The Fliney Building

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The Fliney Building
Last update March 2021
BoogieDinosaur (talk) 21:43, 16 August 2023 (UTC)
The Fliney Building

Miltown [95,95]

the Heward Arms Tickle Crescent Byers Avenue
a factory The Fliney Building the Balle Monument
Hatwell Library Whitefield Way Josephine General Hospital

Basic Info:

  • Office buildings owned by the company often associated with the zombie outbreak. From the outside, they are indistinguishable from other buildings, but characters with the NecroTech Employment skill are able to recognise them.
  • Among the internal descriptions found in NecroTech Buildings:
    The NecroTech logo is set in the wall behind the front desk, and doors open onto powered-down computer rooms and laboratories."
  • If a generator is running inside the building:
    "The NecroTech logo glows gently above the front desk, and doors open onto a number of brightly-lit laboratories and computer rooms."
  • NecroTech offices are tall enough for survivors to commit suicide from. They also provide a vantage point from which binoculars can be used.
  • Necrotech Buildings can be barricaded normally.


The NecroTech logo glows gently above the front desk, and doors open onto a number of brightly-lit laboratories and computer rooms.



The Fliney Building is a NecroTech facility located in the suburb of Miltown. It is one of three such NecroTech buildings located in the suburb. The Fliney Building was once the proud University Hospital of Malton.

It worked closely with the Josephine General Hospital, and used the Hatwell Library for its extensive research material and publication store. It wasn't until late 2001 when it was discovered that the number of homeless people on the streets were diminishing drastically that the Wadham Police were called in to investigate. The investigation took five years and uncovered a number of unethical experiments being conducted on live human subjects founded by the NecroTech corporation. Dr M.O.Mento was arrested for crimes against humanity. However, he managed to escape and disappear en route to his trial during the chaos of the outbreak.


NecroTech staff continue to follow directive 42-A, issued by the head office on January 19th 2006, with the activation and manufacture of MK-II revivification syringes. While the cost in time and effort are currently high the certainty provided by being able to manufacture a constant stream of syringes has mitigated early concerns.

The activation of NecroNet with all NecroTech buildings has also allowed scientists to apply the DNA tracking research they have gathered to date. The field research staff stationed at the Fliney Building feel certain that they can crack the mystery surrounding the spread of the virus as well as help monitor aberrant zombie activity within Miltown.

Barricade Policy

This building should be unbarricaded at all times. This is in accordance with the mutually agreed-upon plan set forth by local survivor groups, who have determined that this NT building will be used to revive zombies suffering from Brain Rot. As such survivors are reminded not to seek shelter here or barricade the building in any way, although many do and it is usually extremely heavily barricaded or ransacked.

NecroNet Reports

Zombie tracking reports are a free service provided by the NecroTech corporation to all its staff and local survivors in order to help facilitate quicker response times when managing zombie threats and to build a greater awareness of zombie migration patterns within the 9x9 block region around the Fliney Building. As a cautious reminder, only those zombies tagged with the DNA Extractor will appear on these scans, so actual numbers may vary when dealing with older zombies (i.e. Brain Rot).


The Fliney Building


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stelar (talk) 10:12, 4 October 2016 (UTC)


July 2, 2008 Plenty o' zeds in the area, advise extreme caution--Dr Mycroft Chris 06:39, 2 July 2008 (BST)

June 21st 2008 Building currently Extremely heavily barricaded and powered --Munktharo 09:27, 21 June 2008 (BST)Hypnotoad-1.gif

June 5th 2008 Bulding safe and HB. Powered but no Radio installed. --Nitro378 T JNL 20:03, 5 June 2008 (BST)

May 10th 2008 - PKers inside killed generator and 2 survivors, 20+ zeds attacking from the west. New generator installed, cades brought back up to EHB.--Buadach 17:15, 10 May 2008 (BST)

Barricaded at EHB, lights on inside.--Arcticwolf2010 14:19, 5 April 2008 (BST)

November 28th, 2007 - Please post on the The Know Nothings discussion page to request a rot revive and faster service. We currently have a zerger clogging Fliney with about 16 zombies who are lvl 1 firemen and other throw-away characters used for his cheating. We're going to be unable to find you in the mess without a profile link. --Rutherford 15:38, 28 November 2007 (UTC)

November 26th, 2007 - Recently the building was designated a Rot Revive clinic by The Know Nothings. All rotted zombies should be wary of sleeping inside. --Rutherford 17:41, 26 November 2007 (UTC)


Is it something in the air conditioning or is it in the water? Whatever it is it makes the Coalition zombies crazy for the flesh of surviours who stay in this place.