The Hocking Building

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The Hocking Building
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the Hocking Building

Dunningwood [99, 28]

Club Milton Wood Towers Border
the Gill Building the Hocking Building Border
Horwood Place Bussell Way Border

Basic Info:

The Hocking Building


The Hocking Building after a shell hit the western side of the building.

The building consist of two constructions where one part is a 4 story high brick building, with an attached building of only two stories. The first part housed seniors on all 4 floors where the secondary housed the personel. The building has one entrance in the new building to make sure the seniors wouldn't walk off without being noticed and stopped.

The Hocking building was built in the year 1871 and has been restored many times over the years. During the period of World War II the building had been the target of a bomb which blew up the western side of the large building leaving it open and ruined. In the years after the building was abandoned and left for ruin until the city council was in need of senior housing and decided to have the destroyed half demolished properly to then have a brand new section built onto the remaining part of the original construction.

After finishing construcion in 2001 the seniors of Malton could take their place in a building where some of it had been there since they were young rather than a modern building. Unfortunately after only four years the Malton Incedent occurs leaving the entire city in chaos, along with the Hocking building. As the zombies started to wander the streets they soon came to the doors of the senior citizens. As the zombies charged the doors the personel fled into the living quarters and as there was only one entrance to the building they became trapped inside with the seniors.


A survivor was murdered by a zombie outside on February 3. No help was there for the survivor.

The building bear marks of struggle and it has been a long time since it has been in use.

Barricade Policy

According to the Dunningwood Barricade Plan This building should be kept EHB

Current Status

Open and ruined Audioattack (talk) 20:23, 16 April 2018 (UTC)

At least slightly barricaded on February 3.

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