The First Brigade of AZ

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The First Brigade of AZ
Abbreviation: FIBAZ
Group Numbers: 20
Goals: Destroy The Undead
Recruitment Policy:

About us

The First Brigade of AZ is a courageous "No-Mercy" group that fights against zombies, PKers, GKers and anyone who dares to attack us. The FIBAZ members operate around the suburbs of New Arkham, Old Arkham and, temporarily , Darvall Heights. Their missions are simple and clear:

-Protect buildings of high importance (Malls, Hospitals, PDs and NT buildings) -Make alliances with other human resistance fronts (we have a great relationship with Legions of Lockettside members) -Seek and destroy our most dangerous trouble, the Undead.

The First Brigade of AZ es un grupo valiente e implacable que lucha contra zombies, Pkers, Gkers y contra cualquiera que se atreva a atacarnos. Los miembros del FIBAZ operan entre los barrios (suburbios) de New Arkham,Old Arkham y, por un tiempo, Darvall Heights. Sus misiones son claras y simples:

-Proteger edificios importantes (Centros comerciales, hospitales, comisarías y edificios de NT) -Establecer alianzas con otros frentes de resistencia humana (tenemos buenas relaciones con miembros de Legions of Lockettside) -Buscar y destruir nuestro más peligroso problema: los No-muertos.

Members Active

Members Unactive

Spanish.jpg España
Our members are spanish


The First Brigade of AZ form part of the major alliance created at Lockettside and all the groups join the Legions are friends and allies of The FIBAZ.

Legions of Lockettside

Where is the FIBAZ located ?

  • Lockettside
  • South Blythville
  • Dartside
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