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Flowers of Decay
Abbreviation FOD
Group Numbers Growing.
Leadership Ruled by consensus.
Goals Eliminating the weeds of Malton.
Recruitment Policy Apply on our forums.
Contact Forum

Who are the Flowers of Decay?

The Flowers of Decay are an active, nomadic PKer group founded by former members of the historic PK group Flowers of Disease. Members typically wear some kind of dried or wilting rose or other flower. Otherwise there seems to be no common dress.

Our Purpose


A land of death. A land of life. A land where survival is dictated by action.

Action. Barricades. Revives. Communication. The rushing to battle to fend off the horde. Action that saves lives and protects our loved ones.

Instead what we get... is uselessness. Day after day, survivors lounge around in their pretty green suburbs, wasting time by chatting, partying, overbarricading, strewing the land with petty and pointless graffiti. They have lost their way, and forgotten the face of the enemy. They are flotsam, the weak, the worthless, the very antithesis of true survivordom. They are everywhere, and their sloth and apathy will strangle humanity long before the undead do.

There is only one solution- they must be shown action. And so we must kill them all. Only by example and by pain will they be strengthened. Violence will leave them alert and united, ready to repel whatever antagonists they may face. Let us, the Flowers of Decay be those antagonists, that our campaign of murder prepares them for the horde. They will thank us when the undead return in force and they are ready, honed like a blade by the whetstone of our necessary evil!


Will you be next one to take your place by our side? Survivors disgusted by their contemporaries, PKers seeking purpose, BHers ready to shed their hypocrisy and embrace their true nature. We have a place for you all.

If you have had enough of the deadweight that surrounds you - if you are fed up, if you refuse to abide Flotsam in your midst, then join us.

The following entrance criteria must be met before the FOD will consider your application to join us.

1. You are Level 10 or above.If you are not ready, feel free to come back when you are. Otherwise, these guys would be happy to have you.

2. You will participate in an "initiation" period. During this time, you will be sent to claim scalps from past Flotsam we've encountered or given some other quest. During this time, you'll also be vetted by group members and we will see if you fit in. When the initiation is complete, your membership to the main group will be decided upon.

Other Things to consider:

1. You are an active team player. We don't want loose cannons or players who are with the group in name only. While we don't expect you to live on the forum, if you can't be somewhat active, we're not the group for you.

2. You have experience using Shotguns, Pistols and sharp objects. If you can also use Necrotech Syringes, that's a plus.

3. The FOD does not participate in or accept any of the following actions:

  • Text Rape
  • Zerging
  • Forum Spying

If any group or individual, whether inside or outside of the FOD, is found guilty of any of these they will be summarily branded flotsam and shown no quarter.

4. The FOD does not recognize Honor Among Thieves. Providing blanket immunity based on affiliation rather than skill, intellect or personality, is allowing flotsam to wallow in uselessness. We will kill whom we please when we please in the interest of a stronger Malton.