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Team Anaconda

Structure of Anaconda

Nickname - The Condas

Our Team Roster

  • Commander: Eskymo Weizl (HK)
  • Lieutenant: Dylan Mak Tyme (CW)
  • Sergeant: mondie (HL)
  • Vigilance Legend: PrepH
  • Vigilance Overlord: beatlepuss
  • Havoc Lord: Eskymo Weizl
  • Havoc Knight: ---
  • Campaign Master: Eskymo Welzl,Tinkler
  • Campaign Warrior: Dylan Mak Tyme, sprontalic2, Squrriels
  • Chief Assault Officer: Grevane, Paul Henderson
  • Assault Officer: Ploughman Poet
  • Battalion Ranger: ---
  • Conflict Trooper: ---
  • Deployment Soldier: GRasputan
  • Engagement Squaddie: Dr Hataka
  • Freedom Fighter: ---
  • General Enforcement: ---

Current leadership expectations and style

Commander Eskymo Weizl - Success is fun, knowledge of the game and active, vigilent play breeds success. Anaconda knows their enemies and how to make every AP of every team member count in the long twilight struggle against zed.

The Identity of Anaconda Anaconda has had a solid and noble history and led the way in innovation and standards. Condas are serious about their daily work and love to be challenged. Anaconda’s goals are not accomplished by individual efforts, but rather by collective efforts: the team working as one, strong, singular force. To be an Anaconda is a stamp of approved quality.

The Style of Anaconda

  • Challenging operations
  • AP efficient
  • MSN/IRC use common
  • Real Time Coordination
  • FUN

Anaconda is for those who wish to maximize their in-game performance and are not heavily into role play. Although RP is welcome it is not mandatory and is left to the discretion of individual team members. Anaconda's main focus is efficient tactical game play, friendly camaraderie and getting the job done. Anaconda pioneered Real Time coordination within The Fortress and often enjoys them on a daily basis, however we also recognize that coordinated activities need not be done for the sake of doing them, therefore they decrease or increase depending on situational requirements. It isn't mandatory that all members participate; those unable to participate in RT coordinated activity provide valuable recon, medical aid and other independent activities which are highly valued by the team.

Past Operations


  • Operation: Back in Ack! Nov 13 - Dec 23, 2011

After a well-deserved vacation, Anaconda once again leaves for a hardcore operation on a red suburb! This time they wander to Havercroft in order to recover Ackland Mall. It was no easy task but they took their positions and battled. For 40 days they battled. Our glorious warriors and their teams did wreak havoc on the zombified residents of Malton. It was hard to believe afterwards but in the middle of a ruined city its half-dead citizens were living once again in luxury.


  • Operation: Deadliest Warrior Aug 14 - Sep 21, 2011

A long time ago a challenge was made, a challenge between two deadly, killing machines. The calm and collective Beatlepuss and the cold blooded, axe swinging madman Grevane. To settle the dispute we moved to the battle arena of Spicer Hills. Being split up into two teams, each headed by one of our fearsome warriors:
A renowned combat vet, Beats and his team were no strangers to war. Slicing down their opponents with precision and skill, those methodical warriors were a force to be reckoned with. The wild men, Grevane and his team quickly ran into battle and drawed first blood, they had no fear. All that was left was a carnage never seen before. Two great warriors, two great killing machines, but we just had to know, Who Is DEADLIEST!!


  • Operation: Graffiti the World Aug 1 - Aug 14, 2011

The Anacondas were sent deep into Houldenbank with aims of recovering the 'burb, normal stuff. But this time they were asked to restock on spray cans till the teeth. With all loaded up they ganged to tag anything and everything they could find. The walking dead included. Flooding the local pubs, making notable speeches to the large crowds and supporting the newly born, this was a Conda recruitment drive! Making themselves known while recovering, the suburb saw itself blow in a new wave of art. The operation gave fruits and many of our members took the opportunity to score on their Head Hunters.


  • Operation: Stalkers Jul 6 - Aug 1, 2011

With LT Destro Night gone off to assist in running Boot Camp, he thought he would have to go for two weeks without the support of his team. Alas, there was no time for tears of longing, for as soon as the LT arrived at the BC grounds, he turned and found Anaconda hot on his tracks, and he feared that there wasn't a whole lot of 'support' in those rolled up newspapers...
Anaconda joined up with Boot Camp and assisted in retaking Whittenside, the home of Fortress 1. It was a slow and uneasy battle, for both Anaconda in dealing with the zeds, and Boot Camp in dealing with Anaconda. In a competitive OP centered around some harsh newspaper smacking, the Conda's set out to make sure of one thing: Though LT Destro and LT Sac were covering for Chucks vacation, it would be no vacation for them!


  • Operation: Southern Comfort Jun 21 - Jul 6, 2011

We've toured as one big team through Malton, kicking down (building up?) the doors of The Dead, putting them down where ever they go. But now it is time for us to go our own way again, and do what we do best. Kicking ass! So grab your gear, load your guns, and by god, don't forget the booze!
Goin down south. All the way back down to Folkes Village. Then going party on all the way over to Locketside, and bring some of our own Southern Love to the Tompson Mall! So lets get down there. And you can pick your poison on the way! Rebuilding, reviving and partyin through all of it, Team Anaconda moved to the southern suburbs and brought some love to the table.

Enjoy Anaconda's 2008/2009 and 2010/2011 Operations.

Why Join the 'A' Team?

  1. Our Impressive History: The original Team with a rich and distinguished history in The Fortress and in Malton.
  2. Our Promising Future: We have some of the brightest new members in the game.
  3. We're Innovators: We wrote, and write, the book and create the plays that others still follow.
  4. We Get The Job Done: It doesn't matter how damaged a suburb is, when Anaconda rolls in it will get back to its feet.
  5. We Produce Leaders: Anaconda has a history of producing many of the finest leaders in the faction.
  6. Recognition: We recognize our members' achievements and efforts as instrumental for success.
  7. Self Improvement: Tactical discussion and debate is welcome and encouraged.
  8. Collective Work: We stick together and do the work as one; every member is valued.
  9. Award Winning Commanders: Anaconda's commanders reads like a Who's Who of The Fortress' best.
  10. Operational Variety: Our operations offer a mixture of challenge, competition and fun.

Anaconda: The Original Fortress Combat Team


The Origin of Anaconda

When Fortress Four - the original Fortress - was finally secured in September 2005, The Ears organised a roaming squad to explore the nearby suburbs and report back its findings. He didn't realise at the time that this brave squad of vigilant crusaders, including legends Jensonson, Fet, Fishel and LePaige, and led by Bensonson, would form the initial Anaconda combat team. Three years later and the team is unrecognisable from its humble early days. Anaconda, named for being the 'A' Team of The Fortress, is a considerable force to be reckoned with.

The History of Anaconda

Commander Bensonson led the Condas for a remarkable 78 days before it was finally revealed that Jensonson - his older brother - was in fact the mysterious force behind The Fortress itself. Then, as Battlehawk and Cold Cell were launched, Commander and Fortress Legend DeathAxe took up the reigns and led them for a tremendous 140 days. DeathAxe set the standard for the group - he was solid, consistant and demanded regular activity and reporting - Condas played things by the book - and in many ways they wrote the book. Reporting styles, group tactics, teamwork and many other innovations were developed by Anaconda. Jensonson and Danny Lee led the Condas solidly for many more months and the squad was set with rigid discipline and procedures - ready for the innovation of Legend, Tommy Crowbar. The 400+ day reign of Commander Crowbar pushed Anaconda to new heights as he built the Team to lead the way in Fortress combat work in Malton. Crowbar’s LT, Miss Elainious, rose to command the team next, and was one of the most loved and respected leaders of all time. After leading Anaconda to a Best Team of 2008 award, Miss E felt it was time to step down, and handed the reins to Charlie mon, a Havoc Lord with plenty of command experience. Under Commander Charlie, Anaconda helped Malton’s survivors regain their confidence after a dark and difficult time in the city. This true leader nobly resigned when he could no longer commit the time he felt his team deserved. To fill his place Lucy Daniels, a truly remarkable Fortress Legend in the making, took command of Anaconda. With high expectations and a great leadership the Condas were once more ruling over Malton: they donned their detective caps to solve a baffling mystery, played hide 'n seek and killed 24 zeds during 21 hours at their Summer Chain Kill. In the Judge Crusades, the Condas stood out above all others with a perfectly orchestrated operation. The spectacular Commander Lucy Daniels finally stepped aside (after a record-breaking run of 531 days) and Puppiemaster comfortably filled the void, organising the Warlord Games.

Anaconda's Greatest Moments

  • Nov 2005 - The name of The Fortress became global as LePaige's Anaconda resists the RRF in Ridleybank.
  • Feb 2006 - DeathAxe teaches new standards of reporting and operation design. Anaconda leads the way.
  • Winter 2007 - Tommy Crowbar rebuilds the Condas into the strongest group in The Fortress.
  • Sept 2008 – Miss Elainious leads Anaconda to a ‘Best Team of 2008’ award, amidst fierce competition.
  • May 2009 – Anaconda unites with Battlehawk to Chain Kill 60 zeds at Caiger Mall under Lucy Daniels' command.
  • Summer 2010 – The Condas stood above all others during the Judge Crusades with a perfectly orchestrated operation.
  • Winter 2011 – The Conda Chain of Doom takes place slaughtering a horde for 32 unbroken hours.
  • April 2012 - Destro Night and a group of ten strikes a horde at St Ferreol's Hospital breaking a chain kill record that had stood for three years.

Famous Anaconda Legends

  • Bensonson - The First Fortress and Conda Commander.
  • DeathAxe - CO that set the bar for the group's standards and expectations.
  • Trong Tran - First Fortress recruit and long term loyal Conda. The first ever to hold the barkeeper position.
  • Beatlepuss - Anaconda's longest term serving member.
  • Danny Lee - Stabilised the team as CO at a difficult time.
  • Daniel181 - Top ABA king for well over a year and Conda Commander.
  • Tommy Crowbar - Commanded Anaconda for 400+ days and built them to be the best team in The Fortress.
  • Miss Elainious - Beloved Anaconda Lieutenant with CO Crowbar before becoming an epic Commander herself. Helped lead the team to a victory of Best Team of 2008 and Best Commander of 2008.
  • Lucy Daniels - In charge of the Condas for over a year and a half, this proud Commander raised the standards to even greather heights. A Conda Commander per se.

Other Legends: Igor Dolvitch, Mondie, Necrotic Hunter

The Commanders of Anaconda

  • Commander Eskymo Weizl 30 October 2012 - Present
  • Commander Lucy Daniels 4 August 2012 - 30 October 2012 (87 days)
  • Commander Destro Night 4 August 2011 - 4 August 2012 (366 days)
  • Commander Puppiemaster 2 August 2010 - 4 August 2011 (367 Days)
  • Commander Lucy Daniels 15 Feb 2009 - 1 Aug 2010 (531 days)
  • Commander Charlie Mon 13 Nov 2008 - 30 Jan 2009 (79 days)
  • Commander Daniel181 2 Feb 2007 - 13 Mar 2007 (39 days)
  • Commander Danny Lee 28 Sep 2006 - 27 Jan 2007 (121 days)
  • Commander Shrimper 13 Sep 2006 - 22 Sep 2006 (9 days)
  • Commander Jensonson 8 Jun 2006 - 13 Sep 2006 (97 days)
  • Commander DeathAxe 20 Jan 2006 - 8 Jun 2006 (140 days)
  • Commander Connor Belmont 26 Dec 2005 - 5 Jan 2006 (11 days)
  • Commander LePaige 1 Dec 2005 - 26 Dec 2005 (26 days)
  • Commander Bensonson 15 Sep 2005 - 1 Dec 2005 (78 days)

Read more about our Commanders here: Our Former Commanders

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