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The Great Yeti Expedition

Campaign Duration - September 1st - ???
Documented Target Kills

Triple Homicide

Campaign Duration - July 16 - August 28th
Documented Target Kills


Campaign Duration - June 13th - July 15th
Documented Target Kills

Tommygun Tour

Campaign Duration - May 8th - June 6th
Documented Target Kills

Viva La Resistance

Campaign Duration - April 11th - May 6th
Documented Target Kills

Viva La Resistance.jpg
Next up was DHPD. We crossed the great divide and traveled from lower Malton to the (not so) great NW. Rando must have been smiling on us, because we soon found that scattered amongst the DH cops were ACC, Squadron1111, DEM and SOC. This mixing of military and city management struck us profoundly as Police State. Marshall Law is a disease and the garden of Malton needed to be cleansed of it. So we called up our friends The Philosophe Knights and formed a Resistance.

During our stay, JR Bob Dobbs stumbled across The Flowar Building and began using it as a safehouse. Soon other began to hear the call of the Flowar and so we decided to try out a new tactic. We would all sleep in the NT building after each hunting session. If we died, we were never far from a source of revives. This worked remarkably well for close to two weeks. It would have been completely sustainable, but a foul zerg force intruded on our peaceful retreat in the form of the undead. Not to be deterred from the task at hand, we relinquished the building and concluded our campaign against the police state.


Campaign Duration - March 1st - April 10th
Documented Target Kills – 186

After our parting gift to Pitneybank and the sinking of Giddings Mall, the FOD started to reminisce about our past mall cleansing exercises and decided it was time to educate mallrats again. But why stop at one mall when we could KILL THEM ALL? And so the KILLTHEMALL tour was born.

While we didn't technically kill at every mall, deliver justice to 12 of Malton's 20 malls. We started at Dowdney and then worked though Stickling, Bale, Calvert, Caiger, Ackland, Nichols, Tynte, Hildebrand, Woodroffe, Pole and Buckley. Some malls were unkempt, signs of lazy flotsam productivity, but we made due by using mall divisions and dividing our forces to increase maximum coverage and efficiency, coming together only strikes. It lasted just over a month, but by the end, we had raked in 186 mallrat tails, making it our second most successful campaign to date.

The Pit

Campaign Duration - February 1st - March 1st
Documented Target Kills – 117

After our stint with the BAR, we all decided we needed a challenge so we went about looking for a good fight. We had recently seen some Army Control Corps members in the NE area of the city so that seemed as good as any target as the next. So we loaded up and began tracking them. It wasn't long, though before the trail began to grow cold. After about a week of jumping burb to burb, we ended up in Pitneybank near Fort Creedy.

Some of our ACC targets were nearby and we dispatched them but it was clear that ACC as a whole weren't sticking around. We couldn't really blame them. This place was rife with flotsam. Well, when life gives you lemons, you freeze those fucking lemons and throw them in the face of your enemies. And that just what we did.

We kicked things off our Pitneybank slaughter with a Fort Creedy on Feb 8th. The place was packed when we barged in. With hardly any room to move the wheelbarrows about, we pretty much just tipped flotsam over and let them fall in. Several of us even slept inside the fort that night, overcading and darkening the Armoury in hopes to survive to fight another day. We had so much fun that evening, that we performed an encore presentation on Valentine's Day.

With Fort slaughter out of our system, we set about to punish the very obvious cheating problem we found throughout the complex and Pitneybank as a whole. The chill February wind was biting, but as luck would have it a fine source of heat was abundant. Several Yetis were having a convention so we set about collecting their pelts. A total of 25 yeti furs were meticulously removed, and our own JR "Bob" Dobbs did a fine job of fashioning them into coats. These fine garments were presented to the two FOD members with the highest number of Yeti kills.

With still a little time left in February and flotsam a-plenty to cull, we had an oppurtunity to leave Pitneybank with a parting gift. On the 22nd, we all headed over to Giddings Mall to lay waste to the some mallrats. So that our lesson would be remembered, we made this a Special strike, one which included a Tommy Gun. For a few days afterwards, we played cleanup at the mall and laughed as the "Invincible" Fort Creedy fell to the tides of zombies clawing down the gates. Farewell Pitneybank. Watch out to whom you give lemons next time.

Return to Arms

Campaign Duration - January 3rd - January 27th
Documented Target Kills – 112

The FOD took the month of December off for the most part. We made a half-hearted attempt at a second Silent Night Slaughter but most everyone was traveling or enjoying the holidays with family. And with three extremely successful events behind us at the end of 2012, we deserved the break!

We started off the new year with old acquaintances, lest they be forgotten. It had been almost exactly one year since we had paid a visit to The Burchell Arms Regulars. We were saddened by the news that the Night Watch, which had made the previous year's visit so memorable, was greatly diminished. We found almost no resistance this year and we surpassed our 100 scalp goal in record time. The banter we shared was still fun and both teams made the best of it, even if the kill-to-death ratio was pretty lopsided. Good luck to you BAR, and hopefully the Night Watch will rise again before next January.

Executing Order 66

Campaign Duration - November 5th - December 1st
Documented Target Kills – 84


Samhain Slaughter was great fun. Faith in the PKer community had been somewhat restored and there was even a slight pulse emanating from the PKA. But whilst we continued to punish Marven Mall, a perfect storm of flotsam disappointment was brewing to the east. The annual 5th of November event was picking up steam and dozens upon dozens of survivors were converging on The Blackmore Building. Needless to say, we were intrigued. But that intrigue suddenly turned to ire when first we read The Speech and then witnessed how horribly the siege was unfolding.

Something had to be done; something big. And so, we turned the ire into parody and Sith of November: Order 66 was born. Professor DT provided the counter-speech and the PKA provided the executions. For the remainder of the month of November, The FOD and its PKer allies mercilessly hunted every living soul associated with the doomed Blackmore Siege. From Blackmore to Tynte, Nichols, Hildebrand, Woodroffe, Ackland and finally Kempsterbank, we tracked and slaughtered them all. FOD's own contribution to the scalp count was 84, though many many more scalps were collected. The event was so successful that soon survivors began joining our cause. Even weeks after the event was over, survivors were joining The Dark Side. So ended the last successful PKA event of the year but it went to show that PKers could still accomplish big things when they worked together.

Samhain 2012

Campaign Duration - October 30 - November 5th
Documented Target Kills – 50 (71 documented allied kills)

With the TZH campaign winding down to its natural end (by natural end we mean there were no longer any living targets to shoot) the allied PKers found that Halloween was nearing. Things were perfectly aligned for another strike of epic proportions; it was time for the return of Samhain Slaughter.

Dark forest.jpg

Unlike Samhain Slaughter 4 which, much like Jaws 4, was best left forgotten, and unlike Samhain Slaughter 5, which was entirely unmemorable, Samhain Slaughter 6(66) was pretty epic. We had chosen Marven Mall as our location because of its proximity to the previous campaign. On the day of the strike, Kevan graced us with 2 very awesome Halloween mechanics - Fog and Mask Anonymity. Though the news of the updates happened mere hours before the strike, news spread quickly amongst the allies and the plan changed to include masks during the strike. Just prior to the event, we slithered into Marven under a cover of fog and donned our masks, which later made for some very interesting pictures. And because candy and costumes were available to all, the Mall had filled up quite nicely. Over the course of a week, while fog remained in the air, FOD and her allies racked up over 70 kills. Little did we know that elsewhere, a massive joke was taking place. As fate would have it, FOD and allies would become the punchline.

Team Zombie Hatebomb

Campaign Duration - August 31st, 2012 to October 25th, 2012
Documented Target Kills – 223!!!

With August at its close, and October quickly approaching, the FOD prepared to celebrate the completion of the first year since the group's rebirth. At the time, some joint effort was already under way against the irredeemable group of flotsam Team Zombie Hardcore. This presented us with the perfect opportunity to start another year on a good foot. In late August, we made the trek back to the much loathed Southwest district. Our friends The Philosophe Knights were waiting for us there and it wasn't long before we began plotting TZH's demise with our ally.

The first FOD shots rang out on August 31st as Lt. Christopher laid out Papa Nixon. Other deaths soon followed. For weeks, we hunted the vermin and the killings continued, with weekly strikes planned and executed. TZH were mocked and then murdered at every turn. After a time, TZH started to become increasingly harder to find. Little did we know at the time, but the back of TZH was close to being broken and by mid-September, our Knight allies requested help with an ongoing problem at St. George's Hospital in Greentown. The Malton Globetrotters had been causing problems at the MCM campus, impeding revive efforts during the conflict. Together with the PK and other allies, the FOD scalped approximately 30 Trotters.

With the business of The Globetrotters out of the way, the PKer alliance refocused efforts on TZH. We sent wave after wave of bloodthirsty killers at the scourge. In less than a week, the unfathomable happened. TZH were not rising to their feet after being slayed! Could it be true? Had the combined PKer forces finally rid the city of this nuisance? It would seem so! On September 26th, every known TZH member was lying dead. And by October 10th, TZH were no longer listed on the games' stats page.

With the sweet taste of victory on our tongues, FOD and company turned our focus on those that had helped TZH during the conflict. Bandit Queens, Squadron1111 and OcUK were next. The first FOD Rebirthday Slaughter took place in Tarasius General Hospital on October 3rd, 2012 and subsequently ransacked by zombies in the area. For the next few weeks, we struck viciously at the survivors, bringing in well over another 100 scalps. The occasional TZH member would stand but were always quickly brought to their knees. As of this writing, TZH still have not recovered. They all lie dormant, dead where they were shot, perhaps never to return to Malton again.

Penny Heights Arcade

Campaign Duration - August 3rd, 2012 to August 24th, 2012
Documented Target Kills – 68

It had come to our attention some months before that there existed a suburb which had escaped the apocalypse relatively unscathed throughout the years since the quarantine. Penny Heights, it seems, had seen more "green" days than any other place in Malton. Whether due to it's remoteness or it's relative obscurity, this scenario could only breed softness. The FOD took it upon itself to remind the denizens of Penny Heights that Malton is a dangerous place. They needed preparedness. FOD obliged.

The first order of business was yet another Mall cleansing. Two malls adorned this place: the tiny Lumber Mall and it's partner Joachim Mall. The so-called survivors here were truly weak, both malls were cleared and subsequently fell to zombie claws, and in those claws they remained for the duration of our time there. Not to be discouraged, the FOD found other dens in which to teach our lessons. We found Deacon Alley Police Department full of flotsam and so we spared no one. It was also during this time that we encountered an aspiring poet, whom we lovingly called Wee Willie Knox and his pet towel. His prose was appalling, his pentamber precocious. Much like Vogons, his rhymes were a much more effective form of murder than his skills with firearms. Though we put the duo down often, we would encounter them often over the coming months. Like lost puppies, they followed through the decayed avenues of Malton, becoming a favorite target as we went merrily along.


Vinetown Evisceration

Campaign Duration - July 3rd, 2012 to August 2nd, 2012
Documented Target Kills – 142

Satisfied with the proper trouncing we laid upon the Knights Templar, the Flowers moved eastward. A beacon of flotsam denizenry shone bright from the decayed suburb of Vinetown, and the FOD knew it had to be extinguished. Mitchem Mall was the first to receive cleansing. Numerous corpses littered the garden soon after our arrival and as lazy mall dwelling survivors soon realized, another renovation was taking place. Soon after, we shifted our focus (and the barrels of our guns) to the combined group forces of Mercy, MDK and TSI.

We found this motley bunch of layabouts huddled together in...a cinema of all places. Really now, Vinetown defenders? Some credit may be due for seeing the folly in sleeping in TRPs, but you're going to sit about and watch films during a zombie apocalypse? The FOD barged in during the cinema's umpteenth showing of Troll Hunter, threw spitwads, talked on our cell phones, laughed at the sad parts and generally made it an awful experience for the moviegoers. Oh and we shot people. Lots of people. It was massacre on a wide scale.


Between cinema shootings, we redoubled efforts with the mall renovation and by the end of the month, 142 souls had been eviscerated. Some months later, a lone claxon call, sounding much like the bleating of a sheep could be heard. A single survivor had uncoiled himself from his fetal position long enough to say a few choice words. An appropriate response was given, as the FOD went about their normal business of culling the flotsam of Malton.

Knights Templar: Unhorsed

Campaign Duration - May 22, 2012 to June 21, 2012
Documented Target Kills – 124

In mid-May, the FoD, tired of Southwest Malton, moved to Kempsterbank on a whim. After a few days of milling about and restocking, hibernaculum noticed there was unfinished business lying about- one of the FoD's first enemies- the Knights Templar. As they are wont to do, they had grown fat off their own complacency. They had begun to think Kempsterbank was now a safe place and had grown negligent in their duties and service to the local population. It was time for a not so subtle reminder that Malton is not some quarantined Oasis but is, in fact, a dangerous place to be where one must keep their guard up. The guilty must be punished.

"Tis merely a flesh wound!"
With a cry and hue, the FoD descended on the Knights, showing the antiquated old fools the wonders of modern ballistics and modern tactics. Plenty of Knights displayed "only flesh wounds" that day.

The Knights, and their slavering bounty hunter minions, did not disappoint with their first responses. The Knights, seemingly awakened to their danger unleashed a counter attack - something the FOD had not witnessed in quite some time. As the campaign edged on, however, the BHers' pitiful attention spans elapsed, and the FoD re-learned the lay of the land, their own causalities now slowed to a trickle. The funeral pyre of the Knights continued to burn, fed by heaps of Knight bodies.

In an odd twist, Skynet approached the FOD with a deal of sorts. The price of the FOD's help - an assault on the Templars. They paid the freight and decided to enter the fray, not on the side of the flotsam but instead agreeing to enlighten the Knights Templar. Despite the many visits from the FOD to Skynet's chat which at least one Knight noticed and reported, the KT were shamefully unaware that anything could be afoot...their arrogance blinded them to the many possible outcomes that exist in Malton. The FOD held a mirror to the Templars - a damning indictment of how unprepared they were for the unexpected. An impressive kill-frenzy followed, SDN and FOD filling the wheelbarrows to the brim with more Templar Corpses. The Knights seethed. They cried foul, as if forming voluntary alliances was somehow cheating. Surely the FOD must have tricked or deceived the SDN...surely.

The Lesson then ended with the FOD unsure whether their students understood the material taught. Did the Templar's learn something of value or, as the FOD suspected, did it go right over their heads, carried on the hot air of complaint and cries of treachery?

Purging Preston Arms

Campaign Duration - April 9th, 2012 - May 2nd, 2012
Documented Target Kills – 70

Satisfied that the crew still had a strong will to tend the garden, and having picked up new members by this time, the FOD turned their sights north. Away from the filth of the Southwest. Another group of layabout drunkards had gained the attention of the FOD. The Preston Arms was in need of pruning.

Upon arriving, we found that Caiger Mall, mere blocks from the Arms was in severe disrepair. This large group of pub dwellers surely should not have allowed it to happen. It was comedic. And so, FOD went to their pub on comedy night, filled the mic with one liners, rick rolled patrons during kareoke night, and generally made the bar our own. FOD then began the month long purging process. It was during this month, the FOD earned their 1000th kill, stepping confidently into the history of Malton.

Cleansing Tarasius

Campaign Duration - March 15th, 2012 - March 29th, 2012
Documented Target Kills – 58

During the interim of waiting for MCM to pull themselves up by their bootstraps, the FOD encountered two enemies. Team Zombie Hardcore and Squadron1111 both became weary of our presence in the North Blytheville area and predictably began opening fire on us. We shared some firefight with both teams while we decided which was more deserving of our attention. Ultimately, Squadron1111 was deemed the more redeemable of the two (it has long been know that TZH are irredeemable flotsam). And so, we set about planning our cleansing of Tarasius General Hospital, headquarters for the Squardron.

Having recently succumbed to another cleansing by a previously unseen force, FOD (once again) had to wait. We did not wait long. The squadron soon recovered from their lesson, and the FOD moved into place on March 16th. A total of 9 scalps were claimed during the initial strike. Over the course of two weeks, a total of 58 scalps were added to the official record, though many more were claimed before and after the campaign.

The FOD Guest Lecture Series

Campaign Duration - February 21st, 2012 - February 27th, 2012
Documented Target Kills – A few

The third (and what would be the final) stop on the tour was St. George's Hospital in Greentown. The hospital is home to the Malton College of Medicine and her allies. What intrigued the FOD about this location was its stance as a "Neutral zone". A place where no murders were to take place. How convenient for the denizens of the hospital. There may as well have been a sign on the door stating "No zombies allowed".

Gathering up our strength and resolve, we traveled the distance from the far Northeast to Greentown. Meanwhile, we prepared lectures to provide the college bound witnesses to our deeds. It seems lady luck was just not with us, however and for the second time during the tour, we found the coffers nearly empty when we arrived. A great zombie battle had erupted just prior to our arrival and the College had apparently lost. We waited. For nearly 2 weeks, we watched as the hospital stayed in ruins. Growing impatient and weary, the FOD finally struck while a few lone defenders struggled to keep the hospital under control. A lecture was given to an audience of three and in during the span of one week, a handful of others were killed.

With that, we found that was true which we had feared. There was no hope. The city was ripe with decay. The tour was over and our path of discovery was complete. From that time forward, FOD held no hope that the city's survivors would ever shine again. There would be no great survivor renaissance. No redeeming assaults upon the undead. The living must now reap what they have sown. And the FOD would be there to see that they do.

What a Croc

Campaign Duration - February 7th, 2012 - February 13th, 2012
Documented Target Kills – Too few to count (seriously it was like only 15)

The second stop on the Give My Love to Rose Tour was that of the FOD's historic enemy, The Cult of the Stuffed Crocodile. Just a stone's throw away from BAR, we made little haste in getting to the Croc's headquarters in Skarin Row Police Department. However, much to our dismay, decay had seeped far into this once bustling abode of maladjusted zealots. Only a dismal handful of the insane cult members could be found. The requisite stuffed alligator was placed and the FOD pleaded that the Crocs renounce their faith. Not quite willing to leave unfulfilled, we sent a contingent of FOD to The Malton Zoo, another well known den of the crazed taxidermy worshipers. Alas, they could not be flushed out and the FOD left with only a small sampling of scalps from this enemy of yore. It is said that a lone tear could be seen rolling from the stuffed crocodile's cheek when the FOD departed.


Burchell Arms Race

Campaign Duration - January 18th, 2012 - February 3rd, 2012
Documented Target Kills – 87

After its brief stint in Chancelwood, the FOD walked off shaking their heads at the decaying state of Malton. Was the so-called Mighty Haslock truly the best the city had to offer? Surely not. The FOD suspected that things were bad. They had to know for sure. With passion in their hearts, the FOD quickly formulated a plan. It was time to go on a tour to take in the decay and assess what damage had truly been done to the Garden of Malton. And so, The Give My Love to Rose Tour was formed.

The first stop on the tour was the Burchell Arms, a quaint pub with a loyal following of reputedly battle hardened survivors. A pub? Surely these layabouts cared more about serving up some newly concocted beverages than staving off the hordes of undead.

FOD were there no more than a heartbeat when shots rang out from the crowd. It seemed Danger Lightfoot had an itchy trigger finger. It seems he had been trying to get our attention. We soon gave them our undivided attention and asked "what gives". It seems that the "Burch" had been under a nasty attack by "text rapists" very recently and they either thought that we were there to help them with their problem, or they thought we were "text-rapists" ourselves. It was really quite uncertain what they were thinking but it is a fact that they shed first blood, completely unprovoked by the FOD. We followed with a night cap and then dug in for a prolonged visit. What was initially planned as a quick 1 day visit turned into a 2 week cat and mouse game in which 87 BAR members (and a few other non-BAR flotsam) were served up. Though we agreed to extinguish any text-raping nincompoops we encountered, we saw none. I guess even cellar-dwelling creeps know to fear the FOD.

Chancelwood slaughter-fest 2012

Campaign Duration - January 3rd, 2012 - January 11th, 2012
Documented Target Kills – 50

Fresh from their work at the Mall, the FOD did not have long to wait before another haven of Malton's contented flotsam demanded to be sterilized. Whilst tending the garden and planting the last of the scalps, a FOD member came across an interesting claim. "safest in Malton"? We had to see for ourselves.

Upon arrival, the FOD found the building infested with THEM: a group of arrogant and soft, yet well organized flotsam who provided most of the area's revives. They had been providing them so efficiently that local survivors had become complacent, taking plentiful revivification as a license to fall into corruption and decay. We could not allow it to go on. New growth was needed and the garden demanded a tribute!

Its hunger would not be denied, as members of THEM and the other affiliated flotsam began to supply it with fresh scalps in the days following January 3rd 2012. The purge was completed on January 11th when the FOD moved to Haslock to insure that the ground was fertile enough to sustain the growth that was needed in the area. In sum, the garden was supplied with 50 scalps including 24 belonging specifically to members of THEM.

Tompson Mall Year End Inventory and Renovation

Campaign Duration - December 7th, 2011 - January 2nd, 2012
Documented Target Kills – 161

It came to the Attention of the FOD that Thompson Mall was rife with Flotsam due to the neglect of the current occupants. Word had spread that it as well as the surrounding area were infested with vermin, specifically a nasty breed of rat. Not willing to tolerate this blight on their beloved Malton for so much as another second, the FOD descended upon the den of squalor and filth intent on giving it the much needed renovation it deserved.

An initial team went in for a preliminary inspection of the SW Corner and afterwords, took the time to pose for a group photo. It turned out so good that we figured we'd use it for our yearly Christmas Card which we chose to send to the CAPD this year. Over the next couple weeks, the FOD continued with a series of brutal attacks on the occupants of the mall and gradually the reconstruction of the remaining corners was completed.

In between the large jobs, many smaller tasks were undertaken in between. The value of the daily grind to the overall success of the project cannot be underestimated. No stone was unturned as the guilty were punished for their sloth and neglect. The FOD believes the Thompson Mall is a place for families and in these dark times, it saddens the membership to see so many survivors take the mall for granted. Rather than go out into the surrounding area to keep the mall safe for the children, the citizens of Thompson cowered in their corners like so many drug addicts huddled around the crack pipe. The place had gone to seed.

Well known for building foundations for a better tomorrow, The FOD determined that in order for the Mall to be a beacon of light for lost, scared souls, it must have the support of the surrounding areas. And so those too were purged of bad influences - gutted and re-built from the ground up. With the job finally complete, the FOD decided to rest in the food court of Marven Mall. While eating there, a thought occurred to them. This mall too was in dire need of repair. This was a big job and it takes a a big workforce to get the job done. Thus, some engineers and tradespeople from the Philosophe Knights were brought in to assist.

First, the NW corner was torn down and rebuilt, using only the finest quality materials. The NE, SE and SW followed suit. The work wasn't quite done. It seemed the GOTCH PD had it's own mold problems and thus was condemned.

The Abandoned

Length of the Campaign – 31 Days (October 31st, 2011 - November 30th, 2011)
Documented Abandoned Kills – 100

Following the Samhain stike the FOD deliberated and came to the conclusion that The Abandoned, located in Yagoton and some outlying areas, needed to be paid a visit.

The campaign began with the dreaded decayed rose being placed at the Abandons doorstep. Upon finding it a baffled and confused Eagle of Fire asked, "Is this supposed to mean something, mister Flower of Decay guy?". The FOD would soon come to the conclusion the Eagle (or Eeegies as he likes to be called) get’s confused often.

As thunder boomed from the ominous black clouds blanketing Malton, the FOD wheelbarrows were lowered from their trucks. Each was inspected to be sure they were sturdy enough to withstand the rigors of transporting the Abandoned carcasses that were sure to come.

In the meantime, the village idiots of the Abandoned continued to circle the rose on their doorstep attempting to ascertain its meaning.

"It is certainly a most delicate, if slightly wilted, flower", a befuddled Private Mark exclaimed.

Without fanfare or signal the first Abandoned swine, Floyd’ Pinkerton, met his end on the streets of Malton. With such force and violence was Floyd’ dealt that he apparently chose to curl up in some dark corner of Malton rather than continue to work out in the open. The FOD hunted him with no more malice that any other of the Abandoned flock but were only able to find him on a few other occasions. But as the first death of many the Abandoned would suffer concluded The FOD looked upon Pinky with something akin to pity as he drew his last breath before descending into that wretched state of undeath the other members of the Abandoned would soon come to know all too well.

One by one, the flotsam were harvested. The wheelbarrows creak and groan under the weight of corpse after corpse being piled up in them. Abandoned heroes such a Bravo Kilo, Wileysez, Rohndogg1 (whom we established to be incapable of learning new tricks), Swoop8, Private Mark - hereto known as Macampos, SkittyCat, Goloniel, and many others were served up and delivered into the ranks of the undead. Soon the production levels of the local Necrotech facilities were stretched well beyond their maximum capacity by the increased demand caused by the mob of Abandoned zombies. Over and over, the FOD strolled into nearly any given building in Yagoton only to find another Abandoned patsy, rolled over like a pregnant cat, curled into a fetal position waiting for the 'bad guys' to go away...

...and just as they thought it couldn't get worse, The FOD’s ranks swelled again with more hunters. A bounty hunter, a lunatic, a death note holder, former CGR patriots...even a wiki administrator! They could no longer abide the flotsam in their midst and, like death incarnate they came, delivering justice to any Abandoned victim they could find.

It was then when the Abandoned displayed an unexpected knack for comedy. As they lay dying in ditches, Macampos and Eeegies penned the beginning of a stand up act. Through the grapevine the FOD hear rumors they had attempted to contact Andrew Dice Clay to deliver it but (understandably) he wanted no part of Malton. His career might be dead but he himself still drew breath and he wanted to keep it that way. Despite the lack of any “talent” to delivery in, the act was full of zingers about Abandoned slaughtering members of the Flowers of Decay wholesale. Included were various lines concerning the Abandoned’s disinterest in the FOD, that they could not care less, and that this campaign was little more than a minor inconvenience to them. Yet their true feelings were laid bare in the acerbic and angry chatter that accompanied the false apathy on their wiki and in game. Maddawgmax was heard commenting foolishly that Pker's are not allowed in the game or how the FOD would be purged from the suburb by the might and will of the Abandoned.

Talk is cheap. The abandoned continued to be harvested.

The end began to draw nigh. The abandoned changed tactics. In desperation, they attempted subterfuge through forum spying. On the FOD doorstep arrived...umm...errrr...something Gorilla. He was so insignificant that the collective mind of the Flowers of Decay were unable to recall his full name. The gorilla claimed to want to try a new life, claimed to share a common interest with the FOD. Unfortunately for him Raddox Murtangle, quickly smelled a rat. The fiend was outed as none other than the Abandoned's own Maddawgmax and promptly shown the door but the Abandoned were undeterred. Strange coincidences begin to occur to FOD members. At first it was random Pking's from unknown and unaffiliated individuals (Dr. Diabolo, YOUR M0M and El Gorgo). Then it became more frequent and the occasional death in the ranks of the FOD emboldened The Abandoned. Suddenly these random individuals began tag teaming FOD members with Abandoned members in real time.

What the Abandoned failed to recognize though was that this kickback was the what the Flowers of Decay had spent the last month longing for. Where is the fun in killing helpless children? These useless parasites had spent the last four weeks absorbing their casualties and relying on the other survivors of Yagoton to keep them revived and healed while providing no services in return. For being the caretakers of Yagoton and Millen hills signs of the Abandoneds neglect and irresponsible stewardship plagued the burb. But the resistance they did manage to muster was too little and far too late.

The FOD continued to march ever forward towards their target goal and despite the sudden real time attack by Doctor Diabolo, YOUR M0M and El Gorgo on Onomatopoeia, the newest member of the Flowers of Decay crushed the skulls of the last two victims of the Abandoned under his boot heel to claim the 99th and 100th scalps.

The FOD invested over a month into coaxing a response out of the Abandoned, educating them on the need to band together and face an adversary with honor and a proportionately violent response. As the Flowers of Decay load their wheel barrows back into their trucks the conclusion has been drawn (some would say inevitably) The Abandoned were irredeemable to the last.

Flowerofd.png A Decaying Rose
Someone has left a decaying rose on your doorstep. Thanks for the scalps...100 Abandoned heads claimed

Samhain 2011

Date of the Strike – October 29th
Documented Target Kills – 20

In celebration of the traditional Pagan / PK holiday the FOD chose Bale Mall for a mass sacrifice to ring in the new season. Hunting surrounding suburbs the Flowers of Decay picked off random flotsam as the mood struck and stocked up on the munitions required for the task ahead. Little resistance was met with only a few members being lost to the occasional bounty hunter attack.

Finally the celebration commenced on the 29th of October with the slaughter of 20 souls by the hand of the Flowers of Decay. Three corners of the mall were completely cleared of survivors. Pleased with the efficiency and brutality of their actions most members of the Flowers of Decay opted to stay in the mall and partake in a well-earned assortment of Cinnabons, Orange Julius smoothies and giant pretzels.

Shortly thereafter the party was rudely interrupted by members of Hunter’s Anonymous who showed up far too late to do any good in protecting the flotsam of Bale Mall. Many members of FOD were put down for a nap, which was actually rather nice as that was exactly what they felt like doing after imbibing an ungodly quantity of sugary snacks and frozen fruit desserts.

Order of the Black Rose

Length of the Campaign – 7 Days (October 3rd, 2011 - October 10th, 2011)
Documented OBR Kills – 8

The Flowers of Decay became aware of the OBR shortly after their rebirth and deemed them a suitable punching bag for warming up skills which had lain dormant for too long. FOD’s onus for the attacks was the ownership of the botanical symbol of the Rose which had been so important to the original Flowers of Disease and by that birthright was therfor the sole property of the Flowers of Decay.

As the hunt began it became clear that their enemy was not equal to the task. Within a week of the first OBR death the Flowers of Decay were approached with pleas of mercy. It seems the Order of the Black Rose had falling into a bit of a decline (It couldn’t have helped that they were being repeatedly and mercilessly killed) and had neither the will nor the strength to continue attempting any kind of defense let alone retaliation.

The Flowers of Disease (and by extension Decay) were never one to play the vulture, picking over the bones of already deceased foes. As a gesture of condolences over the impending death of their group, the FOD agreed to cease hostilities and begin their search for a more fertile hunting ground.