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Archived Journals Apr/May/Jun 2006

The Fortress Becomes a DEM Strategic Partner

DEM Partner
24/06/06 - File: The Fortress Becomes a DEM Strategic Partner

Filed by Jensonson

The Fortress has been steadily expanding since September 2005 and has made a number of strong alliances with other major survivor groups but June 2006 goes down as the month that The Fortress became a Strategic Partner of the DEM. The Department of Emergency Management encompasses the Malton Police Department, the Malton Fire Department, the Malton Emergency Medical Service, and the Malton Forensics Unit, and they hold many alliances of their own, but The Fortress' loyal and specialized work has earned our group a position as a Strategic Partner, and this can only be a good thing for both organizations, and Malton as a whole. Stay Vigilant DEM!

The Fortress Finest: Jack Foster

The Head
10/06/06 - File: The Fortress Finest: Jack Foster
Texas Hold 'em anyone?

Filed by Jensonson

Cheeky, energetic, funny, rebellious, impulsive, undeniable. Jack Foster walked into The Fortress on the first of December, and has been an integral part ever since. Immediately showing good reporting, consideration of others, and understanding of the game, the future looked promising for this young recruit, and following FOURTEEN levels gained in six weeks, Jack Foster became a Battalion Ranger of The Fortress.

Commander Travis soon snapped up the Battalion Ranger and installed a new strength into the young soldier - who was now showing the potential to become one of the Fortress' finest. In March, Foster received the rank of Assault Officer and has since decided to use that privilage to undertake the Journeyman ABA on his continuing path towards perfecting his skills.

Jack Foster has become a trusted friend and companion to all members of The Fortress. He owns the card table at Trong Tran's - the local Tavern, and often deals Texas Hold 'em to his friends. Also, one of the first few to become a Veteran of The Fortress, Jack Foster continues to build his combat experience each and every day. Stay Vigilant Jack Foster!

The Fortress Vs FU

08/06/06 - File: The The Fortress Vs FU

Filed by Jensonson

A small but fairly organized zombie group called FU (not Feral United) boasted that they would annihilate The Fortress and began a campaign to achieve this between the months of April and June. Their daily attacks were well prepared and organized and led to a Fortress response that once again showed how strong our survivor group actually is.

FU zombies were stunned to find real-time barricade repelling on numerous occassions as vigilant Fortress members regularly checked the cades - rumours of zerging from the FU were rife. When the FU finally broke through a barricade they were sometimes evicted before even catching sight of those inside thanks to the strength and training of the Fortress personnel available. Only during other group's mass-horde attacks did FU get any joy at the Fortress' expense, but during June and July, after months of trying, the FU surrendered their futile effort and disbanded.

Meanwhile, The Fortress expanded in many directions. FU may not have realized that while The Fortress was repeatedly repelling their offensive, they were simultaneously running operations in several parts of Malton, running a whole suburbs revive point and tutoring a group twice the size of FU in Boot Camp. However, we recognize their efforts.

May End of Month Review

Slightly disappointing drop
31/05/06 - File: May End of Month Review

Filed by The Ears

The Fortress suffered an unusual number of losses this month as many experienced recruits chose to end their Fortress careers, and also to give up on the Malton fight completely. It is sad that there seems to be no end to the menace that curses the cities streets. However, I would like to acknowledge the hard work and vigilance shown by the following...

Assault Officers: Fishel, Skull Kid, Simon Ray, Kobayashi Maru (RIP), maverick006 and BTL Matt.

With so many losses The Fortress has had its worst month, but with precisely 50 active combat-ready members, that shows the true strength of our group, and as usual this excludes the many, many characters working in our wonderful Commune. Meanwhile, Boot Camp is training up new recruits at a rate of knots. We’ll have the exact quarterly figures in next months end of month stats – but believe me, they are going to be truly amazing!

This month we saw our first Fortress Veterans – Loyal for 6 months and counting, and also many of our experienced Assault Officers are looking at taking on our specialist challenges – including the Journeyman and Warlord Trials.

Another great month for The Fortress, although a slightly disappointing drop in numbers. But we’re eagerly looking forward to next month.

Stay Vigilant!

A Tribute to Kobayashi Maru

116 days
17/05/06 - File: A Tribute to Kobayashi Maru

Filed by Jensonson

On the 25th April 2006 Lieutenant Kobayashi Maru of The Fortress was killed. It was his first death but for Kobayashi, one was enough. Under the welcome shelter of The Fortress the young Lieutenant had survived for 116 days before he finally succumbed, ironically whilst evacuating from a successfully ran operation where he had been the outstanding hero.

Kobayashi Maru was a tremendous member of The Fortress with an outstanding record and is a huge loss for our group, although we fully respect his playing style.

Stay Vigilant Kobayashi Maru!

April End of Month Review

Undercover Agents
06/05/06 - File: April End of Month Review

Filed by The Ears

The Fortress enjoyed another productive month assisting other groups and survivors each and every day. During April, The Fortress undertook an unprecedented number of operations, including five seperate missions, assisting three major groups, at a single time.

Also this month, The Fortress tidied their books and have decided to record only active combat-ready members. This excludes the Boot Camp trainees, Commune staff, undercover agents and partially active members. As usual, the figure is most impressive. 55 active combat-ready members, although the files have now officially passed the 100 mark. On top of this the Wiki page is close to 10,000 hits, and our forum approaches 10,000 posts! The Fortress truly is a major survivor group in Malton.

So, let's recap.

100 Members * 10,000 Wiki-hits * 10,000 Forum Posts

Wow! The Fortress is the place to be :)

The RRF Shore Leave Party

Fully Active
28/04/06 - File: The RRF Shore Leave Party

Filed by Jensonson

Fortress Four switched to Status: Red following heavily increased zombie activity at the start of April and it wasn't long before this vigilant caution was justified. Fortress Four was beseiged and then trashed by a wealth of zombies that also took down the entire suburb and surrounding suburbs too!

Whilst The Fortress used intelligent tactical strategy to defend their home, it was not enough to repel the size of the enemy and Fortress Four fell. As The Fortress composed swift counter measures, they were made aware of the enemy that had evicted them. The RRF announced that the attack was all a part of their shore-leave party!!!

With other major zombie groups also in the area most notably The Mockers, The Fortress really didn't stand a chance, although they were fully active again within 48 hours.

And so The RRF thoroughly enjoyed their shore-leave party, and The Fortress paid for it with a terrible hang-over, although some smaller zombie-groups have since tried to claim responsibility.

Operation The Hills Have Eyes

Doing their Business
27/04/06 - File: Operation The Hills Have Eyes

Filed by Jensonson

With Team Federation busy on an undercover operation, Cold Cell and Battlehawk defending their home grounds, and the Shadow Wolves answering the call of the Black Berets, Team Anaconda moved in to help another major survivor group in the north end of Malton.

The territory was hostile and Commander DeathAxe was quick to relocate his troops away from the nearby zoo which was over-run. With his troops in position, the team managed to barricade up the new base-camp and surrounding area before getting about doing their business once more.

Team Anaconda moved position suddenly when the intuitive Lieutenant Kobayashi Maru's survival instinct screamed out that there was trouble. Moments later the base camp was swarmed but Lieutenant Maru, following The Fortress' motto - Stay Vigilant, had saved the day. The team lived to fight on.

Another seamless move and Team Anaconda were able to continue this beautifully run operation. It was just after a heli-drop that the team pulled out suddenly. They had been in the suburb for ten days, within metres of hundreds of blood-thirsty zeds at all times, and come through the experience in style.

Thanks to Commander DeathAxe, Lieutenant Maru, and the organisation of Team Anaconda the operation was yet another complete success for The Fortress.

The Fortress Finest: DeathAxe

The Head
17/04/06 - File: The Fortress Finest: DeathAxe
His powers are not weak!

Filed by Jensonson

Back in November 2005, a young and serious man walked into an old school in central Malton, swinging a large axe in his right hand. The zed that had broken into the school, where DeathAxe was meeting his Fortress contact, looked around slowly in bewilderment as the axe split its skull straight down the middle. This was how DeathAxe arrived at The Fortress.

The Head quickly realized the potential of this new recruit and he was assigned a rank of Conflict Trooper in Bensonson's combat team. The fine new officer spent little time impressing The Fortress further with his excellent gift of zombie elimination, but it was during Operation: Fallen Angel, when a small Fortress combat team were holding up inside a PD in Ridleybank, that DeathAxe's character came to the forefront. He had been delayed back at base but heard intel that his Fortress colleagues were likely to be killed within the hour and that the operation may fail. His response was not to stay behind in safety and wait for the inevitable disaster to happen, but he instinctively journeyed across Malton to his friends, sneaked into the PD, and helped them to successfully defend against the dreadful army at the doors. He was soon after promoted to Battalion Ranger.

From there DeathAxe excelled. His route to Assault Officer, then Lieutenant, and finally Commander of Team Anaconda was seemless, and he has never looked back. Commander DeathAxe has been one of the greatest commanders - a legend in his own time - and one of the Fortress' Finest.

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