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Archived Journals Oct/Nov/Dec 2006

Christmas in Quarlesbank

Where was Pitman?
31/12/06 - File: Christmas in Quarlesbank

Filed by Jensonson

In an extraordinary turn of events, some members of The Fortress, specifically Teams Anaconda and Cold Cell, plus Roci Ara and myself (undertaking a Journeyman tour), spent Christmas in the last place we'd ever have expected - Quarlesbank. Apart from being the home of my arch nemesis, Lord Pitman, and his terror squad, AND the fact that the suburb had been in a state of emergency for practically the whole year, Christmas in Quarlesbank was suprisingly happy and peaceful! Even rather festive!

The Fortress was hired by Malton Tours Inc to secure the infamous Pitman Mansion for their Anniversary party and we were happy to oblige. In our usual efficient and professional manner the mansion was protected from all outside attacks by two combat squads - only the over-zealous party PKers tainted the atmosphere - but nothing could stop The Fortress, Malton Tours Inc, and their guests from partying in Pitman's Mansion.

What an end to an amazing story! Fifteen months after fleeing the initial outbreak in Quarlesbank, and a long time after first meeting the Dark Lord himself, I was at last able to face my very real Malton demons and come out a stronger person - all thanks to The Fortress!

December End of Month Review

Stat Crazy
31/12/06 - File: December End of Month Review

Filed by The Ears

On Christmas Eve, The Fortress reached 72 active members in the official UD stats. Our combat squads included 42 experienced, high-level professionals that are active each and every day to help and protect Maltonians, and the quality and quantity of the faction continues to steadily grow. Happy New Year!

The Fortress Finest: Danny Lee

Conda Commander
31/12/06 - File: The Fortress Finest: Danny Lee
Rags to Riches

Filed by Jensonson

There are many success stories in The Fortress but none proves that you can achieve anything in our group more than Danny Lee's.

Danny Lee joined The Fortress in January 2006 and was initially assigned to Team Federation but didn't quite fit in with the off-forum, individual style required of that unique team. In March, and still only a Deployment Squaddie, Danny Lee was reassigned to Battlehawk. Although the soldier was more suited to the forum-based life of a Battlehawk he only lasted one month before quitting them and the Fortress altogether to form his own faction. Danny Lee was gone - a sub-standard Deployment Squaddie.

When Danny Lee apologetically posted The Head in mid-April to beg for a return to The Fortress he was welcomed back in the usual Fortress fashion - with open arms - and the advice that he could achieve anything within our group if he put his mind to it. Danny Lee heeded this advice more than any other.

The Deployment Squaddie was posted into Boot Camp where he was to learn the trade from the ground up. Whereas many would refuse to accept this demotion, Danny Lee used this experience as a chance to rebuild his Fortress career. He was quickly assigned to his third different combat team, Anaconda, and buckled straight down to business. Under the Command of Jensonson, he quickly became a solid member of the group and was rewarded with quick promotions, eventually becoming Assault Officer in August. But this wasn't by far the extent of his achievements.

Danny Lee created his own news-journal, TFN, in August and this quickly became the essential source for Fortress news and gossip. Danny Lee recruited reporters and organized the journal into the excellent archive it is today. Then Danny Lee volunteered to become Ambassador to our affiliated group, FANNY. His keen diplomacy helped to strengthen relations between our two groups.

With his background in journalism, diplomacy and combat squad action the officer was finally accepted the position he always aspired for - Command of Team Anaconda. Since September, Danny Lee has energetically commanded Anaconda and built a strong squad around him. For Danny Lee, it was his dream come true.

With Danny Lee achieving so much in the group, the public were keen to see him join the Council, and in November he achieved this position too. Which means that Danny Lee is a Fortress Veteran and Elite, Commander and Councillor, Ambassador and Editor. His achievements in our group are fantastic and he proves that the "Malton dream" is very truly possible with The Fortress.

The Fortress Finest: Rendr

Sticking the Boot in
31/12/06 - File: The Fortress Finest: Rendr
You know the drill

Filed by Jensonson

Rendr joined our band of merry men, and women, in May 2006 and was placed into Boot Camp for immediate training. He had already met Drill Sergeant KsTxGirl by the time he arrived - she had recruited him in the first place and a beautiful relationship began. Ultimately, it was to become the student that would become the teacher.

KsTxGirl continued to be impressed with the astuteness of Rendr and he was assigned to Team Cold Cell as Deployment Squaddie in late May. Commander AngelWitch took Command of Rendr and was also impressed - promoting him up to Assault Officer over the summer.

Rendr had been an excellent combat squaddie, implementing the Sendo Yuushi style of forum reporting, and acting with loyal dedication and vigilance. Then in September 2006, he helped out his old friend once again. KsTxGirl needed temporary help in Boot Camp and Rendr jumped at the chance to assist his mentor.

As it turned out, the temporary job became a permanent one, as KsTxGirl mysteriously disappeared in the chaos of Malton but Rendr picked up the reins and took sole charge of Boot Camp. Today, Rendr has already seen 25 recruits through Boot Camp - teaching them KsTx's original lessons plus new advice of his own. Rendr was popular in the public's eye and was also elected to the Council when he put his name forward in September. Thanks to the kind dedication and loyalty of Drill Sergeant Rendr, The Fortress has benefitted from one of its finest members.

Stay Vigilant Rendr!

November End of Month Review

Stat Attack
30/11/06 - File: November End of Month Review

Filed by The Ears

It was one year ago that I filed the complete group stats before christmas. I thought it would be interesting to compare then with now. We had 26 official members in Nov 2005 - there are 120 official members listed today, but we average 60 live members each and every day - let's go and check right now.....62 members. Although we have 179 members registered on our forum, and well over 200 members logged in our complete history. Basically, we're thrashing the 26 official members of last year ;)

But it's not just the numbers that have improved. Interesting too to see the experience and quality of our members compared to 12 months ago. We had 2 AO's, 3 BR's, 4 CT's, 3 DS's and 8 GE's averaging at about Game Level 10. Today? We have 18 combat squad Assault Officers alone! They are the elite of The Fortress and to have so many proves our strength. Want further proof? The average Game Level amongst our combat ready troopers? It's 30! Impressed? When you consider the maximum survivor skill is 22 and that exactly 89% of our senior squad members are at or above that skill level, you realize the quality of our squad members.

So, what about other stats? In November 2005 our Wiki page made its 1000th hit, today it's close to 20,000! Also, our forum passed 26,000 posts earlier this month.

But as well as our quantity and our quality of soldier, what else have we improved in the year? Our organization has improved a thousand times. New improvements include the creation of the Council, Boot Camp, revivification ground, alliances, combat team structure and further progression beyond AO - all been added to The Fortress and it makes us one of the strongest groups in Malton.

We are a civilized group. We turn down those that don't cut the mustard, we apply our rules to those for and against us, we don't accept alt's - yet we are thriving in Malton.

I think it is safe to say that for many months more, we will Stay Vigilant!

October End of Month Review

Pea Soup
31/10/06 - File: October End of Month Review

Filed by The Ears

It's real foggy as I write this months report but as usual (I can't believe this is exactly one year after the first ever Fortress Wiki report) the stats are impressive. We have a council, three combat squads plus the Assault Squadron and the Shadow Wolves, four reporters, a wealth of artists, a Drill Sergeant, a bunch of Boot Camp recruits, and of course our healthy Commune. We're averaging 50-60 active members per day but the closer figure is back to the 70's.

The Fortress is still a major, top 10 survivor group, and we're as strong as ever. Stay Vigilant!

The New Era

New Era
28/09/06 - File: The New Era

Filed by Jensonson

The Fortress Party was the end of an era for so many characters. It seemed to be the perfect place for many veterans to move on and The Fortress lost its entire structure in days.

However, nothing has been proved more certainly in our history than the fact that The Fortress is always able to evolve.

Following the party, three new Commanders were initiated into the three combat squads, and a complete new Council (apart from the exception of loyal Fortress Veteran, Cameron Mitchell) was voted in by the public (a record poll of 130 votes)

With a complete new set of Commanders, motivating with their unique leadership styles, combined with a more powerful Council, destined to develop the future of our group, The Fortress evolved into a new entity. It is uncertain where the group will go, but one thing is for sure - it will be for the benefit of Malton and our many enemies had better watch out!

The Fortress Party

More Embarassment and Drama
22/09/06 - File: The Fortress Party

Filed by The Ears

Everything that we thought would happen. Everything that we thought wouldn't happen. Everything that we never could even have imagined to happen. *deep breath* ...Everything The Fortress Party.

Where to start? Rum, underpants, pirates, cheese, transvestite commanders, ABBA, feral friends, moo, cheese, visiting hordes, spiked punch, name-drops, zombie tantrums, cheese, time travel, assasinations, masturbation dialog, slapped Ears, cheese, Mosh pits, Roci Ara, ear nibbling, Jensonson killed by his brother, cheese...

Wait!? Jensonson killed by his brother? Yes - You heard me! In a stunning conclusion to the year long Pitman Saga, Jensonson was seemingly hypnotized by the sudden appearance of Lord Pitman - the Arch Enemy of The Fortress. With Jensonson under Pitman's spell, the Shadow Wolves knew there was only one thing to do before The Head of The Fortress went on a devastating slaughter rampage. Jensonson was slain by his own brother, Bensonson!. But it seemed The Shadows knew what they were doing. With this action, the spell of Pitman was broken and he was exterminated by the unlikely pair of, mini-skirt-wielding Commander Shrimper, and the sudden re-appearance of ex-Commander DeathAxe. The piece of Fortress magic was caught on tape for historic reference, but those who witnessed it live will never forget the moment.

And so Pitman was defeated and the party continued...for days! Even when all the combat squads had departed did the many stragglers endeavour to party on, and despite the frustrations of the local neighbourhood survivors, The Fortress Party raged on!

A big thankyou to those that came. It was probably the greatest party that Malton has ever seen! ;D

September End of Month Review

All time high
30/09/06 - File: September End of Month Review

Filed by The Ears

With The Fortress Party days away, our survivor group reached an all time high. 75 members were registered as active in the past few days, and when you consider that we don't accept alt's, and that many of our members work without group recognition, you realize what a strong group The Fortress is.

Recently, a Who's Who document was compiled - with over 200 members that have worked for The Fortress at one time or another. Each member has been given their own description, status and Epic Rating that acknowledges the amount of influence they have brought to The Fortress.

New Veterans, and Elites are to be announced at The Fortress Party, in recognition for their many months of loyalty and reliablity. However, we respect all that have fought and worked vigilantly for our good cause. Stay Vigilant!

The Fortress Finest: Cameron Mitchell

Early Initialization
22/09/06 - File: The Fortress Finest: Cameron Mitchell
Soldier of Vigilance

Filed by Jensonson

The strength of The Fortress is in its loyalty and reliablity and there are none more loyal or reliable than Cameron Mitchell. The wise and determined gentleman joined the group during its early initialization days and quickly impressed everyone with his thorough, and sensible reporting. It was clear that The Fortress had gained a strong new ally, but the extent of his influence was still unknown.

Cameron Mitchell quickly and quietly progressed through the ranks of Battlehawk, and then Cold Cell, when he was especially requested by the new Commander to become his Lieutenant. He was already earning a reputation for greatness but this promotion enhanced that reputation further. Since that day, Cameron Mitchell continued to act this role to perfection, and has been an example to every new member.

Meanwhile, when a position became available, Cameron Mitchell was the public's favoured choice to join the Fortress council. As Councillor, he brought a stabilizing influence into the group, assisted by his calm and rational aptitude. In this role, he has helped to shape the future of the group and act as the responsible adult over the entire community.

Whenever The Fortress has needed assistance, Cameron Mitchell has been there. Whenever it has needed guidance, his words have paved the way forwards. Its motto speaks of vigilance, and in Cameron Mitchell, they have the definitive soldier of vigilance.

The Fortress Finest: Jason Valer

Early Initialization
22/09/06 - File: The Fortress Finest: "One Man Assault Squadron" Jason Valer
One Man Assault Squadron

Filed by Jensonson

When The Assault Squadron was initiated in March. Nobody knew quite what to expect. What would the group do? Who would be in it? How would it work?

One man answered that question emphatically. Taking the responsibility of the whole group upon his own shoulders, Jason Valer began to do what the Assault Squadron was built for - he slaughtered zombies. Emphatically. Again and again. Until they crumbled into quiverring heaps of smoking flesh. And Valer did it with a sinister smile on his face.

You see he liked to kill zombies, and when the other members of the newly formed Assault Squadron quit (possibly a dispute over pay and living quarters), Valer stayed on. He became The One Man Assault Squadron for many months, while many criticized the need for such a group - but one community of Malton's citizens certainly regretted it - the zombies. Body after body hit the floor and Valer's slaying rampage continued until others realized he could not be denied. The Assault Squadron Wiki opened, members began to join Valer, and the reputation of the Fortress group grew.

It is a fact that zombies tremble in fear at the mere mention of Valer and his Assault Squadron, who it is believed, have hunted and killed more zeds (in relation to their size) than any other Maltonian group - and this is all down to Jason Valer.

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