The Grove

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The Grove
Abbreviation: Brentnall Grove Police Department
Group Numbers: 30+
Leadership: No leader, democratic vote
Goals: To protect and keep peace in Judgewood
Recruitment Policy: Case by case basis
Contact: Go to our forum

On a bright sunny day in Malton, as the beams of light pierce the barracades a man finishis his work on a contraption that looks like a cross between a helecopter and a hot air ballon. The man stands and looks around Brentnall PD and prepairs to leave. In the corner a hammok is strung with a footlocker under it. Bilko removes his trusty pistols and clips. Lays them next to the insturctions he's made for some other lucky person to find so they can escape Malton too. He picks up the notebook he used to draw the many people that we his friends. Lisa Stone, Ramsus, Supermagicdragon, Han Solo, Hideko, Ryan Seasmith, Miang,XXSuicidal SmilyXX, Crystal eyes, and so many more. He will miss this place. He will miss his friends more. Good by Malton. The Grove are gone, but good old Brentnall PD still stands. Make good use of her.

The Grove is a small sized group based in Judgewood who are dedicated to killing zombies and PKers/GKers, reviving survivors, keeping Judgewood a safe suburb and looking out for each other. The Grove is a fairly democratic organization with everyone listening to each other’s ideas and working together to achieve our aims.

The Coalition of Judgewood

The Coalition of Judgewood was formed just after the Mall Tour 06' by the surviving members of the original Brentnall Grove group and other groups in the area. This loose organization was put together as an understanding that the more we work together the better off we all are. The Coalition met its first test when the members from the Z-Team infiltrated into Judgewood and began PKing people from different groups and blaming others in those groups. The Grove took the brunt of the attacks, but members from the Coalition responded and it appears the Z-Team has left the area. The Coalition are groups who have allied together to protect Judgewood and to give assistance when needed for mutual protection. We are:

know what you are talking about Short-wave Radio Info
This group or location has a dedicated radio frequency.

Frequency: 26.98 MHz MHz
Transmitter Coordinates: Undisclosed Locations

D.E.L.T.A. Fighters

Crystal Method Food Conglomerate (McZeds)

Malton Fire Department

General Hospital

The Grove

Further Alliances

Aside from the alliances mentioned above, The Grove also are allied to the following groups:

Alliance of Giddings

The Crimson Clan

Quartly Study Group

Cannonball Crew


New Malton Colossus

Malton Rangers

Urban Guerillas

Malton Tours Inc.

Creedy Defense Force


The Judgewood Times

The Judgewood Times is our local newspaper from Judgewood broadcasting news from the area, lists of current zombie groups and profiles and current PKers as below. The Judgewood Times for local news in Malton. Spread the word!


We have a new reporter writing stories for The Judgewood Times. Check out the new reports and expect more updates in the near future. The Judgewood Times- for the people of Judgewood affiliated or not. Keep your spirits up- we can save Judgewood together just remember the 300!

The Tour of Malton

The Details of the Tour of Malton have now been moved to a new page- The Grove/Tour of Malton. Find it there :)

***New*** We have returned from our tour. In force.


There have always been PKers in Judgewood but together we can take a stand against it. Click Here for the Judgewood newspaper and a list of all the current PKers in Judgewood and the surrounding area. They are all linked to their profiles so add them all and if you see them K.O.S. (Kill on Sight). You will usually find one of the most prolific PKers, Mordecai (leader of the Lance of Rehel), as a corpse outside Brentnall Grove PD.

We have an infamous celebrity touring Judgewood in the form of NicoleKidman. Look out for her as she thinks she can hunt the people with famous names and PK them. Take a stand against it and look out for her.


The Grove are looking to re-do and update the PKer list to benefit the whole of Judgewood and the surrounding areas but we need your help. If you could post us your PKer lists from your contact lists at our forums then we can get a really good up-to-date lists. Also reporting PKers on the forum even as a guest is greatly helpful and you don't need a screen-shot- because hey who actually knows how to post one on a forum first time?

Current Issues

old - > new

Z-Team: A new team of PKers have appeared trying to cause conflicts between other groups by labelling their group name as part of another group then attacking people in Judgewood with the hope of starting a war. 5punk and The Coalition of Judgewood have seen through this ploy and are working together to resolve the issue. It seems The Z-Team have left the area for Shuttlebank.

Barrville: The Grove have chosen to move into Barville and help with the efforts to take it back from the zombies along with the Alliance of Giddings and Malton Rangers. We are now part of the New Malton Colossus and are working with them to reclaim Barrville. The Grove have now pulled out of Barrville and have returned to Judgewood to clean out the Feral Undead.

Feral Undead: A zombie group has taken presence in Judgewood breaking into resource buildings. The Grove are on top of it and are working to kick them back out of Judgewood. It seems the Feral Undead have moved onto Caiger Mall in an attempt to create a third siege. Luckily for survivors they failed.

The Return of The Z-Team: They have returned but we know who they are. They are together with Ars Requiem. Check out the new edition of the Judgewood Times for more details and profile lists.

Judgewood: The Feral Undead may have cleared out but there seem to be a fair number of feral zombies in Judgewood. Most Barricades are still holding and we can win this. Rebarricade the resource buildings, kill the zombies inside of buildings, clear the bodies, work at revive points and remember the 300!

Judgewood: The Feral Undead have long since gone and now so have the feral zombies that came with them. Barricades are staying around the suburb keeping out the zombies. Although there is now a lack of survivors in Judgewood it is safe suburb once again.

XP Training Programme- The Grove and other survivors are working on a project to help new people gain xp in Judgewood, as the first levels are always difficult. Interested in helping out then drop into our forums and leave a message on the thread about it.

Judgewood: A possible spill of zombies from the recent Caiger defeat and the Z-Team are now back in the area. Most buildings are empty or have zombies in them. The Grove are still in the area reviving and barricading. People wishing to help or be helped can visit our forums to co-ordinate things or help just help out in game.

Judgewood: Although most of us are out on tour remaining characters and alts are working with the MFD to repair the suburb between us. We took on detour from our tour to finish clearing up the area again and with the help of local survivors and other groups the area is thriving again :)

The Tour: The Grove have headed back out on tour but alts are remaining in the PD and we're always listening at our forums :)

Judgewood: Extinction arrives while we're out. Quite rude of them, if you ask me. Suburb is ruined.

Judgewood: The Grove come back home, rebuilding commences.

Judgewood: Quartly Study Group, on a tour of their own, have proved extremely helpful in temporarily maintaining the perceval NT from the grove's own colglough library.

Statistics: We are now the 28th Largest Group in the game.

Literate.jpg Literate
This user/group has fought alongside, provided syringes for, or returned a library book to the Quartly Study Group
Rhodes2.JPG A Colossus Of Class
This user or group is part of the New Malton Colossus.
Bringing Glorious Battle to you since 2006.

Revive Points

There are several revive points in Judgewood keeping revive queue lengths down. They are:

The Cemetery 1NE of the Police Department at (16,11).

Bargery Square at (17,15).

The Cemetery 1NW of the Fire Station at (11,13) which is maintained by McZeds.

Herne Plaza at [18, 17].

The Grove is working hard to revive all people at the revive points so they can continue living and fighting against the zombies. New syringe changes are making it more difficult but we will get to you eventually. We ask that you be patient as we and other survivors are working as fast as they can. If you could help out it would be very much appreciated.

Sgpicon1.gif Sacred Ground Policy Supporter
This user or group supports the Sacred Ground Policy and acknowledges that all Cemeteries in the city of Malton are considered Revivification Points.

A Brief(ish) History

A few weeks following the beginning of the outbreak a few lone survivors managed to find their way into a police station by the name of Brentnall Grove in Judgewood. At the time everyone was scared of what was going on. Who would have thought that the dead could come back to life? Watching fellow survivors being eaten right in front of you, seeing that death was only the beginning of an unholy life caused everyone to mistrust everyone. People ran around lost, dazed and confused.

It was during this confusion in the first months (of Urban Dead's launch in July 05) that a few of the survivors instituted what has become the standing rule in Brentnall PD to this day - barricade to VS, revive at the cemetery, no PKers, everyone else welcome. As they worked together, others that were hiding began to come out of their shock and with them loosely formed a common goal - to go out into the streets and save as many people as they could. By bringing them in from the outside it gave everyone a fighting chance and thus the more people that were saved, the faster the zombie threat was pushed back away from this lone police station.

Soon people started to try and form groups to go hunting zombies, but by that time it had become understood that we at Brentnall Grove just wanted to be left alone in peace and quiet. Many would-be leaders came forth stating that they had all the answers, but the fellowship that had cleared Judgewood long before knew better. It was during this time that the infamous Lance of Rehel attacked (zerging). Threatening to zerge every survivor stronghold in the city unless the person who PKed their leader Mordecai apologised, the Lance of Rehel began with Brentnall Grove PD. This was the first (and largest) zerging in the city. Many survivors were killed this way, and many of the would-be leaders and survivors left the area. However, some survivors stayed, and began salvaging Judgewood from the aftermath of the zerging. This attack helped to solidify the resolve of the people who called Brentnall Grove PD 'home'.

In a short space of time, the number of Judgewood residents soon grew large again after the cemetery (prior to the Sacred Ground Policy) became known as the revive point in all neighbouring suburbs to go to for a fast revive.

We at Brentnall listened to the radio traffic from other places in Malton with various groups trying to mobilise and dominate both suburbs and each other. We didn't want any of that. To stay unknown at the time was the best strategy, huge hordes of zombies began to roam the streets and the groups that were fighting among themselves were easy pickings. While they bickered and crumbled we waited and kept our own little piece of hell safe.

Before long, the mobs of the Undead Scourge gathered at Caiger Mall. Brentnall Grove PD was called on for help and we responded in force. The zombie rush was repelled and the mall stood, and we returned to our home. At this time the zombie group known as the ATF had begun to terrorise the area and a war of attrition began. The ATF, while victorious in Roywood and Dakerstown, were stalled at Judgewood largely due to the organisation of the survivors and their pro-activeness in the reviving of allies and the killing of ATF members.

It was shortly after defeating the ATF that Mall Tour 06' began and once again we responded to help. By the time the siege was over we had largely discarded our policy of secrecy and finally agreed to publicly form The Grove. Upon returning we found new groups trying to form and many ex-mall tour zombies attacking the suburb; but Brentnall PD still stands, and The Grove still watches and protects.

Scout reports have shown that there are many other places called "Grove" in Malton, so you never know where The Grove will show up next.

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