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Archived Journals Oct/Nov/Dec 2005

December End of Month Review

Grown large
31/12/05 - File: December End of Month Review

Filed by The Ears

A Happy new year from all at The Fortress! On Christmas Eve night we made the 3000th hit on our Wiki-site, which means we had double the hits of last month, and this was certaintly reflected in the busy department of recruitment.

There are now 42 members in The Fortress Files. 3 Combat Teams with 3 Commanders and 3 Lieutenants. 2 Assault Officers, 4 Battalion Rangers, 5 Conflict Troopers, 5 Deployment Squaddies and 4 General Enforcement Officers. 3 Shadow Team Members. +16 Additional.

If you actually have bothered to add that lot up, you may notice that it's three out, and that's because the 3 Lieutenants are ranked AO (2) and BR respectively.

Very impressive stats, I think you'll agree. Not only have we grown large in number, but also in experience. The Fortress is on it's way up in the City of Malton and there's no plans on stopping yet.

Stay Vigilant!

The Fortress Finest: Trong Tran

Team Powflak
16/12/05 - File: The Fortress Finest: Trong Tran
Owner of a Tavern

Filed by AO Jensonson

The Fortress likes to acknowledge it's members from time to time, as they are the foundation of our group.

Trong Tran was the first recruit signed up by The Mouth back in October 2005. Our hopes of signing a level 19 super-soldier were dashed when a newbie, level 1, asian cop turned up at the meeting point and started chatting inanely to zombies! His 8 experience points seemed justified when an inexperienced mistake resulted in the new recruit's death just one week into his Fortress career! It was not a promising start for the young officer...

But Trong Tran stuck to it, and The Fortress was about to find that it had unearthed a real gem. Promoted to Deployment Squadie in Mid-November for finally levelling up, the officer began to find his feet; scouting and reporting, building XP and surviving safely, but it was during Operation: Mean Streets that he excelled. Trong Tran revelled in his role and gleefully joined in the zombie massacre, sometimes playing live and online with hunting partners, until he shot up towards level 4. A promotion to Conflict Trooper followed and now the young man was looking like the real deal.

As The Fortress expanded, Trong Tran was the first to offer his suggestion of Team A's official name. His suggestion of Team Powflak was certainly original and special, however not taken up - Team Anaconda was finally selected. In Operation: Fallen Angel the officer continued to impress, showing qualities of teamwork, loyalty and reliability, along with a free-spirited good sense of fun and decency.

On his own initiative, Trong Tran signed up Marissa Minnie to The Fortress - an action that we were especially impressed by - and his sparkling personality has gained him many friends at The Fortress. This is why Trong Tran has become the first trooper to be the focus of The Fortress Finest, and we congratulate him on his excellent career (so far!)

And with this award, we are officially promoting Trong Tran to the next rank.

Well done Battalion Ranger Trong Tran!

Operation: Santa Felt My Presents

Crawling with Stiffs
12/12/05 - File: Operation: Santa Felt My Presents

Filed by Commander LePaige


With the RRF gradually returning from Caiger Mall to Ridleybank, The Fortress moved their entire force into the dangerous suburb to help out.


  • Journal Note: Some parts of this file have been censored to protect the location of this ongoing operation.

Primary objective - Hit 'n' run in *a dangerous Malton suburb, crawling with stiffs*

Details - Team Anaconda are to make a reccy into *an untamed terrible territory* - this will be a Z hunt. Team members are expected to use the Fortress multiplex outpost as a base; using max AP to then enter *aforementioned hazardous suburb* and knock out as many Z's as possible before returning to the outpost to build up to max AP again for a second run.

This will serve as a recon gathering mission too, so that we may find out exactly how strong the Ridleybank presence is - DOH!


With extensive reports compiled on the state of Ridleybank, The Fortress withdrew to Stanbury Village and helped out at the St.Maria's Reviv Clinic. Many operatives are adept with Necrotech equipment and helped to restore the harvested humans to their previous state of being. Team Battlehawk accompanied Anaconda in this second phase of Xmas Operation: Santa Felt My Presents or SFMP as it was becoming affectionately known.


Team Battlehawk held the front line while Anaconda and Shadow Wolf secured the borders of Ridleybank. The settling process, as the unstoppable RRF returned to their former home, was assisted by The Fortress as many unsuspecting citizens were located, saved and educated.


With many lives saved, zombies killed and order restored, The Fortress is safe in the knowledge that it has at least made some difference in Malton.

A Tribute to DS Marissa Minnie

Always Hard
03/12/05 - File: A Tribute to Marissa Minnie
DS Marissa Minnie

Filed by AO Jensonson

In times when operations and politics seem to be demanding their way to the forefront, The Fortress thinks it is wise to mention those brave and colourful souls that make our group so fun and fulfilling. One such person, Deployment Squaddie Marissa Minnie left the game at the end of last month, much to my own sadness. It is always hard to lose a recruit, but especially so when it is one that was so lively and helpful. DS Minnie may have left the game but the time we had is something that we shall always cherish.

Marrisa Minnie - We salute you. (*Sound of three shotgun salute*)

Right - Now I'm off back to the Mall.

Operation: Fallen Angel

Wiltering Will
30/11/05 - File: Operation: Fallen Angel

Filed by AO Jensonson

With Operation: Midnight Run a success, Team Battlehawk headed a daring mission into the heart of Ridleybank. The Blomfield Police Department, in RRF controlled Ridleybank was occupied for a gruelling 24 hours. The barricades went down many times, players were hurt and our vigilance was thoroughly tested. But with Caiger Mall being enseiged by the majority of the RRF forces, the zombie offensive was not strong enough and the building was held firm. Other survivor groups were involved in the defiant defence of the PD, and Team Anaconda joined in just as their will began to wilter. The Fortress pulled out, rather prematurely some argued, and there was a sense of disillusionment and blame in the air. However, the results of Operation: Fallen Angel speak for themselves. Fortress casualties: None. Police Department: Held. And was it pure coincidence that the Caiger Mall seige - the biggest landmark event in the game to date - came to an end at exactly the time of Operation: Fallen Angel? Whether it was, or wasn't, the RRF hurried back to their "home town" from that moment.

Operation: Midnight Run

Tough Job
29/11/05 - File: Operation: Midnight Run

Filed by AO Jensonson

Ridleybank was the most notorious suburb in Malton at the time. It's reputation causing many to avoid the inhabitable district under fear of running into the human-hating RRF. Then on one night, two special Fortress operatives made a midnight run into the heart of the notorious town, and set up the mobile phone mast. With this tough job achieved, one of the operatives made perhaps the very first mobile phone call from Ridleybank. The operation lasted under five minutes, but the two operatives involved achieved a hell of a lot. Perhaps it altered the popular perception of Ridleybank that it was unhabitable. For one moment, Ridleybank was civilized.

November End of Month Review

Stands strong
22/11/05 - File: November End of Month Review

Filed by The Ears

Well done soldiers. Just one month to the day that we began recruiting and The Fortress stands strong with Twenty-six members. Here's the stat attack...

26 Official staff. 2 Commanders. 2 Assault Officers. 3 Battalion Rangers. 4 Conflict Troopers. 3 Deployment Squadies. 8 General Enforcement Officers. 1 Shadow Team Member. +3 Additional.

The Fortress has now split into two groups...Team Anaconda and Team Battlehawk as it's size increases.

The Wiki-site made it's 1000th hit on the 18th with approximately 40% of readers going on to read this journal page.

Stay Vigilant!

Operation: Mean Streets

Men Erected
22/11/05 - File: Operation: Mean Streets

Filed by BR Jensonson

With The Fortress numbers expanding quickly, its senior members were able to establish their influence in Operation: Mean Streets. The team travelled as far as Roftwood to assist in the removal of zombie threats, whilst barricading buildings and healing wounded survivors. This paved the way for a joint attack/reviv operation by a number of other survivor groups. Zombies fell, men erected and lives were saved. The Fortress done well!

Murmurings of the recently deceased

Rod, Jane and Freddy
14/11/05 - File: Murmurings of the recently deceased

Filed by a newly zombified applicant to The Fortress in a twisted state of semi-awareness
(N.B. The aforementioned victim, Capt Dan, has since been successfully revivified by The Fortress)

A plague of pestilence, disease and decay still looms over The Fortress. You feel the eyes of the unknown burning into your soul and a cold icey fear runs down your spine. You begin to hallucinate and as you back into a corner, shivering with fear you see Rod, Jane and Freddy closing in around you and you hear the blood curdling voice of Zippy muttering "I've got a big red one!"

As you begin to descend into a dimension of surreality you notice the infamous cat of doom playing with your tongue and you sneeze on the chalky dust of the love salmon. As your sanity wanes even more you realise that your fate has been sealed. Such pointless words are rare these days.

Graaaa...(rest of report in zombified slurs and groans.)

Operation: Raging Bull

Offending Stiffies
05/11/05 - File: Operation: Raging Bull

Filed by BR Jensonson

It's been a strange couple of weeks for me. Somehow survived a pack of bloodthirsty zom's, and saw The Fortress come under a prolonged siege but we came through it all thanks to the leadership skills of The Ears, and of course all the Fortress' recruits. Operation: Raging Bull saw the end of the zombie invasion in one explosive weekend. It was an attack so strong, so relentless, that the offending stiffies made a run to the nearest mall for a new pair of pants and a bag of nappies for next time. Back in my home country, England, it was fireworks night, and we sure celebrated the end of their evil plans with a bang. At last some good news in the City of Malton - A triumph for humanity!

Life in General Enforcement

Sweet Revivification
03/11/05 - File: Life in General Enforcement

This log has been added by GE LePaige

Well I've been with The Fortress now a week, besides being lured in with the offer of a free tea (note:- Not included) I have found fortress life so far so good.

I'm a Firefighter and enjoyed the usage I get outta my trusty Axe, "Axey". On my way over to The Fortress I've cracked a few skulls and enjoyed the scenery. Life was unstructured, and slow, too often I'd be caught with my pants down especially when I got closer to The Fortress; and believe me you don't want to be ravaged with ya pants down (takes weeks to recover).

So for a brief moment I was like The Eyes, a walking corpse, but with it's trousers down. Thankfully I'd called in a favor and got The Mouth to give some sweet revivication. After a bit of groaning I got up, refreshed and ready to roll. Pulled up my pants and entered The Fortress where I now do general tasks as I build up my experience.

You really do need to 'Stay Vigilant' here, especially if ya pants are down!

LePaige -GE-

Halloween Horror

Demise of the Eyes
31/10/05 - File: The Halloween Horror: A Lesson in Vigilance

This report has been filed by Commander Bensonson, brother of Battalion Ranger Jensonson, of the Four Fortress

The Fortress had been on Status Red for five gruelling days - like many suburbs in Malton we were coming under heavy zombie onslaught - and on Halloween night it was worse than ever. The result of this onslaught was tragic.

Despite frequent warnings to all our members to "Stay Vigilant", The Eyes miscalculated his IP usage while scouting and was swarmed by a vicious group of z's. The zombies greedily pounced upon him and he was "turned". Somehow my brother, Jensonson, was present at the demise of The Eyes, but insists he saw nothing and was mysteriously unhurt. Speculation and gossip are rife within the ranks of the Fortress but my full trust and faith is with the Battalion Ranger.

Jensonson was not able to update the journal this week - perhaps still traumatised by recent events - hence my entry to his journal, but rest assured that The Fortress is stronger than ever. The Eyes returned to us today but looks distant and sometimes stares very strangely at us when he thinks we're not looking. We do have our full faith in the Fortress scout, but can only pray that the rest of us stay clear of zombification.

End of Report.

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