The Imperium Must Die: With a Vengeance

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This is a The Imperium Must Die Event. For the full list click here.

The Imperium Must Die is a PKer Coalition to grief the everliving shit out of The Imperium.

The Imperium...pure gay.

The Event


Unless the Imperium disbands and/or Garviel Loken leaves the game by September 3rd then we will return and drive them from Gibsonton again.


Because many moons ago the First Coalition utterly destroyed The Imperium, the Gibsonton Nationals, and fought off Dulston Alliance intervention. When the battle was over several groups no longer existed, including the Imperium. Now, the Imperium have decided to return and they must be crushed.


The event was created by Canderous Ordo, Secular Leader of the Sons of Pluto cult, DORIS, back in April and has decided to try and bring the Coalition back together to drive away the Imperium again.

Groups who vowed allegiance to the Coaltion:



Gibsonton, again...


September 3rd if the Imperium do not disband and/or Garviel does not quit.


By killing every fucking Imperium douchebag again, that's how!

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