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Team Battlehawk

Our Team Roster

Commander: Schoony (VL)

Lieutenant Commander: Miejoe(HK)

Sergeant: Abe Brown (CM)

Vigilance Legend: ---

Vigilance Overlord: Charanya, Sac001

Havoc Lord: Stealth107

Havoc Knight: ---

Campaign Master: ---

Campaign Warrior: Dorian Shadowstone, Jack SP79

Chief Assault Officer: ---

Assault Officer: ---

Battalion Ranger: ---

Conflict Trooper: ---

Deployment Soldier: GRasputan

Engagement Squaddie: ---

Freedom Fighter: ---

General Enforcement: ---


Due to Anaconda's success in roaming operations and the rapidly increasing Fortress roster, the need for a second combat team was quickly becoming essential. In November 2005, LiquidBob was discovered to be the chosen one, the one that would create the second squad of The Fortress. Realizing his duty, he named 'team B' Battlehawk. But it wasn't until the Summer of 2006 that the Battleponies were summoned and the the whole of Malton learned to fear their thundering hooves...

The Beginning

When LiquidBob departed the Hawks after just a couple of weeks, it was left to the newly discovered Head of The Fortress, Jensonson, to pick up Battlehawk and lead his first command. Although Battlehawk was successful, it was not until the controversial appointment of Commander Swinky that the team's identity started to form. Jensonson had been hesitant to pick the popular Battlehawk as the next leader. Swinky wasn't the standard, by-the-book commander that The Fortress had come to expect. However the decision to appoint her was one of the best things to happen for The Fortress in its history. Swinky painted the Battlehawk's pink, coined them the 'Battleponies' and spurred them through original and quirky, comical operations that had never before been seen by Fortress eyes. Spawned by Swinky's enthusiasm came Legend after Legend; Shrimper, Jack Patient, Stark Senap - and they all continued the trend of good humoured, comical operations that now define this legendary battle team. Battlehawk was without doubt the greatest Fortress combat team for a breath-taking 18 months.

Team Battlehawk Roster

The BattleHawk Lifestyle

Hawks believe there is much more to Urban Dead than strict AP utilization and reporting. A member of Battlehawk injects fun and humour into daily business, often along with casual in-game roleplay, whilst simultaneously taking the task of protecting Malton very seriously. They love going on important missions and making them fun and giving it a light-hearted attitude, roleplaying in game and chatting through various methods. This combination of fun and work is what has kept Battlehawk so successful for so long.

Great Moments in History

Apr 2006 - Swinky selected as Commander - An immediate change to Battlehawk. Pink is the colour. Ponies are the theme. Operations become fun. Chatting becomes fashionable. The Golden Age of Battlehawk begins.

Jun 2007 - The Battlehawk 07 Chain Kill - One of the greatest chain kills of all time was an exhausting but exhilarating slaughter by just seven Legends.

Jan 2008 -The Battle of Giddings Mall - The Hawks do their part to hold the mall against "The Second Big Bash" for a full month.

Sept 2008 -Fortress Party 2008 - The Hawks repaired Ridleybank in preparation for the 5th of November and kept the RRF busy just in time for The Fortress Party 2008

Sept 2009 -Fortress Party 2009 - The Hawks grabbed the title of Assault Team of the year 2009

Jan 2010 -Fortress One - The Hawks recover Fortress One, all 4 Fortresses are now green for the first time.

Sept 2010 -Fortress Party 2010 - The Hawks grabbed the title of Assault Team of the year 2010

Sept-Oct 2012 -Apocalypse Soon Chain Kill - Battlehawk and Dark Watch combine to achieve the greatest chain kill in the history of The Fortress

2012 Operations

Apocalypsesoonbadge1.png Sep-Oct '12 - Operation: BH-DW Apocalypse Soon Chain Kill
- Chainkill!! - CO: Charanya
Battlehawk and Dark Watch link up to perform the most legendary chain kill The Fortress has ever seen. Almost doubling the score of the previous record, members of both teams give up their personal lives to achieve a chain kill the likes of which will probably never be seen again.

Raounzelrapunzel3130627.jpg Aug-Sep '12 - Operation: Rapunzel
- Let your hair down! - CO: Charanya
The men of Battlehawk have two Rapunzels to do dashing deeds for. Fiercely contested, the knights and sirs conduct repairs, revives, dragon removal and many other deeds for their ladies

Batmanr.png Aug '12 - Operation: Batman - Arkham City
- Holy mangoes, Batman has been kidnapped! - CO: Charanya
Professor Hugo Strange kidnaps Batman and hides him somewhere in Old and New Arkham. The Hawks have neutralize Hugo Strange , solve numerous tasks and find Batman in order rescue Batman from imprisonment. Ultimately the team is successful in their mission with no casualty in a hostile environment.

Sync2.png Jul-Aug '12 - Operation: Fortress Olympics
- Battlehawk goes for the Gold - CO: Charanya
Clapton Stadium in West Grayside is the scene as Battlehawk competes against the other Fortress teams in the Olympics. Excelling in Synchronized Swimming, Fencing, Total Carnage, Shooting and Triathlon, the Hawks finish second overall in the final standings.

Dangeroushunts.png Jul '12 - Operation: Operation: Dangerous Hunts
- Big game hunting - CO: Charanya
Battlehawk heads to Greentown, South Blythville and Lockettside to hunt grizzly bears, the biggest bears being the VIP's of the Militant Order of Barhah (MOB). A few hunters get dinged up but the team racks up a huge score and accomplishes some ABA's at the same time.

Caduceus.png Jul '12 - Operation: Operation: Caduceus
- Trauma Center, Under the Knife - CO: Charanya
The Infection in Malton has evolved and The Hawks must quickly diagnose and cure the 7 strains of GUILT (Gangliated Utrophin Immuno Latency Toxins) a group of deadly man-made parasites. Can the team do it before the parasites are out of control?

Nightlifed.jpg Jun '12 - Operation: Nightlife
- Throw a great party and score a hot date! - CO: Schoony
Battlehawk is joined by Jensonson and Ruinator as the team strives to have a great party while seeing who can become the hot date. The party directly results in two new Fortress recruits.

Codboz.jpg May '12 - Operation: Call of Duty: Black OP: Zombies
- Secure Fort Creedy - CO: Schoony
Battlehawk rolls into Fort Creedy and works with Dark Watch to secure the Fort. The teams are successful for brief periods as there is little survivor support

Pongq.jpg Apr '12 - Operation: Pong
- Chain Kill!! - CO: Schoony
Battlehawk and Cold Cell combine for a chain kill attempt. While unsuccessful due to the zombies fleeing the combined mass of the two combat teams, camaraderie is built between Battlehawk and Cold Cell

Oregontrail.jpg Mar-Apr '12 - Operation: Oregon Trail
- Moving! - CO: Schoony
Battlehawk moves across town, stopping for side missions at 6 points along the way, including much killing, healing, singing, and artistic flair!

Counterstrike op.png Mar '12 - Operation: Counterstrike
- The Dead have taken one of our own! Get him out before he dies! - CO: Schoony
Battlehawk rescues a team member who has been taken and held captive in a RESOURCE building in Dunell Hills and BEGINNING with a zombie inside the building with him. Scouts scoured over 80% of the suburb before finding him. He is bound and gagged (immobile) until the team finds him and extracts him, without letting him EVER step outside. Extraction moves at 1 square per hour! Result: Hostage was reduced to 2 HP, but was immediately healed and extracted safely across 15 squares to the extraction point.

Herbies.gif Feb/Mar '12 - Operation: Herbies
- Again! Again! Again! - CO: Schoony
Battlehawk sets up on the line for a challenging repair mission in Dunell Hills. Coach being a jerk for assigning it? Hit him with your hockey stick, if you aren't too tired going back and forth!

2011 Operations

Century club.png Dec '11 - Feb '12 (with Fortress party interludes) - Operation: Century Club
- 100 Suburbs. 100 Kills. Century Club! - CO: Schoony
Battlehawk systematically exterminates zombies in every single suburb of Malton.

Sendoff.png Dec '11 - Operation: Send Off
- Battlehawk transfers one of its members to Fortress Defense in style. - CO: Schoony
One of our Defense units needed help. Not only did Battlehawk charge in to help, but we left one member to stay there.

Scatter.png Nov/Dec'11 - Operation: Scatter
- Here, kityy kitty. - CO: Schoony
Not wanting to scatter before making sure everyone is dressed fashionably, Battlehawk gets new clothes in Stanbury Village before spreading out to scout Malton.

Chenobyl.png Nov '11 - Operation: Chernobyl
- Krinks Power Station needs help. - CO: Schoony
Following a melt down at Krinks Power, Anaconda and Dark Watch join Battlehawk to recover the area and provide medical attention as the radiation spreads.

Oktoberfest.png Oct '11 - Operation: Oktoberfest 2011
- Party for Halloween? not soon enough! Drinking starts early! - CO: Charanya
Battlehawk goes to Dunell Hills to bar hop! Working their way through the suburb on a serious (and dangerous) pub crawl.

End of Historic Ops Series!!!

Malton2005.png Sept/Oct '11 - Operation: Malton 2005
- Closing out the Historic Ops series with the rise of the zombie scourge in 2005. - CO: Charanya
For Malton, the single greatest event in history is relived and taken on in force!

Y2k.png Aug/Sept '11 - Operation: Y2K
- Battlehawk cures the Millenium Bug. - CO: Charanya
Gigantic bunch of hooey? I think not!!!

WoodstockBadge.jpg Aug '11 - Operation: Woodstock
- Spreading the love around by healing and reviving in Shackleville. - CO: Schoony
Recapturing the feel of the largest counterculture event ever staged

OverlordBadge.jpg Jul/Aug '11 - Operation: Overlord
- Can various teams capture and hold beachheads in hostile territory? - CO: Schoony
Invasion of Western Europe during World War II by Allied forces

WW1.png Jun/Jul '11 - Operation: Gallipoli
- Capture and hold Blackmore NT building in the middle of hostile Ridleybank - CO: Schoony
The Battle of Chunuk Bair was a World War I battle fought between the Ottoman defenders and troops of New Zealand, Australia, and Britain on Gallipoli peninsula in August 1915. The capture of Chunuk Bair by the Allies was only temporary, the position proved untenable.

Ponytime.jpg May/Jun '11 - Operation: Save Our City/Pony Time
- Pony Time was Battlehawk reporting of Save Our City operations - CO: Schoony
Fortress and Allied Operations against the return of The Dead

SouthPoleBadge.jpg April/May '11 - Operation: South Pole
- Battlehawk tries to cross the South Pole just as The Dead return - CO: Schoony
Just as Ernest Shackleton and his crew journeyed to the other side of the world and back, governor Jensonson has chosen to fund Captain Schoony’s trek across the Antarctic continent.

Breaker Morant.jpg April '11 - Operation: Breaker Morant
- Battlehawk changes events from the Boer War - CO: Schoony
Three Australian officers are accused of war crimes for the deaths of several Boer prisoners and a priest. Battlehawk attempts to prevent the execution of Breaker Morant, Handcock, and Witton by scouting them out in the ruins and escorting them to safety.

Civil War Badge.jpg March/April '11 - Operation: Civil War
- Can the team survive the divided loyalties? - CO: Schoony
A team divided shores up NINE suburbs while they build their side's ability to make war. A tight struggle results in the team being held together.

Pasteurise.png January/February '11 - Operation: Pasteurise
- Battlehawk fights the undead plague through preventative means. - CO: Schoony
Today, an infection is slowly tearing Malton apart. Zombies spread the infection by biting survivors. Survivors slowly bleed to death, rising after death as zombies. This is prevented by treatment of the infection with a simple first aid kit. For those who have already fallen to the vile disease, we have the latest and greatest technology available to us, the necrotech needle. This will completely cure their ailment, enabling them to join us once again. It does not completely cure the infection, so often additional treatment is required.

TheAlamoBadge.jpg January '11 - Operation: Alamo
- Battlehawk holds the Usher NT Building to the death! - CO: Schoony
With a zed army marching on a key strategic position in Heytown, Battlehawk moved to offer as much resistance as possible. Badly outnumbered, the team held the NT, with local allies and the Fortress Allied Response Team. The defenders held the building until the last man, even after the overwhelming zed invasion made victory impossible.

2010 Operations

EvsRBadge.png December '10 - Operation: Elves versus Reindeer
- 2010 Fortress Christmas Party. - CO: Schoony
Battlehawk and Dark Watch (Elves) joined together to face off against Anaconda and Cold Cell (Reindeer). Distinguished Defenders and Veterans chose their sides. With each side responsible for one half of each suburb tackled, the teams competed for points. Battlehawk represented with their usual flair as they helped the Elves to victory.

ColonialismBadge-2.jpg December '10 - Operation: Colonialism
- Battlehawk enters the Ohio Valley in the French/Indian War. - CO: Schoony
Repelling a French invasion of the Ohio Valley, Battlehawk moved across Buttonville, Wyke Hills, and Hollomstown with the goal of preserving control of the valley for settlement.

Stop-time.png November/December '10 - Operation: Stop Time
- Battlehawk puts a halt on the historic series to fill a role in a Fortress ally response team. - CO: Schoony
The team moved into Lockettside, secured the mall and local buildings to help rejuvenate a devastated area.

BuccaneerBadge.jpg November '10 - Operation: Buccaneer
- Yo, Ho and a bottle of rum! - CO: Schoony
Battlehawk swashbucklers torment the Spanish holdings of in Havercroft, accumulating gold and jewels while enjoying themselves in local watering holes. Of course, the Spanish were too busy pillaging to maintain their town, so the Hawks worked on securing good drinking establishments.

MonstermashB.png October/November '10 - Operation: Monster Mash
- Battlehawk joins in the Halloween Fortress fun! - CO: Schoony
The team joins a Fortress-wide operation centered in Kempsterbank as they go trick-or-treating and visiting haunted houses.

Shogun.png September/October '10 - Operation: Shogun
- The feudal lords of Battlehawk swept down from Dakerstown to Dunell Hills - CO: Schoony
Vying for control of lands and population, Battlehawks squabbled amongst themselves to establish their own dynasty. With the help of several Fortress allies, the lords of Battlehawk recited haiku as they brought down the zombies across four suburbs.

New-world.gif September '10 - Operation: New World
- Battlehawk pioneers set out to discover a new world. - CO: Schoony
Venturing into a very uncivilized Shearbank, Hawks had the choice to establish trade, seek religious freedom, or conquer and seek riches. Which path would you take?

Freedom.png August/September '10 - Operation: Freedom
- Invade? That's impossible. NOT IMPOSSIBLE! - CO: Schoony
The Hawks invade lower Malton, establishing their supply lines all the way from Mitchem Mall, creating and maintaining a full free running lane from there to the northern walls of the fort, capping it off by retaking the fort itself..

Medieval.png August '10 - Operation: Medieval
- Ye Hawks represent the Medieval Age - CO: Schoony
The Princes and Princesses of Battlehawk compete in a mighty tournament of knights through Shackleville and Tollyton, while maintaining the height of chivalry and Ye Olde Grammar. The culmination of the event was the winner being knighted by Jensonson himself at St. Johns Cathedral in Vinetown.

OPJudge.png July '10 - Operation: Judge Crusades
- Battlehawk joins the Fortress-wide Operation to take on the Judges - CO: Schoony
Battlehawk fought hard to tag and repair Owsleybank while contemplating and solving the puzzles left behind for them.

Gladiator4.png June/July '10 - Operation: Gladiator
- Battlehawk wields their knives - CO: Schoony
Using nothing but knives, several Battlehawk gladiators stood toe to toe with the zombies and brought down zeds using nothing but the edge of their blade. The Operation was temporarily suspended during the Fortress Operations, but briefly resumed to allow the gladiators to finish their work.

Veni-Vidi-Vici.png May/June '10 - Operation: Veni, Vidi, Vici
- Battlehawk begins its Historic Ops series - CO: Schoony
Battlehawk begins on the north side of Ridleybank as the "Romans" while Dark Watch began on the South as the "Carthaginians". Battlehawk fought hard and maintained a well connected territory, with free running lanes all across their lands.

It is at this point that the Hawks begin a series of operations where nearly every team member has provided a basic Operation plan. Battlehawk strongly encourage players to participate in the process if they are so inclined. The process was interrupted from time to time by holidays and special events, but the response from the members was so overwhelming that it would take some time to complete the Ops.

Compassion.jpg May '10 - Operation: Compassion
- Battlehawk focuses on healing - CO: Schoony
Battlehawk is not comprised of a bloodthirsty mob. Battlehawk can heal as well as they can kill. Remaining around Fort Perryn, they revived over 40 survivors to continue the fight and healed survivors for over 1000 HP.

Bulldozer badge.png May '10 - Operation: Bulldozer
- Battlehawk flies into a murderous rage - CO: Schoony
Bulldozer lasted for 15 hours…no more…no less. In that time, Battlehawk members left over 30 zombies in the gutters around Fort Perryn.

Chimerabadge.png Apr/May '10 - Operation: Chimera
- Battlehawk joins the Fortress to defend Fort Perryn - CO: Fortress
The team participated in a Fortress-wide assault on the horde outside Fort Perryn, dropping zombies left and right, Battlehawk helped crush the horde outside the Gatehouse to nothing over the course of a week. Numerous Battlehawks distinguished themselves in the fight.

PoeticaVivet.jpg Apr '10 - Operation: Poetica Vivet
- We enlighten the zombies with both guns and poetry – Acting CO: Schoony
Reciting poetry as they gun down zombies, Battlehawk accumulates an impressive body count as they delivered poems from Wilfred Owen and Alfred Lord Tennyson.

AxFace.png Apr '10 - Operation: Bring Your Face to My Axe
- Who needs ammo? We have axes! – Acting CO: Schoony
Battlehawk jumps in front of the M.O.B. horde and follows Gimli’s example by using nothing but axes to torment the zombie horde.

OMGitsqueen.jpg Mar '10 - Operation: OMG, It’s Queen!
- Battlehawk prepares mfor a Queen concert - CO: Zombiedodger, Schoony
In their infinite optimism, Battlehawk heard that if they could secure Dowdney Mall, then Queen would arrive to give a concert. The team secured the mall and surrounding buildings, but Queen decided that airlifting themselves into a zombie infested city was not a good career move. Battlehawk therefore sang for them, singing numerous Queen songs in the mall for the survivors there.

MakeLikeaNINJA.jpg Feb/Mar '10 - Operation: Make Like a Ninja
- Dunell Hills has been a ghost town for too long - CO: Zombiedodger
The team charges into yet another ghost town, this time striking from the shadows and evading the zombie attempts to find them. The heavily ruined suburb was restored as Battlehawk and their allies in the DHPD assaulted the suburb. The shadows were lifted as the team charged into the center of the burb after securing the perimeter.

Topoftheworldma.jpg Jan/Feb '10 - Operation: Top of the World, Ma!
- Battlehawk takes on the zombies in Dulston - CO: Zombiedodger
Battlehawk geared up to assault the embattled suburb of Dulston, making friends with some new allies and defending survivors where they could.

Back-to-our-roots.png Jan '10 - Operation: Back to Our Roots
- Battlehawk joins with allies to recover Fortress One in an efficient routing of a persistent zombie threat. The team starts the year in a blaze of glory - CO: Zombiedodger
For months, Fortress 1 was mired in the clutches of the zombie nemesis. Battlehawk corrected this problem, and in so doing created a historical moment for the Fortress by turning ALL FOUR fortress burbs into green zones. Fort Perryn was recovered, songs were sung, Jensonson was left to scrub the pink off the walls as he holds down the Fort.

December 09 to Jan 2010 - Operation: 'Tis the Season
- Battlehawk takes part in a Fortress wide Operation culminating in long awaited recovery of Blesley Mall from the hands of Clubbed to Death- CO: Zombiedodger, Lucy Daniels, Ziptrickhead, theYeas

2009 Operations

Barrville.png December 09 - Operation: Barrville Brouhaha
- Cleaning up Barrville in time for Christmas- CO: Zombiedodger & Puppiemaster
Overview: The Hawks are so badass that they kill time between their Ops and the Fortress parties by charging into red zones and recovering the area by weeks end, then working on maintaining it against the RRF for another week. Scouts ran in early and detailed the layout of Ridleybank and Barrville. The team then swept through the burb with a two pronged assault. The battle raged when the zeds moved in to retake the town until the Hawks needed to leave for the party.

Rookies-VS-Vets.png October/November 09 - Operation: Veterans vs Rookies
- Old school Hawks vs the young upstarts!- CO: Puppiemaster
Overview: The most experienced and highly ranked Battlehawks and Fortress Elite met their match in the up and coming Battlehawk rookies. Shackleville was secured so fast that the teams temporarily resorted to singing and dancing before the zombies figured out that their ghost town was suddenly a survivor safe haven and moved in for the battle. The finely tuned skills of the veterans and the raw energy of the rookies kept the zeds at bay and Shackleville remains in Fortress hands to this day.

Running man.jpg Sept. 09 - Operation: Running Man
- A race to find The Running Man around central Malton- CO: Zombiedodger and Puppiemaster

Beerfest.jpg August 09 - Operation: Beerfest
- Drinking heavily whilst fighting zombies - a GREAT combination- CO: Kathryn Nozed

Opzoo.gif August 09 - Operation: Let's go to the Zoo
- Helping our friends the Malton Zookeepers in Ketchelbank- CO: Kathryn Nozed & Zombiedodger

Saints Sinners-1.jpg July 09 - Operation: Saints and Sinners
- Preaching the good word at St.Lukes Cathedral and rescuing some lost souls- CO: Kathryn Nozed & Puppiemaster

Opmallrats.gif July 09 - Operation: Mall Rats
- They're not here to shop. They're not here to work. They're here to kill zeds. Blesley Mall- CO: Kathryn Nozed

OPKickingmoreass.jpg June 09 - Operation: Kicking More Ass
- Kickin zed ass in Tollyton- CO: Kathryn Nozed

Aliens.gif June 09 - Operation: Outer Limits
- Strange things happen on the outskirts... Recovering Dulston in the far north-east - CO: Kathryn Nozed

Redecorationbadge.gif May 09 - Operation: Redecoration
- Recapturing Fortress 1 - then making it pink! - CO: Kathryn Nozed

Janitorjamboree.gif April 09 - Operation: Janitor Jamboree
- Cleaning up after the RRF - CO: Steve the Decimator

Stylebyshore.jpg March 09 - Operation: Style by the Shore
- A well deserved vacation in Shore Hills - CO: Templarivs

Stampedebattleponybadge.jpg March 09 - Operation: Stampede of the Battleponies
- Team race to Shackleville - CO: Templarivs

Operationwildwestg.gif Feb 09 - Operation: Wild West
-Chasing zeds on horseback through Brookesville, North Blythville and Mornington - CO: Templarivs

2008 Operations

Summerlovin.png Jul 08 - Operation: Summer Lovin
-Recover Hildebrand Mall - CO: Brigadier Tommy Crowbar

Marven.png Jul 08 -Operation: Starvin' Marven
-Joint Op with Anaconda to defend Marven Mall against the MoB - CO:Miss Elainious & Tommy Crowbar

Picnicbasket.png July 08 - Operation: Picnic Basket
– “Anaconda and Battlehawk brought a basket of goodies to the NW and rescued Caiger." COs: Miss Elainious & Tommy Crowbar

Eaglesnest.gif Jun 08 - Operation: Eagles Nest
-Joint Op with Anaconda to reclaim Bale Mall and securing the Pitman Mansion - CO:Brigadier Tommy Crowbar

Operation-AllyourBase.gifJune 08 - Operation: All Your Base
-Reclaiming Fort Creedy from undead hands. - CO: Clint Clintstone (first) Brigadier Tommy Crowbar (later)

Overview: The Battlehawks swept into the Nichols Mall area and keep it safe from the RRF. This operation was meant to be enjoyable and thus had many fun challenges to do on the side, such as a fashion show with kilts, along with a sporting goods award for killing zombies with sporting equipment.

Vacation.pngMay 08 - Operation: Vacation
- Holding Nichols Mall against the RRF- CO: Clint Clintstone
Overview: The Battlehawks swept into the Nichols Mall area and keep it safe from the RRF. This operation was meant to be enjoyable and thus had many fun challenges to do on the side, such as a fashion show with kilts, along with a sporting goods award for killing zombies with sporting equipment.

Operation- North Face.jpgApril 08 - Operation: Northface
- It sure is cold up north - CO: Clint Clintstone
Overview: In this dangerous world of organized hordes Malton has had a pole reversal. The formerly safe Northeast had become a very, very dangerous place and the formerly not so safe southwest was one of survivor's last refuges. They headed into the ruins to try to re-claim some of that forgotten safety the northeast once knew.

Operation-RoyalRumble.JPG Feb 08 - Operation:
Royal Rumble
-Holding back the RRF - CO: JavaElemental
Overview: The first goal was to retake and secure the Went NT. The second goal, to assist the natives in getting back on their feet and retaking their mall.

Unfortunately, despite her best efforts at organization and management of spare time, JavaElemental just could not devote the time and attention to the Hawks that this excellent team so richly deserves, and so she stepped down when this Op was over.

Operation-rightstuff.JPG Jan 08 - Operation:
The Right Stuff
- The Glorious Battle of Giddings Mall -CO: JavaElemental (Clint Clintstone acting)
Overview: Went head on, once again, with the full force of the BigBash. This mission started out as a siege battle and ended up turning into a clean-up mission. First, they attempted to hold Morrish NT and Giddings Mall. After that the focus was on on cleaning up Fort Creedy and the rest of the suburb.

Primary Objectives: Hold Morrish NT Hold Giddings Mall Help Clear Revive Queue

Secondary Objectives: Re-capture Fort Creedy Stabilize Suburb

Optional Objectives: Re-capture Morrish NT Re-capture Giddings Mall


"..Total Pwnage only the Battle Ponies could dish out..."- Virgil Lance

"I love 'My Little Pwnies'" -Doran Breen

"Awesome! I wanna be the " Death Pony " ! Wohooooooo!!!!"-Fiery Cross

"...What a group of handsome devils! "-Kathryn Nozed

"I don't like bologna. It is too mushy. Meat should not be mushy" -Former Commander Swinky

"They always select the weirdest guys to command the Battleponies" -Commander Templarivs

"The Hawks are the funniest singing combat team in Malton. We rock, we roll, we croon, we kill." -Zuton

"There is no family like a Hawk family. Those who fly together, fight together." -Jay Gorman

"Never try to eat Zombiedodgers sausage, even if it is smeared in BBQ sauce." -Former LT Puppiemaster

Leadership History

CURRENT LEADER: Commander DoXBr - 30 March 2013 - present

  • Commander LiquidBob: 23 Nov 2005 - 15 Dec 2005 (23 days)

Founder of the Battle Hawks. Even though only commander for a short time, he opened the door to changes that helped formed the team's identity.

  • Commander Jensonson: 26 Dec 2005 - 22 Feb 2006 (59 days)

His first time commanding, he was a by-the-books leader that brought the 'Hawks success.

  • Commander Belakor: 22 Feb 2006 - 24 Apr 2006 (64 days)

First Fortress Journeyman and long-time Commander of Team Battlehawk. Ex-Shadow Tracker, forum administrator and council member. Was honorably discharged after being diagnosed with dementia.

  • Commander Swinky: 24 Apr 2006 - 20 Sep 2006 (149 days)

Formed the identity of Battlehawk as Commander and changed the way Fortress operations were run forever.

  • Commander Shrimper: 22 Sep 2006 - 8 Jan 2007 (108 days)

Opinionated, intelligent and hysterical. Not many members can be defined in that way, but Shrimper is unique. Superb Elite member of Battlehawk before excelling as Commander of his team. Popular Councilor, Commander and friend.

  • Commander Jack Patient: 8 Jan 2007 - 31 Jan 2007 (23 days)

Highly intelligent and respected Veteran, Elite and Commander of Team Battlehawk. Sets the target for forum reporting and becoming more influential to the group by the day. Essential Council Member and reporter for the Hawks. In February 2008, sensationally became the second Fortress Four Commander

  • Commander Vinnienfg: 3 Feb 2007 - 19 Apr 2007 (75 days)

Was a Veteran Assault Officer and master reporter, who rose up the ranks to become Commander of the Hawks. Was MIA then miraculously reappeared in April 08.

  • Commander Jack Patient: 19 Apr 2007 - 18 Jul 2007 (90 days)
  • Commander Stark Senap: 18 Jul 2007 - 22 Nov 2007 (127 days)

Stark Senap worked hard and rose rapidly through the ranks, becoming Lieutenant, Acting Commander and finally full CO of his beloved Team Battlehawk in summer 07. An engaging, fun-loving and whimsical character, he easily won Ocean's 99 and 100, and is still the highest ranking Head Hunter to this day. Already a Moderator, he was voted into the Fortress Council in October 2007, and was eventually elevated to Administrator status by the Head himself. After cracking the Pitman Enigma, and having helped to lead Team Battlehawk to its second straight "Best Combat Team" award at FP07

  • Commander JavaElemental: 22 Nov 2007 - 10 Mar 2008 (109 days)

Joined as an excellent soldier with great tactical knowledge, and rose to serve as Commander of Team Battlehawk. Along the way her reports enriched our lives with witty, engaging RP, and elevated this simple browser based game to a level of (slightly crass) sophistication capable of rejuvenating the most weary and jaded players. Designed the Fortress T-Shirts! Awarded Fortress Finest at FP7. Fortress Councilor from October 2007 till her retirement. Hates: "Zombie attacks first thing in the morning."

  • Commander Clint Clintstone: 10 Mar 2008 - 28 August 2008 (170 days)

He had a stricter set of expectations than many previous Hawk Commanders but continued the trend of making operations fun and organised. An ambitious and active leader with strong plans and ambitions to improve the team, his leadership brought a bit more seriousness to the squad.

  • Commander Templarivs: 05 Sept 2008 - 27 Mar 2009 (235 days)

A beloved part of Team Battlehawk who was an expert at gathering tactical information from a variety of sources. A very friendly person that is fun to talk with.Battlehawk was incredibly saddened by his departure from CO due to real life issues, but he remains an essential part of the team and everyone really enjoys working with him.

  • Commander Kathryn Nozed: 08 Apr 2009 - 1 Sep '09 (147 Days)

Kathryn was one of the best officers the Fortress ever had, and was an essential part to Team Battlehawk. Team BattleHawk became Dance Party RTS! central, with pink everywhere and a sense of fun in everything they did, Kathryn left the Battlehawks to set up her own group. She is sorely missed, but not forgotten.

  • Commander Zombiedodger - 14 Sep '09 - 30 Apr 2010 (228 days)

Zombiedodger was a very experienced and capable Fortress Officer, with a laid back style of leadership that encourages everyone to be the best that they can be. Never one to let the Battlehawks rest on their laurels, he puts together Operations that are both fun and yet very dangerous, Extreme Vigilance is now the order of the day during a BattleHawk Operation.

  • Commander Schoony - 30 Apr 2010 - 21 Aug 2011 (478 days)

Schoony was the longest serving Commander in Battlehawk history. Schoony does everything with a song in his heart. Put together and executed an unprecedented historical op series that simulated major battles and turning points throughout history. Won Commander of the Year and led Battlehawk to capture Team of the Year in popular vote FAFTAs at FP'10.

  • Commander Charanya - 21 Aug 2011 - 20 Oct 2011 (60 days)

Charanya put the pink back into the ponies through what can only be described as a meteoric rise in Battlehawk. A true leader by example, Charanya inspired the respect of her team through her outstanding gameplay, creativity, and commitment to the team.

  • Commander Schoony - 27 Oct 2011 - 28 Jun 2012 (245 days)

Schoony, already the longest serving Commander in Battlehawk history, returns for a second tour. He continues to lead Battlehawk in historic manner with unique operations that send the ponies across Malton into every single suburb and into dangerous suburbs with difficult extractions.

  • Commander Charanya - 29 Jun '12 - 29 Mar '13 (274 Days)

Charanya returned to command and brought with her an exciting, pink, team based mentality that permeated through the team and breathed new life into the Battlehawks.  In addition to innovative Operations influenced by her love for music, she shepherded a new class of not only, Battlehawk, but Fortress-wide leaders who continue to shape the future of the group today.


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