The Judges

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The Judges
Abbreviation: Judges
Group Numbers: Unknown
Leadership: Raymond Freeman, Shifuede
Goals: Eradication of all Undead and Infected
Recruitment Policy: Constant
Contact: In Game Meetings


The Judges coalition was created originally as an independent sweeper squad for wanted PKers and the like. This attitude was put on hold indefinently as the battle for Malton grew steadily worse. The Judges were forced to turn their attention to the growing undead problem. The steady wave of undead, and the endless killing warped the mind of the now Master Chaplain Raymond Freeman. After the Fall of Ft. Creedy, Raymond vowed to see every last Undead and Infected slaughtered for the sake of Malton itself. Shifuede has since gone underground and has not been seen since this war-maddened Declaration by Master Chaplain Freeman.

Recent Activity

Recritment still continues, though not publicly as most groups find The Judges to be too closely related to PK groups than they would like. Raymond is zealous in his pursuit of total eradication and often is seen shouting spiritual, as well as pagan, quotations as he kills (coincidentally, he urges those that follow him to do the same).

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