Your friendly neighborhood Lychee might not be everywhere at once. But he probably died everywhere once. That does not mean that he spends much time as a zombie, for he has developed the most obtrusive and impudent ways of getting a revive. The mixture of mrh?ing, surreptitiously jumping the RP-queue, gesticulating and a clever discount-card-system has more than once brought him up to his feet in less than 20 minutes. Once he's alive, PsychoLychee normally wastes his 27 generators and fuelcans on all those dark buildings - Dulston's famous GKers being close on his heels -, shouts random invitations to join the Torchestra at innocent bystanders and finally reaches a safehouse where he will be eaten the next night.
  • Stoner24 - since October 2007 has taken up residence in Factory 92,0. Occasionally quiet but always considerate of those around him, Stoner24 will gladly provide assistance and shelter to those survivors who come knocking. In between searching for equipment and frequent trips to the Whitlock Building, he will be helping to supply power to NW Dulston. Responsibilities include priority locations such as St. Anacletus's Hospital, Oake Walk Police Department and The Bridgman Building. In times of relaxation, Stoner24 enjoys smoking his bong on the top floor while listening to heavy metal music. Other notable occupants of the Factory include IMAX and OneArmedBandit (ELT).
  • Wang Hager - Some have called him an anomaly, some a helpful loser, and some a walking innuendo. But to his friends in the ELT, he's simply known as Wang. He refuels generators, repairs generators, and does his best to keep the lights on in Dulston. Wang is also known for his comical disposition coupled with a mild temper, and the ability to be found by every angry despot in a 50 block radius. Wang has been noted as being one of the bad luck charms of the ELT, as every time he tries to power South Dulston, zombies arrive and start sacking the city. So every time he mentions going into South Dulston, everyone always cringes. Before the outbreak Wang used to run the Chinese takeout on Hagger Way in Dulston. You can typically still find him wearing the apron and little paper hat as a reminder of the old times.