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This can be deleted, never happened. (St Aden) 18:55, 21 January 2009 (UTC)

To bring the fun back to the survivor front in the city of Malton. We wish to play within the Spirit of the Game, a pro-survivor group who's desire is to maintain the health of the Kingdom in a positive and enjoyable way. We do not fear death nor do we allow it to upset us. We will not be maintaining a DNR list nor will we get caught up in hunting down PKers or GKers. Our goal is a simple one, play UD as it should be played, zombies acting like zombies & survivors behaving like survivors, period.

We are a non-zerging group, meaning you may not have more than one character in our Kingdom at a time, as a member or otherwise. If you are proven to be using an Alt to assist your Kingdom character or if you have been found to have two or more characters within the Kingdom, you will be banished from the Kingdom immediately. We are very serious about this. Citizens may have dual memberships though, you may be a Citizen in the Kingdom and a member of another group, but you will be expected to carry out your Kingdom duties.

We are a role-playing group, meaning we will administer combat revives to any zombie in our Kingdom, because as a survivor we view all zombies without the Brain Rot skill to be infected and in need of curing. We desire to help all infected zombies get better and will return them to the living. It is our view, that if you are a zombie and you wish to remain so, you should take the Brain Rot skill, then you will not be able to be combat revived and we will just kill as all rotters should be. Rotters will be killed on sight, anywhere and everywhere, even on Sacred Ground, as they are unable to be revived, they should not be standing there.

As a survivor - you will be in-charge of the welfare of at-least one building and the residents inside. You will also be expected to act in a kind, courteous, manner. We are a friendly group who refrains from slandering other groups or players, we do not spam the radios or harass other players. We only barricade to VSB but we do not get angry when someone raises the barricades to a higher level, if they have done so within the Uniform Barricade Code for that building.

As a zombie - you have two options: 1. When you get killed, and you will, you are to play UD as a zombie would. This means attacking survivors, barricades and equipment. If you stand up and find yourself inside our own Castle (Kingdom's HQ), then you are to attack survivors at once. We do not allow ZKilling in the Kingdom. 2. If you are, so pro-survivor, you may simply leave the building and head to the nearest revive point (RP) to wait for a revive. We do prefer our members to role-play.

Citizen - each new member is required to apply for citizenship, most will be accepted. Citizens will be granted a plot of land for which they will then become responsible for maintaining. Barricades must be kept at VSB, you are to heal the survivors who stay inside, and fight any zombies who enter your building. Citizens are not expected to participate in quests (missions) but they should assist in the defense of the castle when called to do so. Citizens will carry a radio and have it tuned to the frequency of 27.50MHz. This is the frequency of our allies and the mall.

Artisan - an Artisan is a member who desires direction, orders and cooperative game-play. They will be our home guard units, they will be organized into Guilds, with names like Axe Yielder's or Knife Throwers, things of this nature. They will participate in protecting specific areas within the Kingdom and will be expected to follow orders. Forum presence is preferable but not mandatory for this level of membership. UD activity is mandatory however and if you are discovered to be inactive you will be removed from your Guild and returned to common citizenship.

Cleric - the Clergy is our healing and revive team, they do not use weapons but save all their space for FAK's and needles. They will wander throughout the Kingdom administering to all who need it. They will frequently be asked to go on quests of their own. Clerics are required to follow orders, be active on UD, and respond in a timely fashion or they too will be removed from the Clergy and be made common citizens once more.

Knight - Kingdom members who have proven to be so valuable, cooperative in UD and on the forum, and responsive to quests, will be knighted and join the ranks of the elite. Knights are organized into Lances and will be called to quest all over the city, both inside and out, of our Kingdom's borders. They will be vicious warriors when fighting the undead, showing no mercy on rotters, fighting relentlessly, even to the death if-need-be. To achieve knighthood is a great honor in the Kingdom and you will be granted respect both far a wide. Unfortunately knighthood must be maintained or you will be relieved of your rank and returned to the common citizenry, like any other non-active member of our Kingdom. You must also be active on the forums to reach knighthood, posting often, preferably daily, and following orders at all costs.

Lord - a Citizen of the Kingdom who has proven his worth to the King may be granted a lordship. This is a noble rank of Leadership. By rising through the ranks, excelling at your duties, cooperating during quests and showing leadership qualities, you may achieve this rank. With it comes more lands, of which you will become responsible for maintaining. Keeping barricades at VSB and the citizens inside healthy and safe (as you possibly can) is one of your main goals. You will also become the commander of a Guild or Lance, depending on your previous experiences and contributions to our Kingdom. Lordships can be taken away if that member proves to be inactive or incompetent but that player will always be a respected member of our group from then on.

Bishop - Bishop is the Clergy's version of a Lord, they will gain control over a specific clergy unit and be placed in-charge of a specific temple or church. Similar rules apply to the Bishop as the Lord, players must remain active to sustain their titles.

The Kingdom will be based in the Shore Hills area, close to Ackland Mall and Brennand NT. We intend on being allies with most, if not all, the survivor groups in that area, especially the Crimson Clan and Ackland Mall Security.

This group has not yet been opened for recruitment, but all support is welcome!
If you are interested in joining this group, you may contact me on the discussion page. (St Aden) 05:37, 11 March 2008 (UTC)

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