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Cold Cell
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Cold Cell


Cold Cell is known for being the most daring, efficient and rambunctious of The Fortress squads, engaging in fast-paced combat, dangerous rescue ops and having off-the-charts camaraderie.

Cold Cell is probably the team that does the most reporting. Our mission reports are much longer than any other team. We usually seem to chat the most as well.

We focus on an mixed approach between combat, healing and recovery. We are currently lead by old-timer, ht1237 and supported by LT, Miljazzerson and SGT, Kevin Turvey - another old geezer.

Cold Cell is famous - Malton wide - for diving deep into zombie controlled areas... and pretty much kicking ass.


Life here... began out there... with a single Cell. Hitched a ride on an asteroid bound for the desolate planet we call Earth. After slamming into the hard surface in a rock on rock explosion, the first Cellian was born and found it was not alone. Twisted shapes lurched nearby in search of food. Still jet-lagged from the trip, the lone Cellian slipped under a rock and observed the lurching creatures as they dragged themselves past.

"This is not exactly a friendly place, is it?" the Cellian thought to itself. "I'm going to need help."

With that, it drifted asleep only to be awoken by several large explosions similar to that which bore it. It slid to peek over the rock that was its' sanctuary. Keen perception spotted others of its' kind emerging from the rubble.

Rested, it called them to a hiding place to rest while it kept watch. As it scanned the horizon for the lurching creatures, it realized two things: it was now part of an organism strong, born of fire, and now cooled; and most important, this ... was home.

Current Structure of Cold Cell

  • Commander: ht1237
  • Lieutenant: Miljazzerson
  • Sergeant: Kevin Turvey
  • Vigilance Legend: ht1237
  • Vigilance Overlord: Kevin Turvey, Max Dusseldorf
  • Havoc Lord: ---
  • Havoc Knight: Miljazzerson
  • Campaign Master: ---
  • Campaign Warrior: Barbara Wright, CC7701, Fredrick Swishmiggle
  • Chief Assault Officer: HerrBob
  • Assault Officer: ---
  • Battalion Ranger: PeAcHeS3, Seth Reddell
  • Conflict Trooper: Arnold Klein
  • Deployment Soldier: ---
  • Engagement Squaddie: ---
  • Freedom Fighter: ---
  • General Enforcement: ---

News and Achievements


  • December 2011 - Operation: Return to Ridleybank - CO: ht1237

Cold Cell moved back into Ridleybank to graffiti the place up a bit and taunt some zombies. We lost the Western Safehouse at one point, but remained vigilant and casualties were at a minimum.


  • November 2011 - December 2011 - Operation: Pub Crawl - CO: ht1237

Pack up your gear and get ready to head out into the darkness. We're going to target various Pubs around Malton and we're gonna party come Hell or high water!


  • October 31st, 2011 - Fortress Halloween Party 2011 - CO: ht1237

Fortress Party Guests will quietly pile into Eckersley Cinema [8, 33] in Dunell Hills - The home of The Dead - at no earlier than Monday 31st October, Midnight (GMT). We stayed DWOR the entire time, even as the zed numbers rose into the 20's.


  • October 2011 - Operation: Smashing the Dead - CO: ht1237

Allied Operation to recovery Dunell Hills, finishing off with the Fortress Halloween Party, 2011.


  • September 2011 - October 2011 - Operation: M*A*S*H* - CO: ht1237

Cold Cell forms a Mobile Army Surgical Hospital and travels to hot zones to provide relief. 1st healing competition ran, temporarily deemed the "Hawkeye Competition".


  • September 2011 - Fortress Party 2011 - CO: ht1237

The Battle at Perryn's Drift.


  • September 2011 - Operation: Lady Bug - CO: ht1237

The Cell heads to recover Blesley Mall in Gulsonside in preparation for Fortress Party 2011.


  • September 2011 - Operation: Bruce goes to Ridleybank - CO: theYeas

Cold Cell holds its 2011 Bruce Campbell Top Gun competition. Led by ht1237.

Mallpinball s.png

  • July - August 2011 - Cold Cell Mall Relapse! (Mall Pinball) - CO: theYeas

Cold Cell goes into mall relapse and we love it! We head over to Nichols/Hildebrand Mall to help out. Led by ht1237.


  • July 2011 - Operation: Lerwill Heights/Reganbank - CO: theYeas

After ending the pirate operation, Cold Cell goes to recover Lerwill Heights, then Reganbank. Led by ht1237.


  • July 2011 - Operation: Jensonson's Gold - CO: theYeas

Cold Cell goes around the Malton from decades ago, searching for Jensonson's legendary treasure. Led by ht1237.


  • June 2011 - Operation: South Blythville - CO: theYeas

Now that Save Our City! is over, Cold Cell regroups and repairs at South Blythville. Led by Miljazzerson.


  • May - June 2011 - Save Our City! (Fortress United II) - CO: theYeas

The Fortress unites to fight back against The Dead 2.0.


  • April - May 2011 - Operation: Repairing Rolt Heights - CO: theYeas

With F.E.A.R. running into trouble at Rolt Heights, Cold Cell goes to assist.


  • April 2011 - Operation: Chainkill The Dead - CO: theYeas

Joint Operation with Dark Watch. We're Chainkilling The Dead at Caiger Mall!


  • February - March 2011 - Operation Break: Mall Siege 101 - CO: theYeas

Things are escalating outside Ackland Mall and in preparation for a Mall Siege Cold Cell will be going to help FEAR and our allies build up some resistance!


  • February - March 2011 - Operation: HOFF - CO: theYeas

With Max Dusseldorf's receiving of "The Frozen", Cold Cell has a celebration party, honoring the stages of the HOFF. Led by Kevin Turvey.


  • January - February 2011 - Operation: Batters Up! - CO: theYeas

A batting themed operation centered on reporting technique.


  • November - December 2010 - Operation: Under Siege - CO: theYeas

With Stanbury Village in a rough shape, Cold Cell came over and sat on the zombies for quite some time. Led by ht1237 and Kevin Turvey.


  • November 2010 - Cold Cell's Bonfire Party - CO: theYeas

Even zombies are no reason to forget Bonfire Night, celebrated all over Great Britain. The city of Malton is no exception - we even have our own supply of fireworks! Led by ORakoon.


  • October - November 2010 - Operation: Wray Heights Relief - CO: theYeas

Cold Cell moved into Wray Heights to relieve pressure on Fortress Four and Woodroffe Mall.


  • October 2010 - Operation: Cold Cell Cleanup: Caiger Mall Ediditon - CO: theYeas

Cold Cell returned to mall repair after more than a year since their mall tour.


  • October 2010 - Operation: Cold Cell Cleanup Competition - CO: theYeas

Cold Cell ran its King of Cades competition. Kevin Turvey took the prize!


  • September - October 2010 - Operation: Cold Cell Cleanup - CO: theYeas

Getting back into the swing of things Cold Cell returns to Roywood to fix up the suburb.


  • September 2010 - Operation: Re-Awakening Part II - CO: theYeas

Bruce Campbell massacre operation. ht1237 wins!


  • August - September 2010 - Operation: Re-Awakening Part I - CO: theYeas

Recover Mockridge Heights - Matrix Style!


  • June - August 2010 - Top Secret - CO: theYeas

A series of Operations that will remain confidential to The Fortress personnel.


  • May - June 2010 - Operation: Cold Cell Conundrum - CO: theYeas

A follow-the-NPC mystery tour around Malton designed and led by Kevin Turvey.


  • April - May 2010 - Operation: Enemy at the Gates - CO: theYeas

Cold Cell teams up with Anaconda for a siege at Fortress One.


  • March - April 2010 - Operation: Cold Hell - CO: theYeas

Starting out as a chance to net a couple ABAs, Cold Hell switched into recovering all of the suburbs around F1.


  • March 2010 - Operation: Power(it) Up! - CO: theYeas

Fixing up the Blythvilles and finally tackling Marven Mall.


  • February - March 2010 - Operation: Showdown - CO: theYeas

Competition of repairs followed by the ever famous Bruce Campbell Competition in Peddlesden Village.


  • February 2010 - Operation: Gown and Slippers - CO: theYeas

A three part operation, recovery of Dulston and Pescocide Suburbs, then another Cold Style Competition. Led by Kevin Turvey.


  • January - February 2010 - Operation: Back to the Basics - CO: theYeas

With the team looking forward to some general recovery, Cold Cell moved to Galbraith Hills and quickly recovered it.


  • November - December 2009 - Operation: Who's Hungry? - CO: theYeas

Cold Cell moved into Whittenside in search of some kABAbs!


  • October 3 - November 2009 - Operation: Mystery Madness - CO: theYeas

theYeas disappeared! Where did he go? Cold Cell went off and found him, hosting a party for all to partake in, celebrating Cold Cell's history.


  • August 21 - September 12 2009 - Operation: Bringing the Glory Back to Roywood - CO: theYeas

Cold Cell moved up into the ghost-town Roywood and repaired the entire suburb. Many 70AP repairs, though the entire repair job went so quickly the Cell spilled down into Peddlesden Village and repaired the Northern half of it.


  • July 24 - August 21 2009 - Operation: Summer Fun - CO: theYeas

Cold Cell moved down to Kempsterbank and fought off the RRF's attempt at teaching!


  • July 11 - July 24 2009 - Crashing Barr(ah)ville - CO: theYeas

Moving into Barrville Cold Cell focused on repelling the zombified forces and making some repairs to the suburb.


  • June 19 - July 11 2009 - F1 HERE WE COME - CO: theYeas

Working together with Dark Watch and F1 Defense reclaiming Fortress One (and the surrounding area) and holding it against a provoked hoard over the course of a week or two.


  • September 2 2008 - May 26 2009 - Cold Cell - Mall Tour Campaign - CO: Amano Jaku

Tour of the Malls of Malton visiting parts of Malton less frequented by the presence of the Fortress, involving individual missions at each Mall dependant on their status


  • August 25 - September 2 2008 - Operation: Reclaiming Ridleybank - CO: Ruinator

Claiming back the Ridley Resistance Front (RRF) home turf to survivor hands


  • August 8 - August 15 2008 - Mission Madagascar - Acting CO: Amano Jaku

Help the Malton Zoo Keeper’s clear the zeds from the animal enclosures, round up the animals and make sure the lions and bears are feed on the decaying corpses of the zombies and secured safe back in their enclosures.


  • July 22 - August 9 2008 - Operation: Shear Mayhem - Acting CO: Amano Jaku

description pending


  • June 16 - July 22 2008 - Operation: ABAttoir - CO: SubforM

description pending


  • May 18 - June 16 2008 - Operation: FIRESTORM - CO: SubforM

As soon as the previous mission was complete, a distress call was sent to the Cell - support was needed to recover Fort Perryn. Cold Cell fought their way from Blesley Mall through the highly infested Pennville where they joined forces with Anaconda and Dark Watch of the Fortress. This titan combination worked with the FPDF, BMC, CBC and other survivor groups to take the Fort back. It took meticulous planning to raise the fallen from revive points and maintain key resource buildings - but soon checkmate was at hand. The GO SIGNAL was issued and within 30 minutes the entire structure was cleared of the dead. Cold Cell was critical in holding the fort for over 7 days against a horde of 100+, after which it was deemed safe to move on... to an epic battle involving the entire Fortress...


  • April 16 - May 17 2008 - Operation: D.O.A. (Dead on Arrival) - CO: SubforM

After the unification of the Fortress combat teams, there were two options - wait for The Dead to arrive and face certain death or depart to a safer suburb. Cold Cell chose to stay - you must know your enemy if you are to defeat them. For 30 days and 30 nights, Cold Cell survived in ruined buildings, worked with little or no supplies, ran river tactics around the massive horde and evolved further into the most finely tuned combat team in Malton. Whilst Stanbury Village was restored in the face of extreme adversity, Cold Cell also ran two sub missions where the Fortress 4 base was returned to working order and support was laid down to our new allies - the Knights Templar - their HQ, surrounding area and Pole Mall were fully restored.

4tressOp fin2.gif

  • March 12 - April 15 2008 - Operation: 4tress United - CO: SubforM

The 5 battle teams of The Fortress united for an operation lasting 35 days. Engaging allies The Fortress moved through moved through 12 suburbs and was instrumental in 9 mall recoveries. On average the united teams recovered a suburb every 3 days, and Cold Cell historically killed 97 zeds during the mission.


  • March 7th 08 - My Life with the Chain Kill Kult - Acting CO: Ruinator

The aim of a Chain Kill is to keep the chain going for as long as possible, with at least one recorded kill per hour. Ruinator won an XP gain competition and was granted permission to run this mission. To date, the greatest Chain Kill acheived by a single Combat Squad was Team Battlehawk's assault on the Brennand Building, a NecroTech facility in Shore Hills. The chain lasted over 20 hours and was only brought to a halt when the 7-man team had slain all 25 attacking zombies. Needless to say, it set one hell of an example. My Life with the Chain Kill Kult was Team Cold Cell's attempt to surpass the Battlehawks' stellar performance in Shore Hills.


  • March 08 - Operation: FU Fighters - Taking the fight back to the Feral Undead - CO: SubforM

This mission saw Cold Cell chase down the FU after the victory of Operation Evil Dead - they were quick to recover the damage caused by the FU at Joachim and Lumber Malls. During this operation the Horde Slaughterer ABA was activated and since so many of their numbers were decimated on a daily basis, the FU had no choice but to break off their attack and disperse. Another total victory for the Cell.


  • Oct 07 - Operation: Evil Dead - Fighting the FU and Big Bash at Fort Perryn - CO: Jensonson

Evil Dead was an epic, 3 month long operation which was created for one purpose - retake and defend Fort Perryn against the LUE. With expert leadership, Jensonson coordinated several skirmishes that focused upon the restoration of Crowbank, then the resource buildings in Whittenside. Once this was completed, the only other action was to storm the Fort - in which time the undead were driven out and the Fort was handed back to the surviving population. This mission culminated in the 2007 Fortress party where all of our great combat teams restored the area and brought in 2008 with style.


  • Aug 07 - Operation: Twin Malls - Recovered both Woodroffe and Hildebrand Malls - CO: Jensonson

Cold Cell History

- Cold Cell was founded in December 2005. Since then Cold Cell has been graced with 12 effective commanders that have each brought something new to the table.

  • Commander ht1237 (6 SEPTEMBER 2011 - CURRENT)

Joined Cold Cell in June 2008. Worked his way through the ranks and was rewarded for his hard work and high activity with a promotion to Cold Cell Lieutenant in Oct '09. We all by love Ht1237's real life interest in guns and find it really useful for those 'OMG, there has been a break in' moments in UD. A further promotion was inevitable and ht1237 was promoted to Campaign Master in Dec 2009. Always friendly, always helpful, but always quiet about his achievements, he is one to hide his light under a bushel. He is a Cold Cell star, a true Cold Cell Legend. Promoted to Commander of Cold Cell in Sept '11, we anticipate a (baby) boom in CC numbers as offers to have his babies pour in from Cellians. -- Copied from Who's Who.

  • Commander theYeas (12 JUNE 2009 - 5 SEPTEMBER 2011)

theYeas has always been a solid icy rock for team Cold Cell, even from his assignment to the team in June 2008 as a General Enforcement Officer he showed that he had the ability to do great things and was always willing to help. theYeas top notch dedication as a Cold Cellian was proven as he became a fantastic Ambassador and later earned the role of Deputy Director of Communications in April 2009. theYeas proven track record of careful and methodical planning lead to his appointment as Commander of Cold Cell in June of 2009 only a year after he joined the group! He is the iceberg of Cold Cell, solid and able to extend great havoc on the zombies of Malton through his incredibly loyal "ice storm" that is team Cold Cell. Yet he has many hidden layers that get overlooked, such as his outstanding ability as a programmer. As of this date, theYeas has created the incredibly useful "Reporting Wizard" that helps members of Fortress write better reports and keeps track of information critical to our success on operations. He has also created code that allows BOOM radio to be placed on the forum, the 24hr clock on our forum header, and has created incredibly useful codes for every other game The Fortress has joined. theYeas has outstanding organizational skills, creating and implementing databases and spreadsheets for our use including an outstanding scoreboard during his Operational portion of the 2009 Joint Christmas Operation. An Operation which he created and was itself very nicely organized and run. theYeas has proven to be an asset to the Fortress and his contributions give us the tactical advantage over other survivor groups and the zeds we fight. theYeas completed the Enigma on Apr 20th, 2009 and on June 12th, 2010 theYeas has been the longest Commander of Cold Cell having reached the epic 1 year mark! In addition to all these achievements, theYeas currently shows an impressive 12 ABA's on his lapel. Recently and with great excitement theYeas has begun working on coding a new game that will be a UD 2.0, which I my self can not wait to see! I hope the many tentacled iceberg that is theYeas keeps Cold Cell fighting the good fight for a long time to come!!! Awarded the distinction of Fortress Legend at FP'10. Stepped down from DDoC role in Dec '10. -- Copied from Who's Who.

  • Commander Amano Jaku (16 OCT 2008 - 25 MAY 2009)

The stalewart of Cold Cell, their longest serving and loyal member he bleeds blue for the cause. Commander Jaku has shaped Cold Cell into the team to beat in 2009, stronger than they have ever been before and seemingly unstoppable. He truly demonstrates the value of experience and strategic ability.

  • Commander Ruinator (19 AUG 2008 - 1 OCT 2008)

After building a brilliant career in Cold Cell, demonstrating great tactical and reporting skills, Ruinator was elevated to Commander of Excalibur in Jun 2008. In August of 2008 he has taken up the reigns to command his old squad, Cold Cell. Motivating and inspirational leader.

  • Commander SubforM (13 Jan 2008 - 22 Jul 2008)

After blitzing Boot Camp, SubforM was assigned to Cold Cell and impressed Jensonson so much that he succeeded him as Commander of the Cell. He has achieved in this role to the fullest and is an essential member of The Fortress and Legend in the making.

  • Commander Jensonson (25 Jun 2007 - 13 January 2008)

Founder and Head of The Fortress. As he molded the Fortress as a whole, so was the case with Cold Cell after Albrums disappearance. With the vigilance and dynamism that continually burns within him, Jensonson further evolved Cold Cell into the well oiled machine it is today. His sense of fair play and honour has made him a beloved Fortress character and a favourite citizen of Malton.

  • Commander Dennis Albrum (12 May 2007 - 25 Jun 2007)

Experienced Assault Officer of Cold Cell who moved steadily up the ranks to Lieutenant and then Commander but then slipped away into the shadows. Returned to the Commune Feb 08

  • Commander Charlie Mon (28 Sep 2006 - 21 Jan 2007)

After the Fortress Party, the Fortress was left with only one Commander. It was a great night for Charlie Mon. First, he became elected onto the council and on the same night, Jensonson wanted to know if he was interested in taking command of Cold Cell.

He had always shown a terrific strength of character and completed The Pitman Enigma in a unique way. Having taken on many roles in the Fortress like TFN Reporter, Chief Security Officer of Fortress Four before returning to Command - this time for Team Dark Watch. Currently commanding Fortress Four since May 2008.

  • Commander Seabee (24 Jul 2006 - 26 Sept 2006)

Seabee's stay wasn't as long as Commander Angelwitch's, but it was a good one. His first mission Operation: Restore Humanity was a huge success and garnered him much respect from his team. All were surprised and quiten saddened when, due to real life situations, Commander Seabee had to step down.

  • Commander Angelwitch (10 May 2006 - 24 Jul 2006)

Commander Angelwitch was known for being "strict but fair" as said by one of her recruits. It is also said that she liked cheese more than anybody else in The Fortress. It was also said that:

"Angelwitch was a good commmander. Understanding, demanding and able to get in your face on occassion. I still remember when she gave me a talk-to for wasting AP ZKing. Hey, I'd had a bad day and just gotten killed, what'd you expect?"

This is and other things are what Made Angelwitch a Fortress Legend.

  • Commander Grey Swiftaxe (24 Mar 2006 - 10 May 2006 )

The members of Cold Cell admired him for drive and information gathering skills. He gained everyone's respect a couple months before he took command, with his up-to-date info and determination.

  • Commander Fishel (26 Dec 2005 - 21 Mar 2006) (6 Feb 2007 - 12 May 2007)

Fishel, one of the TFN reporters was the very first commander of Team Cold Cell. Commander Fishel said this about his commanding experience

I remember going completly ballestic on a couple of my team member when I was commander. They needed to move their rears...>_> I do remember my last mission. Crimson Tide I belive. Bittersweet at it's finest. I personlly do think I was a horrid commander....

However, most of his squad said things such as:

"He got us in missions and got us back out in (mostly) one piece. He yelled and bad-mouthed, but was a classic"

He was the only commander to come back and resume Command of a team, and even after, he is is the longest ever Cold-Cell team member, still serving to this day.

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