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Bringing Heavy Metal back to Malton in all its wonderous rockitude. Play as a human or as a zombie. H.o.M. is a group with two identities: the Headbangers and the Deadbangers. The H.o.M. factions do not interact so it is possible to have two characters in H.o.M. a human and a zombie. A group with balls, H.o.M. doesn't concern itself with the rules too much. Politics mean nothing, so PK-ers and GK-ers alike are thrown directly into the mosh pit where they are dealt with like so many used beercups on a stadium floor. Procedures be damned, if you screw around with our shit, we will mess you up old school.

Recruitment Policy:

Players of any level or skillset are welcome. The only rule is that they adopt the H.o.M. philosophy.

For more information on the group, follow this link: The Headbangers of Malton. Direct link to the recruitment page on the D.C.R. forum: Accepting Applications

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