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The Fortress News
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Your Eyes and Ears in the City
Welcome to The Fortress News,

bringing you the latest news from the largest pro-survivor group, The Fortress!

Coming Soon, the January 2012 edition.
<font-size 20> The Fortress Halloween Party 2011 . . . . . </font-size> DO YOU DARE ENTER?
The Fortress yesterday (Wednesday 26th October 2011) announced that Banokles had been hired to be the new Chief-Editor of their own ‘online newspaper’ the Fortress News (TFN).

There’s been a four month gap since the last edition, and Banokles is already busy in the newsroom, sorting out piles of paperwork, (Ed: that means drinking coffee), and employing a dedicated news team, including the two new assistant editors, piccon003 (former Chief Editor) and Sac001 (Director of Communications). He plans on releasing the next issue in time for New Year 2011/2012.

“I was delighted to be awarded the editor’s role, as I am passionate about taking Danny Lee’s original dream in to 2012.

“With reporters on each of our four active combat teams, teams who are frequently at the forefront of any action against the zombie hordes, as well as our ally response team FEAR, TFN will bring you news from the front line.”

“We’ll also be asking our extensive chain of allies what they have been up to, meaning that TFN is the only paper to tell you what’s really been happening throughout Malton.”

To get in touch, either PM Banokles on The Fortress forum, or write on the discussion page.

Regular Features: • News from Combat Teams, FEAR and Fortresses • Editorial • A history of The Fortress article • Interview with a senior Fortress member, • All eyes on our allies • Gossip / Entertainment • Fortress Funnies (amusing posts spotted in the forums) • Agony Aunt • Forum Games • Forum Stories • A Drabble competition. • Readers Letters

Return of the

Hawk Commander

Fiction New Mafia Game - Written and hosted by Jensonson

Schoony was today (Thursday 27th October) unveiled as the new Battlehawk Commander, returning to the role he had left in August. A delighted Schoony broke in to song, parodying A-ha's The Living Daylights. "Combat standard set so high! Battlehawk, it’s time to fly!" , before expressing his sorrow that real life had reared its ugly head for his predecessor Charanya. "She did an excellent job putting the pink back into Battlehawk. I was totally letting it slip into fuchsia. I am really excited about our new class of boot graduates!"

"She felt his hot breath on her ear as he leaned in close to hiss a message: 'No one can help you. Give it up, Snake Commander, or I'll devour you.' "

Lucy Daniels has published a new exciting serialised story, with part two coming out tomorrow (Friday 28th October). Read it in Malton's West End forum.

"They were there, the four of them, asleep in front of him. <font-color=FF4500> Yeah, they’re asleep and alive, asleep and alive… not dead at all… I can see them breathe… </font-color> He slowly approached the first one, a girl wearing a dark purple ballgown. Oh hell I can’t see her breathe at all… He reached for her neck and checked her pulse."

Dark Watch's tale, the search for Morri, continues in the RP playhouse.

On Tuesday the 28th October 2008, English TV station Channel 4 opened up Big Brother 10 just a month after the end of its hugely successful ninth series. Britain was hugely passionate about the show and they demanded more. Interest in becoming a contestant was vast with more applicants than ever before for a reality game show.

In an alternate reality, you didn't get quarantined in Malton and you never became part of the cursed City.

But fate has a way of catching up with you...


Could you be a contestant in the greatest show on earth?

Apply in the Commune forum.

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