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The Four Corners is a region in south east Malton that covers four suburbs; Vinetown, Edgecombe, Crowbank, and Pegton. The region dosen't include all the territories of the four suburbs, only a 10X10 area where they meet. Many Groups and survivors chose to in habit the Four Corners region due to its proximity to multiple hospitals, NTs, Mitchem Mall in Vinetown (not in the 4 corners but close!), several PDs, a few Auto repairs and other resource buildings as well many safe houses.

  • For News and Events in the Four Corners, see the MDK wiki page

The Four Corners Co-op ?

It is rumored there is an illegal marijuana co-op operating somewhere in the Four Corners Region. Residents have seen many survivors only stopping for a short time in the area and then leaving promptly. Mrs. Harvey, living at the Godfry Museum, says that " I see em' everyday, they pull up across the street and go in... then they come out with big hockey bags and head off." A funny smell fills the air of the south east region of the corners, not unlike that of a freshly killed skunk. Many residents want action to be taken and the operation shut down. Mr. Bob, father of two, is concerned that kids will start using drugs due to easy availability, " There are 5 schools in the four corners region, and I'm very concerned that these individuals plan to push their dope on the children of this community." says Mr. Bob.

Radio Frequencies Operating in The Four Corners

  • 26.33 MHz MDK Radio - Bringing you the latest local events and news briefs along with your favorite tunes.
  • 28.76 MHz VZW Radio - Bringing you valuable intel on Zeds, PKers and the occassional wild musings of our group members.

The Maver Building

Maver NT is one of Malton's finest NT's. MDK, Malton Science Group, VZW, and others are constanly working to keep the revives flowing. Revive point is Oldidge Way, one block west of Maver NT.

Club Threadgould

Club ThreadGould is one of the rowdiest strip clubs in all of Malton. Open from 9pm till 4am.

  • once operated and thrashed by the Night Ravers, good friends of the MDK clan.

-Come back some time and burn the place down! -MDK

Club Atthill

Located just two blocks from Club Threadgould, Club Atthill (also known as the "Ant Hill") Is a mellow bar/lounge with a large micro brew selection.

Peter General Hospital

Peter Gen. Hsp. has been providing quality free health care for over a year now. Over 1000 infections cured! Peter Gen. Hsp., like all hospitals, should remain at Very Strongly Barricaded +2.

Groups And Individuals Working in the Four Corners

Malton Science Group



Edgecombe Families

VZW The Veterans of the Zombie War

MCWU Local 14


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