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Democratic Armed Fellowship of the Flowers Of Decay Independently LIberating Suburbs
The flag of DARIS
Abbreviation: DAFFODILS
Group Numbers: FOD and Allies
Leadership: Managed through direct democracy
Goals: Liberation of Suburbs
Recruitment Policy: Membership is exclusive
Contact: Talk:Flowers of Decay

Historically Insignificant Section

The Democratic Armed Fellowship of the Flowers Of Decay Independently Liberating Suburbs (DAFFODILS) was founded on the 10th of June, in the year of our Lord, 2013 and claimed the suburb of Gatcombeton, herein referred to as Gardenton. They immediately issued a Declaration of Liberation (see below), including a group objective to kill all survivors in Gardenton who did not belong to DAFFODILS.

On June 16th, following the complete liberation of Gardenton, DAFFODILS proclaimed Ketchelbank a liberated suburb, herein referred to as New Gardenton. To commemorate the event, they began work escavating parts of the City Zoo, a site at which The Collick-McGrady Memorial Botanical Garden and Arboretum of New Gardenton would be built.

On February 1st, 2014 DAFFODILS resumed liberation efforts, this time setting it sight on Havercroft, henceforth known as South Gardenton. Using slash and burn techniques, the area will be cleared of all standing non-DAFFODILS survivors. Ackland Mall, being at the center of conflict, will be converted to a greenhouse, with compost collection in the parking lot outside.

Declaration Of Liberation

Upon every person the Creator, Rando, has bestowed both the gift of life and the responsibilities entitled by thus. Amongst these is first and foremost the need to defend and uphold the honors and blessings of Freedom. Each man is given the right to pursue such freedoms as they see fit and to defend them with their lives. There comes a time in the tides of events in which one must withdraw from all others to defend such freedoms for both himself and those of like mind. There comes a time when one must take by force his freedom back from oppressors who wish to trod upon it. There comes a time when the few must band together against the persecution of the many and shed blood to uphold their values, morals, and rights as human beings. Therefore, we abolish all ties to Malton and declare the suburb of Gatcombeton to be a liberated State, withdrawn from all laws and prejudices held by the greater majority. It is to be held as a bastion for the minorities upon whom’s rights have been trodden. Its borders are to be defended against incursions by those who wish to suppress us, both in mind and body. Henceforth the Suburb of Gatcombeton shall be known as Gardenton and all within its borders are subject to its laws and the penalties of breaking such.

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