The Hoddinott Motel

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The Hoddinott Motel
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the Hoddinott Motel

Raines Hills [61,10]

the Norgate Monument
a warehouse
the Crooker Arms
Mander Plaza School the Hoddinott Motel the Morgane Building
Holway Crescent Elwes Drive St Henry's Hospital

Basic Info:

  • Also known as hotels.
  • 50% chance of finding wine.
  • Motels can be barricaded normally.


The Motel seems to be in relatively good condition, considering the recent state of Malton. Entry is typically through the service entrance in the roof.


The Hoddinott Motel was founded in 1955, and was originally named the Agatha Christie Motel. Not coincidentally, the Motel was also the site of elaborate "murder mystery" parties, where guests would spend the night, and try to solve a "murder" by the next morning. The Motel abruptly closed one day in 1962, when one of the guests was actually found dead. The former proprietors suddenly fled town, and for several years the Motel remained closed. That particular murder mystery remains unsolved to this day. During that time, people of Raines Hills took to calling the motel the Whodunit Motel.

In 1965, Alfred Giggs - a Welshman seeking to establish a new life in Malton - bought the building and sought to renovate it. During the cleanup, Giggs made a startling discovery: what appeared to be sheet music for Piano Concerto 2, penned by none other than Welsh composer Alun Hoddinott. Taking this as a sign from Above, Giggs decided to name the newly-opened building the Hoddinott Motel.

To date, no murder mystery parties have been conducted on the premises, though the occasional actual murder does take place about once a month, when the zombie hoard makes its way through this part of Malton. But, people who misread the name of the hotel do ocassionally call the hotel the Whodunit Motel.

Barricade Policy

This building may be barricaded as travelers see fit.

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