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Due to dwindling membership, the Imperium of Man has officially disbanded. This page is preserved for historical purposes only.

Red Mage.gif Roleplaying Notice
Notice: This User or Group enjoys the RPG aspect of MMORPGs, the category of games that Urban Dead falls into. As such, there is probably quite a bit of roleplaying and/or creative writing on this page and in said User/Group's in-game actions. In other words, if you think the difference between IC and OOC is "One has an 'I' and the other has two 'O's," buzz off.

Imperium of Man
Imperial eagle.jpg
Abbreviation >I<
Group Numbers Numerous
Leadership Imperial Command
Goals In the Name of the Immortal Emperor purge Malton of the forces of Chaos
Recruitment Policy All those who wish to serve are welcome.
Contact Send us a message in game or contact us on the Official Forums
Vox Channel 27.05 MHz
Anthem March of Cambreadthlyrics here
Imperial eagle small.jpg Imperium of Man Imperial eagle small.jpg

Serve the Emperor! | Imperial Command
Space Marines | Sisters of Battle | Imperial Guard
Adeptus Mechanicus | Adeptus Arbites

Crusades | Imperial Information Office | Lawbreakers | Merits and Commendations

Map of the Imperium | Imperial Foreign Affairs | The Imperial Creed | Imperial Law

Pay It Forward | Planned Revive Policy | Urban Warfare Doctrine | Coalition for Fair Tactics

Report a Crime | Join the Imperium

While vile mutants still draw breath, there can be no peace.

While obscene heretics' hearts still beat, there can be no respite.

While faithless traitors still live, there can be no forgiveness.

Catechism of Hate, Silver Skulls Space Marine Chapter

What is the Imperium of Man?

The View From Without

The Imperium is a roleplaying group based on the Warhammer 40,000 universe. We fully understand that Kevan's Urban Dead is not actually set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe, but we do, however, choose to roleplay as much. Other people, roleplayers or otherwise, are more than welcome to play with us however they deem fit. Decry us as 'beardos,' consider us lunatics, or join us in our roleplay, the decision is really up to you. By roleplaying characters from the 40k universe, we are in no way attempting to insinuate that Kevan is infringing any copyrights, or that his game has any official links to the Warhammer 40,000 universe.

Stance on PKing

As a pro-survivor group, especially having been the target of a mass PKing event, to say the Imperium has serious issues with those who make a point of attacking survivors for no other reason than their own enjoyment would be a gross understatement. That said, if there are survivors who make a point of insulting our dignity, reputation, impeding our operations, and what we do for unfounded reasons we will respond with force if need be if they refuse to cease and desist in their activities.

The Imperium of Man

The Imperium is the governing body of humanity in the Warhammer 40,000 universe, and numerous Imperial citizens of different backgrounds have come to (or were already in) Malton in response to the zombie situation. Zombies are considered mutants, creatures tainted by the malevolent Chaos Gods of the Warp, and the agents of the Imperium desire to cleanse Malton, which they refer to as Malton Hive, Hive Malton, or Hive Maltonius, of the Chaotic taint. Specific history of the Imperium is detailed under each Agency's article.

Vocabulary of Terms

The following are terms frequently used by the Imperium and its agents, others will be added as needed.

Amasec: A widely available and highly alcoholic beverage distilled from wine.

Civilian: Any human not a member of an organized group.

Criminal: Any who break Imperial Law, often referred to by others as PKers.

Cog-Boy/Cog-Head: Derogative slang in reference to tech-priests and followers of the Omnissiah, the Machine God of Mars.

Feth: A curse word originating on Tanith, used with great frequency by Tanith guardsmen.

Gak: A Curse used by the Verghast, commonly used in reference to excrement.

Mutant: What others call a zombie, seen by the Imperium as inherently tainted by Chaos to cause the corpse to rise and seek to consume the flesh of the living.

Twist: Widely used term for mutants in general

Vox: Radio and cell phone network

Vox Caster: Radio Transmitter


Members of the Imperium may choose to specialize in certain roles, based on the largest Imperial agencies. These are listed below.

Space Marines

The Emperor's Finest, chosen from male youths and subjected to vigorous trials, training, psycho-conditioning, given the best weapons and equipment in the Imperium, they are the first in the fray and the Angels of Death. In Hive Malton the Space Marines serve as our rapid-reaction force that strikes both beyond our territory and serves to reinforce positions and allies in danger of attack by Traitors or Mutant hordes. Only the best may join them, and it is an honor to serve alongside the Adeptus Astartes in battle.

Sisters of Battle

The Daughters of the Emperor, young girls left as orphans on the doorsteps of the churches and monasteries of the Ecclesiarchy who are raised and trained in the Holy Light of His Church. As no man in the Ecclesiarchy may bear arms or serve in a fighting force as due to the Decree Passive, these young girls are trained from childhood in the arts of war to serve as the fighting arm of the Ecclesiarchy. These ferocious women bring the Light of the Emperor to dark places dank with Heresy and Chaos purging the evil that lies within.

Imperial Guard

The Hammer of the Emperor, the Imperial Guard serve as the main and first defensive force within the Imperium of Man. As often the first line of defense against invasion or attack, Guardsmen come from all walks of life, societies, and ignores all differences of gender. The only requirement is the desire to serve the Emperor with all of one's heart and fight without question. The Guard protect our territories and keep them clear of Mutant infestations, ensuring the Emperor's Reach does not move back and if it must only at great cost in blood and treasure to His enemies.

Adeptus Mechanicus

The Servants of the Machine God, the Adeptus Mechanicus know the mysteries of the machines and technology of the Imperium that many have forgotten. The masters of the mechanical and the biological, they serve to maintain our infrastructure and tools to ensure that other forces of the Imperium are free to fight on in the Emperor's Name, secure in knowing that their homes and bases of operation will remain lit, fortified, and awaiting their safe return and those under the Emperor's Gaze can rest safe knowing the Adeptus will be there to keep their safehouses secure and to revive those who suffer from the mutant taint.

Adeptus Arbites

The Adeptus Arbites is the primary means of enforcement of Imperial Law. It is by them Imperial courts are run, sentences pronounced, guilt determined, and laws enforced. They are feared by all those who break the law or harbor such thoughts for Arbitrators are relentless in pursuit of the guilty and in meting out punishment.



To join register here and declare which role you wish to serve in.

Single Alt Policy

The Imperium only allows each player ONE character in the Imperium, no more no less. That means if you want to serve in the Imperial Guard AND the Adeptus Mechanicus for example, you may have ONE character in one or the other, NOT both no matter how far apart they may be on a regular basis. We do not Zerg in any way shape or form and seek not even to wander close to the gray area in that matter.


The Imperium makes a point of training every new recruit in the Imperium regardless of how experienced they may be. For new players and alts we make a point of having you go on supported training runs to help buff XP build until you reach a level where you will be able to work well on the front lines. Each agency handles their training separately, but all follow similar standards. For those who are already fit for duty you will be trained in the finer points of survival tips in UD as well as learning Imperial procedure. This procedure isn't anything useless or boring but is rather so we can gather needed information quickly as well as keep track of what is going on and allow for things to run smoothly.

Officer Training Corps

The Imperium is also proud to offer a unique service for trainees who prove to be promising:

The Officer Training Corps

Any individual who has passed through agency-mandated training may apply for the OTC. If they pass the entrance exam then they are admitted into the OTC. This individual receives special training in tactics, leadership, and is allowed to assist in planning operations for the Imperium. When a slot opens up for promotion and command such persons are always chosen first for promotion as they have proven themselves fit for leadership roles. It is a special honor to be admitted into the OTC both for the esteem of their agency head and the opportunities it gives.

Imperial Territory

The Imperium does not claim territory in the name of excluding other survivors.

The Imperium claims territory as an assertion of influence and activity like any other group does. This allows for our allies and the unaligned to know where we are and where one can find the direct aid of the Emperor's Forces. This also notifies our enemies as to where we will stand in opposition.

In our territories we will work to the utmost to ensure the suburb is protected from mutant attacks, maintain infrastructure, and enforce Imperial Law and other local laws. The only people we do not assist in our territories are those we are at war with or have a standing conviction against them. Specific details are available in Imperial Foreign Affairs.

Map of the Imperium

Dakerstown Jensentown Quarlesbank West Boundwood East Boundwood Lamport Hills Chancelwood Earletown Rhodenbank Dulston
Roywood Judgewood Gatcombeton Shuttlebank Yagoton Millen Hills Raines Hills Pashenton Rolt Heights Pescodside
Peddlesden Village Chudleyton Darvall Heights Eastonwood Brooke Hills Shearbank Huntley Heights Santlerville Gibsonton Dunningwood
Dunell Hills West Becktown East
Richmond Hills Ketchelbank Roachtown Randallbank Heytown Spracklingbank Paynterton
Owsleybank Molebank Lukinswood Havercroft Barrville Ridleybank Pimbank Peppardville Pitneybank Starlingtown
Grigg Heights Reganbank Lerwill Heights Shore Hills Galbraith Hills Stanbury Village Roftwood Edgecombe Pegton Dentonside
Crooketon Mornington North Blythville Brooksville Mockridge Heights Shackleville Tollyton Crowbank Vinetown Houldenbank
Nixbank Wykewood South Blythville Greentown Tapton Kempsterbank Wray Heights Gulsonside Osmondville Penny Heights
Foulkes Village Ruddlebank Lockettside Dartside Kinch Heights West Grayside East Grayside Scarletwood Pennville Fryerbank
New Arkham Old Arkham Spicer Hills Williamsville Buttonville Wyke Hills Hollomstown Danversbank Whittenside Miltown


Gold: Imperial Territory

Green: Imperial Protectorate

Red: War Zone

Grey: No Imperial or Allied Presence

Imperial Law

In the territories and protectorates of the Imperium the Laws of the Imperium are enforced as vigorously as possible by the Imperial Commissariat. It is in these places that any violations of Imperial Law apply as well as in any war zone during a Crusade or time of war.


Imperial Command may, if it so chooses, declare a state of war exists between the Imperium and another group. In a state of war no mercy will be shown short of the surrender of that enemy or in the face of greater danger. As the Imperium exists to enforce the Emperor's Will in Hive Malton all mutant hordes in the Hive are in a declared state of war with the Imperium. Any groups in a state of war with the Imperium are not considered subject to Imperial Law and instead treated as enemy soldiers to be eliminated and defeated as best as possible.

War is automatically declared on the target of a Crusade

Current Engagements

These are wars the Imperium is currently fighting against enemies without.

15th Black Crusade

The Imperium always stands against those who have given themselves to the Ruinous Powers. We shall hunt them wherever they are found. For the Emperor!

Past Conflicts

These are major wars the Imperium has been involved in before, kept here for posterity and reference.

The Gibsonton Squatters

After several months of guerilla warfare that benefitted no one, the Squatters offered ceasefire at reasonable terms. Peace was restored to Gibsonton.

Northeastern Crusade

The goals of the Crusade were accomplished, restoring northeast Malton to survivor control.

Malton Uprising

Uprising.JPG Seeds Of Rebellion
The Imperium of Man had a hand in the Malton Uprising and overthrew the chafing yoke of the DEM oppressors.

The Imperium was fully involved in the Uprising and was before it officially began. The Imperium's involvement was for reasons not in the Manifesto but stated below:

  • The Imperium appealed to the DEM for aid at the beginning of the Invasion of Gibsonton and was rudely rebuffed. When the DEM did send help it was a black ops group that was there to eliminate one of the groups that was fighting the PKer invasion.
  • The Imperium also faced continued and unfounded ridicule and abuse by DEM members prior to and during the Invasion.
  • The Imperium does support the Manifesto, but this support is a very distantly tertiary concern to the Imperium compared to the above mentioned items.
  • Currently the Imperium views ourselves as neutral on the question of the DEM.

Invasion of Gibsonton

It has come to the attention of Imperial Command that a group of traitors have handed down a formal declaration of war against the Imperium of Man, posted here. As such the Imperium reciprocates and declares unending war and hostility upon the following traitor coalition:

The war has long since concluded, forcing the Imperium into a temporary state of disunion and anarchy.

Big Bash 2

Elements of the Black Templars stood alongside the Dribbling Beavers during the first and second sackings of Santlerville by Big Bash 2 as did the Imperial Guard during the assault of Gibsonton by the same group. The Black Templars similarly fought against the horde during the final assault on Dulston alongside the Dulston Alliance.


In some occasions it is felt necessary for the full might of the Imperium applied to a single problem, in others the demands of the Imperial Creed may inspire the need for a Holy War, and sometimes allies in desperate need petition the Imperium to come to their aid. All instances are referred to as a Crusade. During this time the entirety of the Imperium is set to war, all members from the Lord General to the newest recruit are expected to take part. Once the Crusade is underway the Imperium leaves its territory as a whole, leaving it to its own devices during this time, and marches on the target. Any actions that occur in said territory are temporarily left as if they were not of the Imperium as more compelling matters force the entire Imperium to war.

Crusades often have specific objectives and once completed the Imperium returns home.


Members of the Imperium as well as groups that are part of the Imperium are free to use the following template to show their allegiance:

Imperial eagle small.jpg For the Emperor!
This user or group is a servant of the Imperium of Man

Which may be put in with the following code:


It has been said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. That being said, we wish to recognize one site. Even though you are PKers we wish to salute you for it, this page design was greatly influenced by the design the Spartans wiki page. Genius knows no bounds. Thank you.
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