The Gollop Building

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the Gollop Building

Gulsonside [73,74]

Dinovan Alley a warehouse Shearley Place
Billings Row Fire Station the Gollop Building the Crump Museum
Eaton Drive Tatchel Street Jewell Lane

Basic Info:



The Gollop Building
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General Information

The Gollop Building is located at [73,74] in the suburb of Gulsonside. This building has a mobile phone mast on the roof and is one of the suburb's key landmarks. When the building is powered, it enables mobile phone service within the entire suburb of Gulsonside, as well as to other suburbs with working mobile phone masts.

Survivors as encouraged to refuel the Gollop Building's generator or replace it when destroyed. Inexperienced survivors should be aware that portable generators can be located inside factories, fire stations, power stations, and mall hardware stores. Fuel cans are located in auto repair shops, factories, warehouses, car parks, power stations, and junkyards.


According to the Gulsonside Barricade Plan, the Gollop Building is to be barricaded to Extremely Heavily in order to ensure the protection of the portable generator. Should mobile phone services within the suburb cease, survivors are asked to check on the building and confirm whether the portable generator is still intact or has simply has run out of fuel.

Current Status

No one is currently maintaining the mast. If you wish to be responsible for the maintainence of this mast, please take the appropriate steps to do so. If this information on maintainence is incorrect, please revise it.