The Gowing Building

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The Gowing Building
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the Gowing Building

Gibsonton [89, 29]

the Tagg Arms Cowling Alley Darnell Square
Cleave Street the Gowing Building Ryder Plaza
Mauger Towers
Ham Lane
a junkyard

Basic Info:

The Gowings Building, prior to 1999 when it's name was changed to The Gowing Building.
The Gowing Building now.

The Gowing Building


While on the outside this simple office block appears to simply be just that, a basic office block. However, before the infection it was actually one of the strategic hard points of the Triad. Drugs were consistantly run in and out of here while the dull clacking of firearms and magazines being loaded could be heard constantly on the top two floors. A mere week before the infection, police had thoroughly obliterated the gang that was occupying this building, exhausting local ammunition resources throughout the many levels of the complex.


The Gowing Building was originally named The Gowings Building after Gowings, the business that built, owned and operated the building for the first 94 years of it's existence. Built in 1912 on a lot that was vacated following the destruction of the small cottage that occupied the site prior to 1912 and was destroyed by the Great Fire that plagued Malton, The Gowings Building in Malton was the Gowings Bros first off shore store and was to set the way for Gowings to take over the world. Unfortunately the savvy consumers of Malton rejected the stores operation, saying they sold "useless crap, only fit for giving as gifts". Thus the store was never financially sucessful and scrapped by until 1996 when the store was shut, boarded up and abandoned, the flagship store in Sydney followed 10 years later.

Three years after the abandonment of the building, in 1999, the 's's on each 'Gowings' sign disapeared in mysterious circumstances. Well they would have been mysterious if anyone cared enough to notice, as it happened no one did and eventually the records were changed to reflect that the building on the site was now known as The Gowing Building. It was temporarily home to The Emperors Hammer but has now been taken back by the Triad

Barricade Policy

VSB at all times.

Current Status

Home to the Malton Triad family , In desperate need of barricades and repairs!

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