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The Kronstadt Sailors were founded in late November and early December 2005 by former members of The Socialist Worker's Front of Malton (SWFM) after some serious breaches of their Charter in October and November of 2005 by a minority of SWFM members. This led to a radical change in the SWFM, turning it from a revolutionary socialist group to one that was - in our view - a purely authoritarian organisation.

As a result, Wladimir Uljanow, 'Doc' Steiner and others of the SWFM resigned in dismay at the shape of the SWFM. Together, some of these ex-SWFM comrades created the Kronstadt Sailors (KS/TKS), with our forum coming online on the 6th of December 2005. The majority of the credit for the formation of the KS must go to Wladimir Uljanow, who erected the forum and wiki.

Since then, the members of the Kronstadt Sailors have roamed Malton at will, assisting survivors in any way possible. As we are currently a small group, we have split up to spread our message throughout Malton in the most effective manner possible.

On the 29th of December 2005, the radical left who make up the SWFM expelled the authoritarian at the heart of the split. Accordingly, the reformed SWFM and the KS will happily work together to ensure the eradication of oppression in Malton. A vote was taken by the KS in order to ensure that our alliance is in accordance with the wishes of our members.

Our congratulations go out to the comrades of the SWFM who - unlike so many revolutionaries in the past - managed to eradicate the authoritarian cancer which had infected their ranks.

In the opening weeks of the New Year, a brief excursion was made by a small cadre of Kronstadt Sailors to the centre of Malton in order to help any survivors who had escaped the notice of the Ridleybank Resistance Front, amongst other hordes. Few were found alive, and, after some tense days, the cadre decamped and spread out across Malton once more to assist other Sailor cadres.

One such cadre, under the leadership of Comrade Lepergurn, maintain a watch on a phone mast - the location of which is, understandably, a secret - in order to prevent its destruction by the mindless hordes who, with no control over their actions, roam Malton, killing indiscriminately. The actions of this cadre are fully in keeping with the ethos of the Kronstadt Sailors, and all those comrades involved can hold their heads high.

Yet more comrades are currently involved in the manufacture of revivification syringes, the procurement of first aid kits, and the stockpiling of ammunition as part of the general effort to build up the defences of Malton's survivors.

- W.Uljanow, 'Doc' Steiner

A few years later, now 2014: As one of the founding members, I allow myself to salvage the ship of hope. The great idea shall live on. The ideals must not be forgotten.

Glorious Struggles

The Siege of St. Elizabeth's Hospital

On January the 27th and 28th, 2006, the St. Elizabeth's Hospital (Molebank) Cadre of the Kronstadt Sailors finally abandoned their defence after a week's hard fighting against zombies from Da Shamblin' WAAAGH, the Church of the Resurrection, and assorted ferals. Comrades Billy Bragg, Vule, Wladimir Uljanow and Hale all gave their utmost in defence of the hospital and its inhabitants. All the Kronstadt Sailors involved escaped alive, thanks to their superb co-ordination and co-operation. We shall not forget those who fell during the siege, nor shall we cease our efforts to free the people of Malton!

Then raise the scarlet standard high,

Within its shade we'll live and die,

Though cowards flinch and traitors sneer,

We'll keep the red flag flying here!


The Kronstadt Sailors are a group of radical communists, socialists and anarchists who aim to bring a utopia to Malton, bypassing the statist and authoritarian principle of the 'dictatorship of the proletariat'. We believe in the equality and freedom of all.

- W. Uljanow

Our goals are:

1) To enable people to act as free and mutually co-operative individuals, without the constraints of governance by anyone.

2) To assist those in need.

3) To defend those who are weak.

4) To destroy tyranny.

5) To revive the fallen.

In sum: To each according to their needs, from each according to their abilities.

- 'Doc' Steiner


  1. Independence
  2. Hospitality
  3. Property
  4. Protection
  5. Support
  6. Exclusion


The Kronstadt Sailors are an independent group, not a faction of any organisation, nor does it have any factions itself. There is no internal leadership, our comrades are free to come and go as they please.


The Kronstadt Sailors welcome the people of Malton as friends, allies and members. We'll provide any help and protection needed, free of obligations.


The Kronstadt Sailors have no use for any form of property. We share our goods with everyone. And we don't accept any claims of buildings or suburbs from other groups. In other words, we believe that everyone should be able to come and go as they wish.


The Kronstadt Sailors protect the people of Malton. To this end, we won't over-barricade buildings. Barricading is a necessary device to keep zombies from killing survivors, who should always be able to enter any building of their choice.

No building barricaded by a KS comrade will be built to a level higher than Very Strongly. When we come across buildings barricaded above this, we shall endeavour to ensure that there are nearby safehouses accessible to those who do not have Free Running.


The Kronstadt Sailors will give medical support for the wounded, military aid for the oppressed and scientific help for the fallen. Again, this will be done for free, regardless of group affiliation and without strings attached.


The only penality is exclusion. The Kronstadt Sailors will act to exclude those who attack or betray us (for example, by relaying our locations to zombies or groups of PKers) from all services. Exclusions will be decided by a vote taken by the KS, the results of which shall be posted here for all to see.

Constitution of the Kronstadt Sailors

The Constitution is an adjunct to our Principles (see above) which lays down the generally accepted norms of operation for all members of the Kronstadt Sailors. It is not The Law, nor does it seek to actively restrict, restrain, or prevent in any manner, comrades from acting as they wish. In order to fully understand the actions of the Kronstadt Sailors, our Principles and Constitution should be seen as interdependant.

Article One: All buildings will be barricaded to Very Strongly as an absolute maximum. However, in extreme and exceptional circumstances, comrades may be forced for their own safety to barricade above this limit - as soon as the danger is past, the barricades will be lowered to Very Strongly once more.

Article Two: The Kronstadt Sailors consider Headshot to be a skill which, while controversial, is the player's choice to take or not to take.

Article Three: Politeness and decency are qualities that are necessary for the smooth running of society - the Kronstadt Sailors will therefore behave with the utmost appropriate politeness and decency with regards to any situation.

Article Four: The Kronstadt Sailors will give medical aid to any beleaguered survivors, regardless of group.

Article Five: Due to the nature of Urban Dead, the Kronstadt Sailors will revive zombies where and when possible, but reserve the right to temporarily incapacitate them through violent means if necessary. Fun is the aim of the game after all, comrades.

Joining The Kronstadt Sailors

The Kronstadt Sailors are committed to supporting Malton's survivors, be they organised groups or individuals. At the same time, we will do our best to ensure that the zombie hordes don't get fed up and lurch back to their graves. To that end, we're looking for the following sort of people to join us:

First and foremost, we'd like to see anti-authoritarians of any stripe! Basically, if you consider yourself a lefty, the Kronstadt Sailors is the place for you.

Members of the Kronstadt Sailors should ideally have no more than two characters eac,h only one of can be in the Kronstadt Sailors.

Vitally, you must be willing to work within a group. All members of the Kronstadt Sailors have an equal say in the direction of the group, thanks to our combination of direct democracy and no single leader.

We do not accept those who abuse alts, zerg, cheat in any way, or spy. The Kronstadt Sailors are here to have fun and introduce Malton to freedom and equality at the same time.

If you would like to join, either PM Wladimir Uljanow or join our Forum - this is purely so we can keep track of who's joined. Once we recognise you (by replying to you, basically), you make your membership official with a simple two-stage process. (Not sure, if Uljanow or Doc Steiner are still active, please feel free to contact Jolly Jumper. I expect the KS-forum to be down. If needed, we'll set up a new one. If anyone is left, correct me.)

First of all, you put "The Kronstadt Sailors" in the Group section of your Urban Dead character's profile. Secondly, you add yourself to our public membership roster (see below). Congratulations! You are now a member of the Kronstadt Sailors - onwards to utopia, comrade!


Jolly Jumper

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