The Fone Arms (Foulkes Village)

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The Fone Arms
Updated Mar. 2019
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the Fone Arms

Foulkes Village [8, 81]

Club Clement Chalker Park Vincent Square Police Department
the Dadson Building the Fone Arms a carpark
the Dwyer Monument a junkyard Darnell Library

Basic Info:

  • Pubs have no internal descriptions, apart from " abandoned pub."
  • Arms can be barricaded normally.

The Fone Arms (Foulkes Village)



Battered and workable like a worn shoe. The windows have been boarded up.

A sign outside the pub says: OPENING SOON: Chateau a la Vin

Barricade Policy


Generally kept at extremely heavily barricaded.


Prior to the outbreak, the native youth of the Village called this the Phony Arms, due to its proximity to the nearby Club and its popularity with various yuppies and hipsters who had moved into the village.

Current Status

Currently very strongly barricaded, and powered. Tricell members are inside conducting "research"


On the 10th of March 2009 multiple white vans with the Tri-Cell Pharmaceutical Company logo emblazoned on the side have been reported in the area. Black armored men have been seen moving electrical and logistical equipment into the building and recently a chain link fence has been erected outside of the building. An armed guard stand watch over the building at all times and keep a close eye on the movements of zombies and survivors around the area. The men appear to be setting up a forward base for the Tri-Cell Pharmaceutical Company to operate in. It is believed that they have certain interests in the city of Malton and its inhabitants alive or otherwise.

Strange lights and noises can be heard from the Pub itself late at night and it is reported that there might be some sort of underground complex to the building. Live test samples have been seen being wheeled into the building contained in cages. These subjects do not emerge again. There also appears to be too many people to be supported by the Pub. This also supports the rumors of an underground complex.

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