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The Grenadier Guards are no longer active. Its group page is preserved for archival purposes. Please do not edit this page. This group was reported inactive on 13:15, 20 January 2009 (UTC) Not Inactive?

The Grenadier Guards
Abbreviation: Grenadiers
Group Numbers: Still recruiting
Leadership: The Imperialist
Goals: To Conquer Malton+Protection Squad
Recruitment Policy: All are welcome, except for the undead.
Contact: For now, in the wiki

The Grenadier Guards' temporal HQ is going to be moved to the Billinghurst Place Police Department in Rhodenbank. It is a brand new group, and it is looking to destroy all undead elements, and to conquere the whole of Malton, and make it into a civilsed society. Also, we will also serve as a Special Protection Squad. We will not stop at anything to conquer the whole of Malton. Note: PKers who join will not be able to kill anyone within the Guards, or of associate groups. As long as this guide line is met, PKers will be issued with the special rank of 'butchers'. After the conquest of few of the suburbs, it will be declared the Grand Duchy of Malton, and The Grenadier Guards will become the 1st Imperial Guards Regiment. (The group will be named as the Grand Duchy of Malton, and The Grenadier Guards will become the full time regiment of part of the army of the Duchy.)


Pacis est an incommodo somnium. Vacuus bellum , orbis terrarum mos immergite in materia. (Translation: Peace is an unpleasant dream. Without war, the world will disintegrate into materialism)


Welcome to the area! Glad to see more survivor groups popping up. I am the leader of a group named Metal Fox. If you ever need anything you can contact me on our talk page or forum.

Hey, could I ask a favor from you? Could you give me the links to all your members profiles so I could add them to your section of our wiki? Thanks Jaydepps 17:15, 6 May 2007 (BST)

I'm sorry, but our forces are for the most part stationed in Santlerville aiding Dowdney Mall, but I will see if I have a few members at home that can help. I will try to get it fixed by tonight, but I can not promise anything. Jaydepps 00:04, 8 May 2007 (BST)

Good to see another force seeking to bring all of Malton together. I am with the Imperium of Man and we are seeking allies. If you wish to speak with us about forming an alliance or possibly a closer working relationship hit up our wiki and head to our forums and contact us in the Diplomacy subforum. We're looking for anyone who will work with us to bring down Mutant and Traitor scum in Malton! Garviel Loken 22:00, 17 March 2008 (PST)



KILL ROSA VERNAL ( she/he killed the Leader. Already within the contract list in the Malton Hitmen, but hurry with he/her execution.

Try and contact all 'missing?' people. Tell them to report to HQ.

We will soon be declaring ourselves THE GRAND DUTCHY OF MALTON after The Grenadier Guards becomes at the least 100 members with sphere of influence in at the least 3 suburbs (The Imperialist will be Grand Duke), and this regiment will become the IMPERIAL 1st REGIMENT OF GRENADIERS

The Imperialist
Joined: The Creator
Character class: Cop
Favorite equipment: Weapons designed to kill/destroy things
Character profile: Classified
Current status: Plotting in his office/alive/killing zombies/laughing maniaclly

Character Status: The Imperialist

He is the Colonel in Chief of The Grenadier Guards. He is now recruiting inside the HQ, and also killing some random zombies that is within 10 blocks radius. DO NOT CROSS PATH WITH HIM! HE WILL WIP OUT HIS PISTOL AND! AND SHOTGUN, SO BEWARE (he is slightly eccentric and very, very hot tempered if provoked)


23 May- The Grand Duke (Colonel) is back to HQ after an excursion as a zombie for 20 hours and 29 minutes (?).


(Put your name down for the Unit you correspond with)

Mounted Battalions: A unit for scouts

The Royal Signals: For people with radio operation skills.

The Royal Engineers: Barricade makers

 Revan Yeager (

Infantry: For all general, normal fighters armed either with pistols, or shotguns.

Mechanised Infantry: Fighters with extra protection (Flak jackets), and carries both pistols and shotguns, and there is one medic per squad.

 Revan Yeager (
 Dander (missing?)
 Carson Wolfe (missing?)

Mobile Army Surgical Hospital Unit: All people who specialises in medical treatment (must be armed with firearms).

 Gompy (missing?)

Extraorinary Biological Countermeasure Unit: NT people with revivification skills (must be armed also).

Unit GG-6: The best of the Mechanised Infantry comes under here...

Malton Security Servie: To counter all internal enemies, including the execution/re-education/forced deportaion to infected areas of cowards/deserters who have boarded themselves more than 'very heavily barricaded' for buildings. (Alternatively, the barricade would be beaten down to a certain level)

Border Guards (under the Security Service): To patrol the boarders of the Duchy/the territory held by the Regiment.

 Revan Yeager (

Miscellaneus Units

The Guards' Chaplain Department:


Colonel-in-Chief: The Imperialist

Major: Hadiha2

Captain:Revan Yeager ( (acting, real rank CSM)


Second Lieutenant:

Regimental Sergeant Major:

Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant:

Company Sergeant Major:

Colour Sergeant (Staff Seargeant for the Malton Security Service and the Border Guards):

Sergeant: Gompy, Dander


Lance Corporal: Carson Wolfe



Grenadier.gif The Grenadier Guards
This user is part of The Grenadier Guards and is bloody proud of it.

To type in, put {{thegrenadierguards}}

A Note From Revan

I was on vaction and had no acess to a computer and a person named Nurgle007 pked me he is a 

level 15 military character and could be dangerous any help in finding him would be appreciated. -I don't know what this is about.

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