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Clock.png Inactive Group
The Elite are no longer active. Its group page is preserved for archival purposes. Please do not edit this page. This group was reported inactive on 10:12, 9 January 2009 (UTC) Not Inactive?

The Elite
Abbreviation: TE
Group Numbers: 20+
Leadership: Billiums
Goals: Perform varied and difficult tasks
Recruitment Policy: Human players with all 22 human skills
Contact: The Forum

The Elite was a group of level 22 humans dedicated to creating goals for high level players which otherwise would have nothing to do in the game. - it is currently inactive, although several members still roam Malton.


You've finally acquired all 22 human skills. Feeling a great swell of pride you set out to.... uh.... well.... what can you do? You already have all the skills! At this point, some humans set out to help their fellow survivors: healing the sick, revivifying the undead, and barricading in the weak. Others ruthlessly set out to exterminate still more zombies in their never-ending war against the dead. And still others grow so depressed that they hurl themselves out of a top-story window just to end the boredom. Well, there is now another option, friends! The Elite is a group made up of human players with all 22 human skills. The Elite was created by the now-retired Noah C. Billiums is the current leader.


The Elite set out to perform tasks that are proposed by group members and voted upon (if we don't all agree), i.e. "barricade every building in Shearbank to 'very strongly,'" or "revivify every zombie in Chudleyton." While members do vote on what The Elite set out to do, Billiums has the final say. Know this, though: Billiums will only veto a task that has been voted upon if he deems that it will be detrimental to the group or the plan just makes no sense. There is a second in command. This individual will take over control of the group temporarily if Noah C is absent.

Attacking The Elite

If any of our members are attacked or killed by fellow humans that human will be put on our hit list. From there on out every time any of us sees the assailant we will punch him or her once (or multiple times if we feel it appropriate). So unless you want a perpetual bloody nose and the annoyance of getting healed for 1 HP don't attempt to harm us.

Joining/Communicating with The Elite

The Elite now has an official radio frequency! If you would like to communicate with The Elite or just listen in on our chatter, tune in to 27.73 now! We have an invision forum where all outside-game communication happens. We have a forum set aside for affiliates and recruits of The Elite. Anyone who joins the forum will automatically be instated as an affiliate, and from there you may apply for membership or just talk/coordinate with us as you wish. Note that you will be required to provide an e-mail address and use your Urban Dead character name for your forum name. The Forum

Current Situation

We currently have 20+ members and are securing Stanbury Village in preparation for the Extravaganza!

For Members

The forum is where it all happens. Go there.

Past Missions

Mission #1

Location: Brooke Hills


1-Reach Redpath Alley School in Brooke Hills. Kill any zombies inside and tell any non-Elite that they should leave.

2-Barricade every building in the suburb to at least heavily barricaded, but do not barricade Police Departments, Fire Stations, or Hospitals.

3-Warn everyone in the key buildings to get out and stay out unless they need supplies, i.e. don't log off while in the building.

4-Recruit eligible members.

5-Graffiti the suburb with Elite propaganda.

6-Kill zombies.


1- Completed successfully although several individuals did not leave. We left them be.

2-Most building were barricaded, although a zombie horde moved in and started tearing them down.

3-Most people did not listen.

4-Three to Five members were recruited.

5-Most of the area was graffitied, mainly with the Wiki URL.

6-Many zombies were either gunned down or revivified.

Conclusion: The mission was largely a success, but a sizable horde moved in and we had to evacuate. We are now settled in another area and are planning our next move.

Mission #2 "Midnight Mercy"

Location: Peddlesden Village


1-Reach St. Humphrey's Church in Peddlesden Village. Announce that it is a revive clinic and spray the building appropriately.

2-Advertise the location of the clinic to zombies.

3-Revivify as many zombies in the area as possible.

4-Kill rotters.


1-About 75% of members came to the area to participate in the mission. The church was sprayed and residents of the suburb notified of our intentions.

2-Directions were sprayed in random locations in the surrounding suburbs and the location was posted in the Wiki.

3-Between 120 and 150 zombies were revivified during the course of the mission (One and a half weeks).

4-Several brain rotters were killed, "Rotten Grrr" at least five times.

Conclusion: As our second mission we decided to form a temporary revive clinic to help out the denizens of Malton. 120-150 zombies revivified in less than two weeks is something to be proud of. Before leaving we tried to get survivors outside of the group to continue running the clinic, and some interest was shown.

Mission #3 "Locking up the Shop"

Location: Roftwood


1-Reach Hildebrand Mall.

2-Announce our presence.

3-Split into two groups: the Homemakers and the Vanguard.

4-Homemakers will protects Hildebrand mall and organize survivors.

5-Vanguard will revive and attack zombies while recruiting.

6-Make Hildebrand Mall a large, fortified safehouse.

Overview: Hildebrand Mall happens to be the base of about three different groups, not including The Elite. Unfortunately, this made our presence not at all necessary. So instead of organizing a ragtag group of survivors we ended up helping out a bit here and there while thinking of our next mission. It was also a nice, safe place to stay over Thanksgiving weekend when many of us were away. A success? Well, it wasn't a failure.

Mission #4 "Fortress"

Location: *The location of our fortress is not necessarily a secret, but we do not wish to advertise it on the Wiki.

Goals: Establish *** as The Elite's fortress and base of operations. Spread the word and make it a known safehouse.

Overview: *** is now our base of operations. It is our home and where we will always come back to. The survivors there know it and feel safer with us. We keep up a running generator in the hospital, a running mobile phone tower, and a revive point. In the future we hope to expand the uses of the location.

Mission #5 "RRF Repulse"

Location: Stanbury Village; Ridleybank

Goals: Defend Nichols Mall while striking into Ridleybank to barricade buildings.

Overview: This mission lasted a couple of weeks, striking into Ridleybank to barricade buildings and spraypaint the *** out of the place. We also helped in the defense of Nichols Mall, but our own stronghold fell in the process.

Mission #6 "Candyland"

Location: Ridleybank

Goals: Cooperative mission with the Gingerbread Men

Overview: This was our first cooperative mission with another group. The group in question is the Gingerbread Men. I won't go into details as I don't know how much information they want released, but in the end it fell through. The Gingerbread Men took longer than projected to round up the manpower necessary to complete their side of the mission, and The Elite moved on.

Mission #7 "Second Caiger"

Location: Caiger Mall

Goals: Defend Caiger mall while reviving survivors and barricading surrounding buildings

Overview: The Elite missed the first Caiger battle, and we opted not to pass this one up. We stayed there for approximately two weeks, and grew bored with the monotony. We moved on to Mission #8

Mission #8 "RRF Revisited"

Location: Ridleybank/Barrville/Stanbury Village

Goals: Slap Petro---- around, barricade run, re-graffitti the mansion

Overview: "This mission's a swoop back to our old haunting grounds. We will be staying in discreet buildings in the aforementioned suburbs. We will re-graffitti the old mansion, barricade run the area, and search for Petro----. If we find Petro---- will be beat him to death repeatedly with our fists. Yay!" <- And that's exactly what happened.

Mission #9 "War Games"

Location: We'll be ripping up the whole city

Goals: Formulate creative games and execute them using team and squad subsections.

Overview: Most of us are by now fairly bored with the basic survivor tedium, so we have decided to play war games with each other. This will continue on indefinitely. We have already played "Capture the Mascot" and "Elimination." "Kings and Scouts" and "Checkpoint Race/Hunt" are in the works.