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Full Fortress Members Roster

This page shows the entire faction that is The Fortress. Only a select few are destined to become Fortress Legends.

Full Fortress Roster

The Head of The Fortress


General Staff

The Council

Hawke2019, Lyralei Windrunner, Natalie Evens, Jono Salamander, Sac001


Tommy Crowbar

Director of Communications


Deputy Director of Communications

Holy Pac Man

The Everlasting Heart of The Fortress

Miss Elainious


Charanya, Miejoe, PrepH, Puppiemaster, Sac001

Forum Administrators

Jensonson, Tommy Crowbar, Miss Elainious, Hawke2019, Jono Salamander

Forum Moderators

Natalie Evens, Lyralei Windrunner, ht1237

PK Archivers


Wiki Engineer

Barbara Wright

Trong Tran's Bar-keep

Seth Reddell

The Fortress Writer's Guild

Guild Editors

Jensonson, Tommy Crowbar, PrepH

Guild Writers

Barbara Wright, Sir Darin

The Combat Squads

Team: Fortress Strike

Commanders ht1237 (VL)

Lieutenant ---

Sergeant ---

Vigilance Legend: Kevin Turvey, Mercinus3

Vigilance Overlord: Charanya

Havoc Lord: Hawke2019, Igor Dolvitch

Havoc Knight: ---

Campaign Master: Dylan Mak Tyme

Campaign Warrior: PeAcHeS3

Chief Assault Officer: Jono Salamander

Assault Officer: Devon Hampton, Yellowraptor

Battalion Ranger: Seth Reddell, pokeblink

Conflict Trooper: Ambulance Hound

Deployment Soldier: ---

Engagement Squaddie: Shina69

Freedom Fighter: Cpl Riley

General Enforcement: ---

Trainee: Brockness

Fortress Defence Staff and Training Facility

Fortress Defense

Fortress Colonel: ---

Fortress Lieutenant: ---

Vigilance Legend: ---

Vigilance Overlord: max dusseldorf

Havoc Lord: piccon003, Warlord, Ruinator

Havoc Knight: ---

Campaign Master: DEDUN

Campaign Warrior: Nazdreg

Chief Assault Officer: Ith0, glasses mccloud

Assault Officer: ---

Battalion Ranger: ---

Conflict Trooper: ---

Deployment Soldier: clockworkArchivist

Engagement Squaddie: ---

Freedom Fighter: ---

General Enforcement: ---

The Commune

CaptDan, louisgab, Robert Kingfisher, Dr Hataka, echojack, Jan LeRoi, Telentis, javboy, levixorz

Combat Veterans
Jason Valer, Miejoe, Tyrstan, ORakoon, Miljazzerson, Mercinus3, Morrigana, Schoony, Natalie Evens, Paul Henderson, Barbara Wright, PrepH, Jono Salamander, Horgant Morrowind, Holy Pac_Man, telentis

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