The Great Spontaneous Combustion of the 14th Century

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The Great Spontaneous Combustion of the 14th Century During the 14th century at the place now know as St. John's Hospital, a group of citizens suddenly/spontaneously combusted! after several more happenings, to prevent future combustion, St. John's Hospital was founded and St. Silverius's Church were built by the Lords Seth and Timotheous.

The spread

it spread through other cities all through England, millions died. after being stuck on a ship and killing the crew, the ship exploded, causing debris with the disease to spread, killing off an entire race of fire ants in the process.

The Cure

Drinking large quantities of Beer would protect from those whom had contracted it, many rushed to bars for the "cure" many didn't need it, but some did. but for the rest of us, drinking lots of beer annually on st. Patricks helps us remember. The picking of the day was just coincidence though.