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Anaconda Operations Archive
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Anaconda Archives.png

2009 Operations


  • Operation: Repair and Recovery Nov 13 - Dec 9, 2009

Lieutenant RedHellion took Anaconda to Galbraith Hills for some R&R -- not rest and recuperation, Repair and Recovery! While Commander Lucy was on Shore Leave, the team got out their toolboxes and restored the suburb's building to give the survivors a safe place to sleep!


  • Operation: FACE/OFF Oct 13 - Oct 27, 2009

Teams Anaconda and Dark Watch met up near Marven Mall to face off in a friendly yet fierce competition! Both teams were ravenous for points and got to work on valuable revives right away. During the OP, Marven Mall rose and fell a couple different times, but both teams helped get the survivors back up on their feet quickly. In the end, the two combat squads fought valiently, with Anaconda only edging DW by 3/4th of a point: 354.91 to 354.16!! Congrats to both teams on a job well-done!

Proxytag FINAL.png

  • Operation: Proxy Sep 22 - Oct 9, 2009

With every active member ranked Conflict Trooper or above, Team Anaconda decided it was time to nab some ABAs! Setting out to assist Kempsterbank, the team not only helped Fortress Allies recover the suburb, but they also earned 17 mod-approved ABAs! Here was the rundown:

ABA #1 --> TWIN DRAGON (Red)
ABA #2 --> TWIN DRAGON (Duncan)
ABA #4 --> TWIN DRAGON (Tycoon)
ABA #5 --> TWIN DRAGON (Spacey)
ABA #6 --> TWIN DRAGON (Spray)
ABA #7 --> TWIN DRAGON (Tiago)
ABA #9 --> FLARE (Spray)
ABA #10 --> HORDE SLAUGHTER (Duncan)
ABA #11 --> ZEN (Tiago)
ABA #12 --> FLARE (Red)
ABA #13 --> WARLORD (Beats)
ABA #14 --> ZEN (Lucy)
ABA #15 --> RAGE (Beats)
ABA #16 --> WARLORD (Duncan)
ABA #17 --> RAGE and ZEN (Tycoon)


  • Operation: GRAND PRIX Sep 2 - Sep 18, 2009

Feeling a need for speed, Tommy Crowbar and Miss Elainious rejoined Team Anaconda for their GRAND PRIX race around Malton! Everyone pulled up to the starting line at F4 -- revving engines and talking smack -- then the green flag waved and they were off!

Right off, Beats and Spray had some car trouble, and the Brigadier's Lamborghini kept being mysteriously vandalized.... However, Spray and TC quickly found shortcuts in the course and made up their time. Meanwhile, Red and Tiago were battling hard in the corners, but Tiago slowly gained the advantage in the straightaways. With Spray also moving up in the standings, TC, Miss E, and Lucy resorted to a friendly game of bumper cars.

Back at Checkpoint 2, Beats finished removing all the sugar which somehow had materialized in his gas tank, and took off with blazing speed! He caught up with the pack, at one point threatening to overtake Miss E, but by then it was too late. Tiago sped across the finish line at F3 to nab 1st place, followed shortly by Spray in 2nd. Red was having trouble cleaning zombie blood off his windshield, narrowly falling to 6th as Miss E, Lucy, and the Brig passed him on the last lap to take 3rd, 4th, and 5th, respectively. Beats finished in 7th, but with better luck next time, he'll give Tiago a run for his money!


  • Operation: The 56th Suburb Aug 12 - Aug 30, 2009

Understandably eager to help our kilt-less buddy, Samuel L Jackson, Anaconda headed up to Stanbury Village. The team quickly got to work, working together with the Kilt Store employees to get their famous tartan wares back on the shelves. The RRF got word of what we don't wear beneath the kilt and shambled into town to see for themselves. Anaconda had come for the kilts, but stayed on a few days longer than expected to pick up some assassinations as well -- after all, they were having a 2-for-1 special sale at Nichols Mall!

Cs tag.png

  • Operation: Counter Strike Jul 29 - Aug 9, 2009

In an effort to support the recovery of devastated F4, Anaconda turned its attention to Mockridge Heights. It was believed that once survivors regained their foothold in the surrounding area, recovery for F4 would be much easier. Providing plenty of revives and building reconstruction, the team quickly got the suburb back up to code. The focus was then turned to Galbraith Hills, which was also vastly improved by the Condas. Sure enough, F4's recovery team was successful, due in large part to Anaconda's hard work.

Opsnakeeyescobra.jpg Opsnakeeyesviper.jpg

  • Operation: Snake Eyes Jul 15 - Jul 27, 2009

Continuing their quest to clean up Southeast Malton, Anaconda moved into Hollomstown. The team was in the mood for some friendly competition, so they split up into two squads: TEAM COBRA and TEAM VIPER.

Viper jumped out to an early lead, but Cobra was not far behind. The score was close the entire time, with Viper clinging to their slim lead for over a week. Both squads were so diligent in their tasks that Hollomstown was recovered -- with 5 whole days left in the operation! Unfazed, the squads moved into neighboring East Grayside. Team Cobra set upon the revive points, overtaking Team Viper with 24 hours left in the contest. Viper made it interesting with a big 61-point repair only hours before the deadline, but Cobra hung on to win a nail-biter: 1343-1309!


  • Operation: TRANSFORMERS Jun 16 - Jul 10, 2009

Forging ahead into the dark and desolate southeast, Anaconda found itself in an unenviable position. Building after building had fallen into ruin and repair costs on even the smallest buildings were climbing.

Without their Commander or Lieutenant, the situation looked bleak, but in a time of crisis, the team stepped up and fought through insurmountable odds. Slowly but surely, the Fortress brought Osmondville up to code. Pennville quickly followed. In the end, an evil remained entrenched at Blesley Mall, but thanks to Anaconda, survivors have regained a foothold in the southeastern suburbs!

Apocalypse tag.png

  • Operation: Apocalypse Now May 13 - Jun 3, 2009

Following the greatest Chain Kill in team history, Anaconda moved out to the western edge of the quarantine. The border had been steamrolled by the Militant Order of Barhah. Anaconda easily recovered the sparsely-developed Peddlesen Village, single-handedly upgrading its danger status twice in only a few days.

Dunell Hills proved to be a much more difficult challenge, as the majority of the suburb had been abandoned by survivors... We met up with several of our allies from the DHPD, the only remaining group, but even together we struggled to get a foothold within the burb. Eventually, the teams began sweeping between Owsleybank and Peddlesden, repairing what we could and clearing the revive queues.

With repair costs creeping upward, Anaconda found a perfect opportunity to perform the first ever Silent Sentinel ABA, recovering Tooze Bank for 131AP and bravely defending it for several days. After making repair-cost history, we finished up what we could, and moved out to restock before joining Team Dark Watch in Havercroft.

Chasing tag.png

  • Operation: Chasing Zeds Apr 17 - May 13, 2009

After voting for Caiger Mall as the next target, Anaconda approached the legendary shopping center from the south, first doing some much needed repairing and cading along the West/East Becktown border. Once the team arrived at the mall, we assisted in repelling a few attacks before the ravenous horde finally broke inside and destroyed everything.

Not easily discouraged, Anaconda mobilized quickly to revive the fallen and provide safehouses. Within a few days, Caiger was in survivor hands once again and defenders began pouring in. The horde outside the SE corner grew again to above 50, with nearly 50 more dead bodies littering the streets... but mid-OP, our brothers and sisters in Battlehawk made their rendezvous with us. Together, we Bikini-Chain-Killed an incredible 60 zeds, essentially clearing all standing zombies and giving the Caiger survivors a rare victory!


  • Operation: Mutant Zombie Moles Mar 30 - Apr 17, 2009

The team marched northwest into Molebank to finally meet our friends in 10 Minutes from Hell and escape the weird going-ons in Shore Hills... we'd been warned about the strange mutant zombie moles that inhabit the suburb (most likely due to the high number of NT buildings there)... but the nasty smell that greeted us at the edge of Molebank reeked of zerger - a much more disgusting scent than any undead, deformed rodent could produce. Thus, we met our buddies, drank some beers, reset a chunk of repair costs, and got the hell outta dodge. Fresh air was just around the corner...


  • Operation: Friday the 13th Mar 13 - Mar 26, 2009

Looking for a little friendly competition, Anaconda ventured into Shore Hills and Lerwill Heights to battle against some pretty unusual circumstances... here were the results:
Most Kills: Beatlepuss (11) Most Deaths: Beatlepuss & ieatflesh01 (3) Least Deaths: Mondie & Spacepirat92 (0) Most Revives: Mondie (16) Most Heals: Mondie (55) Most Cades: Tiago Ferreira (49) Most AP Spent on Repairs: Lucy Daniels (250) Most Gennies Dropped/Fueled: Corpus Currit (8)
Special thanks goes to ieatflesh01, for volunteering to be our official scorekeeper!

Snakes fort.png

  • Operation: Snakes in a Fort Feb 19 - Mar 08, 2009

Anaconda provided revives and repairs for northern Whittenside. In an effort to distract the plethora of zeds swaying within a ruined Fort Perryn, the team successfully allowed our allies to move in and recover the fort. A fierce battle raged for days, fueled by Anaconda revives and the occasional timely headshot. In the end, the fort fell once again, but not before our team had flexed its massive reviving muscles and made a good first impression on our new friends at the Malton Urban Militia.


  • Operation: Leisure Rules Feb 1 - Feb 19, 2009

After Operation: Red Mist, Acting CO Lucy decided that we needed a vacation. She told us to wrap up what we were doing, stock up and be prepared to move out. It turned out that we were going to be taking a tour of southwest Malton. We worked out way through Osmondville, Pennville/Whittenside, with a brief tour of Whittenside, Fryerbank, and Penny Heights. As the "vacation" progressed, found that it wasn't as much a vacation as it was just another full operation. We fought long and hard in the various burbs, though stopping at F2 for some poker and drinks. As the operation was winding down, we received news that shocked us all.

Our beloved CO, Charlie Mon was stepping down. His RL had to take priority, and he felt that he couldn't give Team Anaconda the attention it deserved. EVERYONE deeply respected our Commanding Officer for having the courage and foresight to step down when it was necessary.

The council decided that LT Lucy would be our new CO, and upon her confirmation, she promoted Couponballer to be her LT. With Anaconda's rank structure back in place, and Operation Leisure Rules complete, we were ready to proceed to our next challenge.


  • Operation: Red Mist Jan 1 - Feb 1, 2009

After the festivities were done, Anaconda needed a challenge. Heading up to zed infested Barrville, we got just that. After a couple of weeks of intense fighting, we were able to turn the suburb from RED to GREEN. Leaving us no time to bask in the glow of a job well done, we headed down to Blesley Mall to help in the defense there.

After a furious back and forth battle with the RRF, the mall was eventually secured for the survivors. It was at this point in the operation that Tiago Ferreira got his "Heavens Touch" ABA. After the Mall battle we headed to Scarletwood to aid the Garniss Border Patrol. By the end of the operation, the GBP were all standing and their HQ was EHB with a generator. With challenges about, the Anacondas once again proved that regardless of the job, we could handle anything!

2008 Operations


  • Operation: Give 'Em Hell Nov 17 - Dec 5, 2008

Our courageous Conda crew charged into a heavily-infested Kempsterbank and West Grayside. Despite frequent break-ins, the team managed to retake several resource points in Kempsterbank before working towards Pole Mall. Once taken, Pole Mall fell again for lack of survivor support. Thankfully, the Malton Medical Staff gave Anaconda a place to regroup in Kinch Heights.

In a flash of true skill and style, Anaconda then had a 4-day revive contest, with Paul Formain and Mondie tying for 1st place with 9 revives apiece. All in all, the contest produced 47 revives for the community, and provided Pole Mall with defenders. This time, the mall was held. It was a huge success for Anaconda and CO Charlie mon, as it was his first operation as our leader.


  • Operation: Extreme Makeover Nov 9 - Nov 19, 2008

CO Miss E and the gang grabbed some toolboxes and headed to Shackleville for a real fixer-upper! Reports were coming in that the area had been devastated by a zombie hurricane. The survivors and their families were in dire need of food, FAKs, and a warm place to sleep at night. Anaconda quickly and efficiently reworked the contract with our broadcasting company, and ventured to the "Shack". With a crew of cameramen, Combat Vets, and Fortress Defense, we got to work right away. The first half of the OP was spent redecorating the neighborhood and picking color schemes for our graffiti tags. We also installed gennies in the newly refurbished safehouses, each one with enough fuel to provide light for a family of ten! In danger of exceeding the furniture budget, the team found some old supply crates and ingeniously converted them into dining tables. It was close, but we got it done in plenty of time. Extreme Makeover was our last operation under Miss Elainious, so we worked hard to give her a proper send off. In the end, we tipped our hardhats to one of the finest Commanders ever to lead Team Anaconda, and warmly welcomed Charlie mon to continue on in her stead.


  • Operation: Final Destination Nov 4 - Nov 7, 2008

In an unprecedentedly brave mission, Anaconda moved into Ridleybank to begin Whomeyayou's OP for the November 5 celebrations. With Brigadier Crowbar as our VIP and Miss E as our Commander, we stormed into Moggridge Place Police Department, the home of the RRF's zombie veterans, fueled a genny, constructed some cades, and waited. Anaconda remained on edge for nearly 3 days, demonstrating the utmost vigilance by protecting our sleeping VIP. Some members took some surrounding buildings, but in the end, Lord Moloch decided we had exhausted our welcome and quickly ousted us from our cozy PD. Despite the RRF's lack of hospitality, Operation: Final Destination was anything but a failure. Anaconda built character, demonstrated excellent teamwork, and even broke in a couple new members.


  • Operation: Jack-O-Lantern Oct 22 - Oct 30, 2008

Anaconda moved to Quarlesbank, home of the infamous Lord Pitman. The burb was red, red with the blood of those who succumbed to the horrors wrought by the evil Lord himself, seen lurking about watching our every move. Anaconda was on a mission to recover this Suburb so that The Fortress could celebrate all hallows eve in the Pitman mansion with friends and allies. In less than a week Anaconda helped to turn this dangerous red suburbs light yellow and laugh in the face of the dastardly Lord P as Zeratul and Charlie cut him down twice on his own doorstep!


  • Operation: Redemption Oct 8 - Oct 21, 2008

Anaconda moved to the north to take back Yagoton & East Boundwood. It was a treacherous assignment, both suburbs were red and zed filled. Several ancients were seen shambling around the area coupled with a high concentration of PKers. Anaconda bravely withstood the pressure and forged a new alliance for The Fortress in the process with The Abandoned, showing them they were not really abandoned at all. Survivors stand together united. Anaconda recovered targeted resource buildings, cleared the RPs and still found time to retake Bale Mall.


  • Operation: Passport Sep 22 - Oct 5, 2008

Anaconda embark on a fun-filled friendly competition. Use the forum dice-rolling feature we were divided into two teams, the highest rolls in Team High Rollers and the lowest rolls in Team Low Riders. For two weeks the teams criss-crossed Malton in a race to complete a set f objective in 6 separate suburbs and receive a suburb stamp on their passport.This mission required coordination, cooperation, organization, strategic thinking and planning between team members. Competitive juices were flowing, much team building ensued and in the end team High Rollers persevered and completed their passport first for the win!


  • Operation: Save the Cheese Sep 4 - Sep 18, 2008

The MoB had invaded Hollomstown and it's famous cheese factory stealing The Fortress' PayCheese! Anaconda rallied to the cause chasing MoB from Hollomstown, through East Grayside and into West Grayside repairing damage as they went. We finally caught up with the dastardly perpetrators in West Grayside, rebuilding the area and securing our cheese supply.


  • Operation: Olympiad Aug 25 - Sep 3, 2008

Olympic fever hit Malton and Anaconda held their own Sporting Event in the suburbs of Stanbury Village & Ridleybank. Anaconda members put in an outstanding performance and many medal races were very close. LT Terk did a supurb job of maintaining a scoreboard and tallying statistics to allow each contestant know just where he stood.The fact that the hotly contested Nichols Mall and Went NT were also retaken and held was just gravy.


  • Operation: Payback Jul 27 – Aug 9, 2008

Anaconda worked to restore Hildebrand with Battlehawk who were leading an operation in the Roftwood area then lashed back at the RRF by reclaiming Stanbury Village ending with reclaiming Nichols mall, undoing much of the havoc the horde had reeked.


  • Operation: Starvin' Marven Jul 18 - Jul 27, 2008

Team Anaconda once again joined forces with their good friends in Battlehawk to retake and hold Marven Mall agains the MoB. This was done with breathtaking speed and ease. We came, we saw. we conquered. Anaconda was even presented with a stuffed bear and a moose head by grateful locals. Unfortunately the bear turned out to be Jay Gorman, the bear of BH's cousin, but as they say, 'it's the thought that counts' .

Picnic basket.png

  • Operation: Picnic Basket Jul 7 – Jul 17, 2008

There where people starving in East Becktown, and the desolated Northwest. They needed aid. They needed refreshment. They needed..a picnic? Team Anaconda and Battlehawk once again joined forces in East Becktown and beyond, where sandwiches are salvation. Retaking Caiger mall among many buildings, this was truly a strange picnic indeed.


  • Operation: Heritage Jun 17 – Jul 6, 2008

Caiger Mall and the Pitman Mansion are one of the few landmark in the fearsome northwest. An exciting adventure spanning four suburb, Operation: Heritage was worth the risk for many 'Conda. Their objective was to quickly repair any buildings through the northwest repairing as they moved up to Quarlesbank, home of Lord Pitman and the historic Pitman Mansion. The operation ended with the retaking of the Pitman mansion, and a big party.


  • Operation: Fort Peril May 8 – Jun 8, 2008

The team worked through the suburbs of Scarletwood, Danversbank and Whittenside clearing, repairing, barricading, healing and reviving before joining with allies and teams Cold Cell and Dark watch to retake Fort Perryn. An outstanding real time coordinated strike between the three Fortress teams and allies in the Canonball Crew, Fort Perryn Defence Force and Creedy Defence resulted in the decisive victory of a swift and successful claiming of the Fort.


  • Operation: Northern Lights Apr 16 – May 6, 2008

Northern Malton had been flattened by the hordes, specifically The Dead whose soul objective was to destroy all life in Malton. The northern half of Malton had become one giant red zone and The Dead had turned their hungry eyes to the south. Their southern hordes have not been as successful and they have begun to move some of their numbers south to reinforce the southern hordes. As they sent numbers south and the RRF returned to their home in Ridleybank, Anaconda bypassed them and moved northward and into the northeast to restore life and light. Travelling through Roachtown, Santlerville up into Dulston, the operation ended with a final standoff which saw Anaconda and allies repel The Dead and force their retreat.

4tressOp fin2.gif

  • Operation: 4tress United Mar 12 - Apr 15 2008

The 5 battle teams of The Fortress united for an operation lasting 35 days. Engaging allies The Fortress moved through moved through 12 suburbs and was instrumental in 9 mall recoveries. On average the united teams recovered a suburb every 3 days.


  • Operation: Big Brother Mar 3 – Mar 11, 2008

Team Anaconda worked with allies to defend the suburbs of Scarletwood and Gulsonside from the RRF. Anaconda was instrumental in taking back Blesely mall and multiple resource buildings.


  • Operation Back to School Febr 10 – Mar 1, 2008

Anaconda worked with the Fortress 4 defence team and Boot Camp recruits to defend Boot Camp, recover Fortress 4 and the surrounding suburb as well as retaking a nearby mall for supplies. The suburb was upgraded from dangerous and remained so throughout the operation, even as neighbouring suburbs fell.


  • Operation: Big Red 1 Feb 3 - Feb 7, 2008

Anaconda moved to Darkerston and worked to reclaim resource building in an area held by Extinction. The team recovered several buildings in the initial day and to execute over 30 zombies during the 4 days of operations. Enemy numbers became overwhelming however, when news of survivor presence drew them from surrounding suburbs.


  • Operation: Target Practice Jan 25 - Feb 2, 2008

Team Anaconda had been doing an excellent job holding off the Big Bash raiders in Gidding Mall. Operation Armageddon was a huge success and Anaconda continued to work together as a team to develop their strike coordination and to continue the efforts for The Fortress in this famous "Siege of Giddings Mall (Big Bash ’08)". Team Anaconda along with support from our friends in Team Dark Watch performed numerous real time raids on the Big Bash horde at Giddings Mall and helped repel the zombie forces for over a week with no casualties.


  • Operation: Armegeddon Jan 15 - Jan 24, 2008

Anaconda worked with allies and other Fortress Teams in the historic Battle of Giddings to defend Moorish NT and Giddings Mall from Big Bash 2. The defenders at the Battle of Giddings including team Anaconda put up an unprecedented defence against the hordes and Anaconda exceeded on the goal of a team 5000XP gain.


  • Operation: Police Cops Jan 2 - Jan 12, 2008

Team Anaconda worked with MFD to assist with their struggle in Brooke Hills and Yagotown. Anaconda came from the North while the DEM advanced from the South, outflanking the horde in a decisive victory.

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