The Farnol Arms

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The Farnol Arms
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The Farnol Arms

Judgewood [12,15]

the Drewer Monument Higgin Square Fire Station the MacCarthy Building
Scievell Place The Farnol Arms Maney Library
a warehouse a warehouse Bampfield Road

Basic Info:

  • Pubs have no internal descriptions, apart from " abandoned pub."
  • Arms can be barricaded normally.

"Set amongst a collection of warehouses in the suburb the pub is rather run down and drab. This may be the reason very little is happening in the area, due to the extremely poor architectual style of the suburb. Poor tv reception lead to only 'Brainiac' being the only show on offer, and life as a zombie hasn't been good for Richard Hammond. Beerwise the pub a a good selection, although the Guinness was off whilst we where there. There is a beer garden containing swings and a roundabout, although the lack of Yams as a bar snack prevented full enjoyment of the facilities. However the pub is a adequate setting for parties, and Lord Grimmie's birthday was celebrated here with much success. - Rating 3.5/5

Update: Visitors should look out for the large puddle of sick by the roundabout in the pub garden. Unfortunately the Malton Good Beer Guide reviwers, in a haze of nostalgia (and, more importantly, alcohol), decided it would be a good idea to converge on said roundabout and "give it a spin". The admittedly impressive results are best viewed from indoors - the stench has attracted feral zombies believing there to be decomposing meat nearby. Their anticipation turns to anger as all they discover are half digested carrots and pork scratchings. " - The Malton Good Beer Guide

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