The Godson Arms

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The Godson Arms
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Godson Arms

Heytown [79, 36]

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Basic Info:

  • Pubs have no internal descriptions, apart from " abandoned pub."
  • Arms can be barricaded normally.

The Godson Arms [79,36]

The Godson Arms

This beautiful historical building was first licenced as a public house in the year 1830. The Godson Arms was favoured as a place to unwind after a long day working, shopping, or visiting some of the many art museums and galleries in the area; labourers, hipsters and affluent tourists enjoyed the Godson's virile atmosphere, authentic without any touch of twee.

Offering simple but traditional fare featuring breads baked in the brick ovens set in the walls of its original inglenook fireplace, the Godson Arms pleased a wide array of regular patrons with its cask brewed ales and renowned meat pies made with hand-raised shortcrust, not corner-cutting filo pastry. Their pork pie was a specialty of the house, made from locally grown and butchered pigs. Game pie was always available seasonally. The Godson Arms was also noted for its annual Burns Night Supper offered on January 25th, or the Friday evening preceding it.

Yes, beer.
Night has fallen outside the Godson Arms

Barricade Policy

The Godson Arms is kept barricaded at VSB according to Uniform Barricading Policy, unless it is under direct attack. Young survivors need to be able to use the pub as a safehouse when not searching for ways to defend themselves. (The barricading in Heytown is kept in compliance with the Uniform Barricading Policy.)


Mester Square [77,35] is the main Revive Point in the area and very active unless there is a horde invasion taking place. Contact the Mad Craskers at The Mad Craskers Forum

Current Status

Jolly and well-lubricated.

"Remember to check all the barricades before nightfall; the patrons comfort and safety is our highest priority," says Atty, the Proprietor. "Don't forget Karaoke Night, 6 pm every Wednesday the power's going - otherwise, it's the player piano.

Oh, and keep June clear; I heard a special surprise party is being planned to help me celebrate my first decade in the most beautiful pub in Malton. It's supposed to be wild and last days," Atty says with a wink.


The pub was enjoying brisk business because of the revitalization of Heytown. But after the plague outbreak and in the mayhem-filled months that followed, the public house lost its live-in caretakers and soon fell to ruin.

The Mad Craskers formed in this area and eventually the Godson Regulars came to help them restore and maintain the Godson.


Just after the outbreak, Fritz "Frist" McGirk found refuge inside its besieged walls. The Godson was the only building McGirk could enter in the entire area. Inebriated, Fritz took it as a sign of mercy from his god and spread the story of the salvation of the Holy Pint. (Fritz felt he had been saved by his love of beer, so the Holy Order of the Pint was begun as a perpetual celebration of this devotion.)

Proprietor "Atty" (Attila the Hunny) says the old place holds fond memories. He explained that the name "Godson Regulars" was how the HOP congregation referred to all the regular patrons of the pub. Atty has been the Proprietor for ten years (as of June 2019) and the longest continuing resident of the HOP crew since the Godson Arms became their headquarters. Some of the original HOP congregants and Regulars survived the outbreak and now use the Godson Arms as a homebase and safehouse, taking turns patrolling the neighborhood and tending to the barricades.

Contrary to popular rumour, the pub is definitely not haunted.

Hanging on one wall is a very good copy of Odalisque by Francois Edouard Picot.

Before the Outbreak, the people of Heytown could come here seven days a week to relax and enjoy a meal. The atmosphere was (and still is) warmly hospitable. The reviewers all agreed that the food was consistently quite good. Atty still offers hand-raised meat pies with authentic shortcrust. Due to the current supply constraints, pie fillings are mostly limited to rabbit or venison. (Atty assures us rat meat is never used.)

The Godson Arms has once again become a touchstone in the area, providing one of the first safe havens for veterans and new residents alike, and a home away from home.

Please note: Alcoholic beverages may only be sold to people who are 18 and above.

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