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Anaconda Commanders
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The Commanders of Anaconda

  • Commander Destro Night (HL) 4 Aug 2011 - 4 Aug 2012 (366 days)

One of the rare few who chose to join Fortress Defence on graduation, Destro Night also scored full marks in his graduation exam, a feat that only few recruits have ever achieved. In recognition of his sterling performance at Fortress 4, in July 2010 he was promoted to both Battalion Ranger and Lieutenant, and also honoured with the Defence awards of Guardian of the Fortress, Knight of the Fortress and Union of the Districts. In September '10 Destro was promoted to Assault Officer and awarded the Right Hand Man award. His continued steadfastness and performance earned him promotion to the higher ranks of Campaign Master in March 2011. Deciding to round out his career by immersing himself in Combat Team life, bidding a found farewell to his F4 teammates he packed his rucksack and shipped out with Team Anaconda in March 2011. A loss for F4 but a welcome addition to the Condas. An instant hit with the Team, he became MVP at his first operation and was later promoted to LT. A Legend in the making, the prophecy was further reinforced when he became Commander of Anaconda. As CO, this Fortress Finest made sure the Team was running steamlessly. At Aprl 2012 he and a group of ten managed a horde at St Ferreol's Hospital striking the best Chain Kill in history, beating both the three-years-old previous record and Anaconda's own best of the previous year. After an year in charge of the Team, Destro decided to step down.

  • Legendary Commander Puppiemaster (VL) 2 Aug 2010 - 4 Aug 2011 (367 days)

Amazing Commander, Puppie's a man of the people and his arrival to The Fortress woke up the group to a new sense of fun and adventure that had perhaps gone amiss at that time. He quickly became a much loved member of the community and keen to do more for the team was appointed as PK Archiver, elected Barkeeper of the Tavern, took up the position of Boom Radio DJ and was promoted to global Moderator. His dedication and constant good humour are an example to all of us and, after both being elected to Council and having made a tremendous job as BH LT (which included a two months period as acting CO for the team), he returned to active duty within Anaconda. Puppiemaster became one of the Fortress's finest Legends and is seen as an eventual replacement for the Head himself. Since his arrival in Anaconda, Puppie has been an integral part of the team, working as an army and keeping the morals high. His leadership has been invaluable so it's little wonder that Havoc Lord Puppiemaster was awarded Fortress Legend at FP'10. Always creating funny and thrilling operations, the irrepressible and hardworking Pup decided to step down from the position after an entire year of leadership.

  • Legendary Commander Lucy Daniels (VO) 15 Feb 2009 - 1 Aug 2010 (531 days)

Having fullfiled incredible 76 weeks as Commander of Anaconda, Lucy had as an habit to compose well written operations which are tactically sound, well researched and have a professional polish. Lucy outstanding work as a Commander helped her collect the FAFTA for Commander of the year during the FP'09 celebrations, continuing a legacy of Anaconda Commanders receiving this nod from their peers. This inspirational Anaconda Legend has been innovative with her extensive work on operations such as Operation Grand Prix, Operation Medics and Meatshields and Operation Sherlock Holmes. Lucy is a wiki artist who has been influential in motivating the group by holding a wiki beautification contest and has improved the forum with the implementation of "Conda Chat" a forum chat that is embedded in Anaconda forums accessible only to that team. Lucy worked hard at ensuring her team was satisfied by asking them with surveys to get their feedback. Lucy is a truly remarkable Fortress Legend in the making and she shows no sign of slowing down. In March of 2010 Lucy received the second highest rank in The Fortress and was selected to be a Forum Moderator in 2010. Stepped down as CO of Anaconda after a record breaking run.

Awards: Best Commander of 2009: Bestco.png

  • Commander Charlie Mon (HL) 13 Nov 2008 - 30 Jan 2009 (79 days)

Coming in with over 220 commanding days under his belt, Charlie mon once again heeded the call of duty when Anaconda needed a new leader. It was his fourth stint at the Commander position, indeed a Fortress record: having also led Cold Cell, Fortress Four, and Dark Watch before deciding to pick up the place by zombie kicking with Team Anaconda, he amazingly became Commander of the team on Nov '08. Anaconda fought bravely under Commander Charlie, prevailing in Operation: Vigilant Fortress and returning the lost hope to the survivors of Malton. Each new operation was an adventure and Commander Charlie had every aspect under his full control. He led the team for 79 days but, like a true leader, nobly resigned when he could no longer commit the time he felt his team deserved. Luckily for Anaconda, Charlie agreed to stay and to continue serving as a veteran Havoc Lord.

  • Legendary Commander Miss Elainious (VL) 30 May 2008 - 13 Nov 2008 (167 days)

This brilliant young woman spent an amazing 167 days as the exceptional Commander of Team Anaconda. During this time she led the team to a win of Best Team of 2008 and Best Commander of 2008. Elaine moved quickly through boot camp and made her mark upon the unsuspecting organization with humor and fun loving antics. Not only was she successful within her own battle group at raising the level of fun but also within the tavern. Bright, witty, beautiful and clever she has on more than one occasion left us laughing not only at our own cost but often at hers as well. Her borderline insubordinate pranks are a plague and a blessing at the same time to any who may have the privilege to be her supervisor. Vigilance Overlord Miss Elainious is also a Forum Administrator, "Boom" Station Manager, was elected Councillor in October 2007 and again in November 2008, an exceptional real time operational coordinator, an Ambassador and loyal member. A Fortress Legend, her influence continues to have its impact on us daily.

Awards: Best Team of 2008: Bestteamjw0.png Best Commander of 2008: Covf1.png

  • Legendary Commander (Brigadier) Tommy Crowbar (VL) 14 Mar 2007 - 20 May 2008 (432 days)

A dazzling career as he blitzed through Boot Camp and then became an excellent Anaconda combat squad member before rising quickly to the top and becoming Commander of not one but two teams simultaneously earning the title of Fortress Legend. Clear mission briefings filled with tactical wealth and contingency plans, seamless operations utilizing his full staff to the maximum potential, introducing RT coordination and unprecedented alliances with other survivor groups. Crowbar is currently the Fortress Brigadier and Forum Administrator. His operations made change in Malton and he made Team Anaconda a force to be reckoned with. Team Anaconda has produced 3 Councillors, at least 4 commanders and countless Moderators among many other legends under the command of Tommy Crowbar. Described by The Head himself as the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be.

Awards: All Time Greatest Commander: BestCO07.PNG

  • Commander Daniel181 (HK) 2 Feb 2007 - 13 Mar 2007 (39 days)

Havoc Knight, Ex Lt and Commander of Team Anaconda following a long and illustrious career in the ranks. Famous for winning the most awkward moment FAFTA Award at the Fortress Party for a sneaky pic we have of him in a dress. Owner of 14/15 ABAs, Ambassador, Forum Moderator and loyal Member of the Council. The 2007 Lord of War escaped Malton late the same year but recently returned to Anaconda to "kick some zombie butt, Conda style!".

  • Commander Danny Lee (HK) 28 Sep 2006 - 27 Jan 2007 (121 days)

Ambitious and dedicated personality that attempted to build his own group before settling into a Fortress career and ultimately becoming Commander of Team Anaconda. Energetic two-time Council Member, Fortress Finest, Ambassador of FANNY and Former Chief Editor and creator of The Fortress News. After retiring briefly Danny Lee is a respected member of the Combat Veterans and is busy chronicling the experiences of Fortress survivors in Malton.

  • Commander Shrimper (HL) 13 Sep 2006 - 22 Sep 2006 (9 days)

Opinionated, intelligent and hysterical, enthusiastic and active. Not many members can be defined in that way, but Shrimper is unique. Superb Elite member of Battlehawk before excelling as Commander of Anaconda. Popular Councillor, Commander and friend. Became the first Fortress Two Commander in Jan 07. His offbeat comments and sharp wit as well as his insightful input has made him one of the most beloved of Fotress members. Commander, Councillor and Colonel, a modern Fortress Legend.

  • Commander Jensonson 8 Jun 2006 - 13 Sep 2006 (97 days)

Founder and Head of The Fortress. With the help of his original Shadows, and then essentially a group of newly enlisted members, molded the faction into the shape it is in today. It's J's commitment and eye for perfection that makes anything he touches look golden and the amount of time and effort he puts into his creations, for our enjoyment, was supreme. His sense of fair play and honour has made him a beloved Fortress character and a favourite citizen of Malton. Stay Vigilant!

  • Commander DeathAxe 20 Jan 2006 - 8 Jun 2006 (140 days)

Born a natural leader he was made Fortress Finest in Apr 06, then Veteran and Legend. The excellent organization and structure provided by The Fortress was forged by the style of Commander DeathAxe, while on an individual note, his uncanny intuitive foresight and adept planning has saved the team many a time. DeathAxe is a Commander through and through; as he is a Legend. Commander of Team Anaconda for a spectacular 140 days and former Councillor, DeathAxe returned to The Fortress as PK Executioner late 06. Rejoined team Anaconda in May 07.

  • Commander Connor Belmont (AO) 26 Dec 2005 - 5 Jan 2006 (11 days)

Predicted to become a legend, Belmont took command of Anaconda and was famed for his reports and thoroughness, then one day he disappeared entirely. After having been long feared dead, he reappeared in April 2007 and rejoined his old team. After a second, very active spell in Anaconda, Belmont mysteriously disappeared again. Believed to be dead, but after last time - who knows?

  • Commander LePaige (CAO) 1 Dec 2005 - 26 Dec 2005 (26 days)

One of the original Shadows, LePaige has achieved in the role of Commander, Warlord and Shadow Hunter. Saved lives during the evacuation of Fortress Four before leading its recapture in March 2006. Possibly the most infamous character in The Fortress, his legacy spreads beyond Malton. Another awarded Fortress Legend.

  • Commander Bensonson (HK) 15 Sep 2005 - 1 Dec 2005 (78 days)

Loyal brother of The Head. First Fortress Commander back when there was only one team, Team Fortress. First and best Fortress Warlord. And famously set up the first phone mast in RRF occupied Ridleybank without them flinching. Excelling as the Shackleville Power Technician in early 2007, and later became Second Drill Sergeant of Boot Camp in June. A legend in his own right.

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