The Jacomb Arms

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The Jacomb Arms
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the Jacomb Arms

Dunell Hills [0, 33]

Border St. Luke's Church Raynols Boulevard
Border the Jacomb Arms Cotty Street Police Department
Border Gould Walk the Heal Museum

Basic Info:

  • Pubs have no internal descriptions, apart from " abandoned pub."
  • Arms can be barricaded normally.

The Jacomb Arms


The Jacomb Arms has been the site of a few scraps during teh seige, which is evidenced by the bullet holes and burn marks that are covering the outside walls. The windows have been reduced to something reminescent of the windows of old castles. Grafitti covers some of the inner walls, and speaks of battles past, and of friends who fought together.

Most noticable are the words "COME GET SOME" spraypainted above the door on the way in, and "HAPPY HUNTING" on the way out.


This pub has been the site of a few harsh fights and long standoffs. Most noteably were the Shining Ones Seige, in which Tarrok Krey and Grant Page, along with BAM and 5punk managed to hold out several days against an overwhelming amount of Shining One hordemembers.

Now it stands as a testiment to the strength of the DHPD, who even in these dark times still manage to stop by from the Cotty PD next door, where Tarrok is still serving drinks and trying to set up a redlight district in his off time.

Barricade Policy

Keep heavily barricaded trust us.

Current Status

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