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The Grove is a medium-sized survivor group normally based in the suburb of Judgewood. As one of the largest solely democratic survivor group in Malton we strive to be different. Less interested in life in Judgewood The Grove have planned to tour around roughly half of Malton before returning to a party homecoming tour back in Judgewood. Read on from here to see how its going: = The Tour of Malton =

The Grove have an upcoming tour of malton leaving Judgewood on the 15th of January. The Grove and members of other groups and Judgewood citezons are coming along for the ride. Anyone interested joining in now go to the fourms or our talk page.

The Tour took a detour and stopped in April 2007 while The Grove returned to the home grounds to kick the zombies back out of the buildings and into the streets. Needless to say they succeeded and the tour was re-started on May 5th heading into Calvert Mall.

Destination #1: Gatcombeton:

First stop is Calvert for a stock up however following the beginning of Mall Tour '07 that may be slightly more challenging. Sign in at the forums for dissucion.

Update: The tour have now left Judgewood in search of better things and most of the tour have now arrived in Gatcombeton. Travellers are reminded that locations, revives etc. can be found on the forums. Anyone wishing to join now should sign up at the forums and someone (probably me) will get back to you within 24 hours.

Now the Mall is back up and running we can restock and prepare the move onto the next suburb. --MarieThe Grove on Tour 16:15, 17 January 2007 (UTC)

Last Night there was a break-in at the safehouse we are staying in. A few members were killed but revives are on the way.

Destination #2: Quarlesbank:

For the second stop The Grove are staying in the Pitman Mansion. There they met up with the departing Malton Tours Inc. who invited them along for some fun. Here in Quarlesbank they intend to stock up on syringes and have some partys. Any interested new members would also be welcome.

Most members have now arrived in the Pitman Mansion and have gone to visit the bar to chill out. The Grove have now been offered a tour package coutersey of Malton Tours Inc..

Following the break-in of several zombies in the SW side of the mansion everything seems to have died down now and the North western side of the suburb seems to virtually free of zombies. The Grove are now considering detouring from their tour to join Malton Tours Inc at the Zoo.

The creepyness of the mansion is starting to get to The Grove and trapdoors and spinning bookshelves are starting to become freaky no less the lack of zombies. Next destination coming soon.

Destination #3: East Boundwood:

Having left the 'creepy' mansion behind and a few members too who got trapped by the spinning bookshelves and trapdoors The Grove now head onto East Boundwood and Bale Mall. Hiding out in the NW corner The Grove are helping to fight the latest seige there with currently 100 odd zombies outside. Come down and join the fun. In other news The Grove made contact with the Malton Rangers and we wanted to mention them on this page :)

The seige is still going and break-ins are still occuring every day though the zombies outside are also going sown- though its hard to check as this area has a severe case of over-barricading :(

After the seige was getting nowhere with frequent break-ins and people dying we decided the seige would be fine without us and we moved into the next suburb to regroup, revive and heal.

Destination #4: Lamport Hills:

After moving out of Bale Mall we have regrouped within the Smith Arms and met the Smith Arms Regulars- a great bunch of people dedicated to helping Lamport hills and running revive points and having fun too! After a short stop in the suburb we will move onto our next location-Chancelwood.

Of all the old enemys we could expect to mee, itwould be the Z-Team.Hanging around the Smith Arms in close buildings, Smoke D Tektor said hello to me in the mansion, killed one of us in the bar itself and was greeted (mrcatbert) in a building. Suspisous or what? Well with the group being offically over today maybe this is the end. Hooray!

Destination #5: Chancelwood:

For the next stop on the tour The Grove have moved into the Rodges Stadium a rather nice but empty football grounds. We seem to be the only people in it at the moment and the whole suburb seems rather like a ghost town.

And news from back home in Judgewood- the suburb seems to have been ransacked by zombies- no group for these is yet known. The PD is dead and revive queues are clogged up, but The Grove has lots of faith with its partnership with the MFD and alts and remaining members still in Judgewood even if they are all dead :(

The situation sounds to be improving back in Judgewood and more buildings are reported to be barricaded.

After chats with the great local survivor group BOW they have decided to try and keep Rodges Stadium barricaded on all four sides rather than having an entry point within the stadium itself. Makes sense too really.

A Few nights ago we had a special treat in the stadium :) New Group- Drama Club gave us a special performance in the empty stadium before moving onto their next site. It was very well set-up with character names and descriptions and even involved an on-set murder!, though they got revived afterwards by the stagehand. Great :)

Glad you liked the show! Great to have such a nice crowd on opening night & thanks for the nice review on our site. Hope you don't mind my posting on your site - just wanted to let you know that an official performance schedule has been posted at the Drama Club site and you might be able to see the other performing troupe in Dulston in a couple of weeks - although the Mall Tour '07 has their goal on the same spot as the performing troupe, so we'll see whether they can pull it off. Hope to see you in the audience again sometime! Drama Club

The Grove are thinking of moving on now into the next suburb- Dulston. Their great friend and associate is part of the large survivor group based there- Dead vs Blue. Having been invited to stay there for a few weeks The Grove are preparing to move on.

Destination #6: Dulston:

The Grove have been here a few days now, helping out their friend's survivor group Dead vs Blue recover the suburb from the hands of Mall Tour '07, but it seemed Mall Tour '07 were too impatient to leave for Giddings Mall that they forgot everyone else in the suburb and both Dead vs Blue and The Grove suffered almost no deaths/losses. Now focusing on barricading the NT Buildings in the area and recoving all of the ransacked buildings, The Grove are determined to stay ontoeverything is better. (Or they may just be waiting for the next performance from Drama Club who perform in [[Dulston in a few days...)

Destination #7: Pescodside:

After finishing helping Dead vs Blue with clean up operations and the mall was recovered we decided to move on. Bringing great new members and 'toures' from Dead vs Blue and the Dragon Noodle Protection Agency and other well standing Human Groups we've headed into Pescodside and are staying in the The Love Building- rumoured to be the start of the NecroLove organsiation that failed after being taken over by NecroTech. Its decor may not be to our liking but its surely different...

After a short but sweet visit from a member of Burchell Arms Regulars we decided that would be the perfect stop for our next stop and to stock up on the booze again...

Destination #8: Rolt Heights:

After our 'invitation' from BAR we decided to drop in on them for our next stop. It was really close to the Love Building but it was well worth the visit and the Burchell Arms Regulars were really friendly and didn't mind us stealing all their beer...

Update: - The Grove have had an invitation (a proper one this time) from fellow allies NMC to help out with their new fight the zombies motion back over in Yagoton and The Grove are considering moving in soon...

BAR really know how to celebrate St. Patricks Day it style! Green beer, decorations and good old party music!!! They even let us keep the party going all weekend and keep some of the green beer- we love the irish!

The Grove are considering moving on (with all the beer we've swagged, but we did give them a christmas tree in return...) and into Pashenton as a two way step to moving into Yagoton - see you soon NMC!!

Destination #9: Pashenton:

A great Grove member has found us a new building and so hopefully he's got better taste this time than the the Love Building - because there's always hope... Anyway it looks really good- the Coopey Bank and you never know they might let us stash some of our beer in there from the BAR pub...

Turining into a brief stop while we stock up on needles before we head over to Yagoton and Millen Hills...

Destination #10: Yagoton/Millen Hills:

Some of us have already arrived and are securing a safehouse for everyone. Currently in Millen Hills to regroup before deciding to move intoo Yagoton and Bale Mall. Set to be the most exciting and active stop so far on our tour look out for fireworks...

Now everyone's arrived we're looking for the next step- with NT buildings falling all around the tour are now looking to further work with the NMC to secure Bale Mall and the area. A couplr of groovy grover's went to help with the recoverage of the Style Building but the building fell in days but all is not lost yet (we don't think anyway...)

After looking like everything was fine and skipping some zombies found us in our cosy safehouse within Millen Hills. Unfortunately for us they were also hungry as well as good at hunting and bashing barricades and our brains ended up as zombie dinner. So its back to Judgewood for revives and we may repair the suburb while out here but sooner or later we'll be back Yagoton and maybe by next week too...

note I looked at one of the zeds and they were of the RRF elite strike teams X:00, a group whose purpose is to spread the time for attacks and to spearhead them. This was no random act of ferals. Also I'm going home now, see yeah. Unsunghero10 =P

Destination #11: Judgewood:

Yes this is our 'home town'- is that a problem? Anyway we're back to clear up the land, visit our famous Brentnall Grove Police Dept, yet everyone revived and skip back along possibly to Bale Mall to help the NMC there with whatever's going. Need a revive while we're in (or not in- theres always someone there) Judgewood visit our forums- find the link on The Grove's own page ;)

Well after loads of great people who have been in Judgewood we've all managed to pull together and sort Judgewood out again :) So now we're heading back out on tour and looking for new great people to come with us so if you're interested...

We've called our tour off for a while while we recover Judgewood but watch this space- the tour will be re-booted!

Destination #12: Calvert Mall:

Now we've finished in Judgewood for a while we're now re-stocking and disussing our next plans within the mall- or thats the plan to all be there by Monday anyway... ;)

Meanwhile The Grove's favourite residant zombie has awoken from the dead and been ordering pizza with our brains on it in our phone messages, but we know where you're living zombie, and what you did last summer...

Well Mondays gone now and most of us have arrived. A fab grover has found us a new location and yes its the one we've all been waiting for...:

The people still remaining have come up with a great new plan- the alt tour- coming soo to a suburb near you!

Destination #13: The Zoo!!!:

Well we're currently staying in a cinema near to the zoo in Brooke Hills and maybe from there we'll camp inside the zoo for a couple of nights- who knows? And as our first real stop since we re-booted the tour a welcome to our new recruits and our new traveller from the DHPD :)

A bit of confusion about the zombie cages lead us to meet the The Malton Zookeepers who have welcomed us into the area (and they were impressed with our wiki page ;) We look forward to seeing them around and being some help raher than just staring at the animals- which BTW we haen't seen any of yet :(

Destination #14: Dulston/Stickling Mall:

After finding out about DDT we pledged to support the Dulston Alliance and Dead vs Blue in their fight against the DDT as we're like friends and stuff and we probably owe them something for invading their home earlier in the tour. However we all used up our supplies killing zombies (no animals though) so its a good thing supplies don't run out in Malton. Anyway we'll stock up in Stickling Mall then head into Dulston somewhere and possibly reinvade Dead vs Blue's HQ- though we had permission ;)


After discovering that many members of The Grove all have Alts living in Dulston and scouting the area there seemed to be no real zombie threat at the moment and the most we found was a few zombies outside Troubridge Cinema so we decided rather than head back into Dulston again we'd go somewhere else instead but by now everyone has gone in different directions :( Some people have arrived in Dulston already, some are stocking up in Stickling Mall (the only true part of this stop now) and some of us are still at the City Zoo and some of us have headed up to the next stop so its all hectic as of right now...

Also at this 'point' of the tour we have a great new group touring with us- La Resistance. They don't have a forum or a wiki page but they're out there on the radio and they're touring with us across Malton so a big warm welcome to all involved (Interestingly, their founder is the alt of our new DHPD friend so its all good) and looking forward to lots more stops and fun!

Destination #15: Fort Creedy

After putting our DDT/Dulston plans on hold till there's some actual action to be involved in the area we're heading into Pitneybank and maybe see if we can help the CDF with their new plans for retaking the area...