The Lagging Dead

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The Lagging Dead
Abbreviation: TLD
Group Numbers: 5-10
Leadership: Brona
Goals: Ruling all of Malton with a decaying fist.
Recruitment Policy: Currently open, contact us if you want to join.
Contact: We have a public forum here

Our Purpose

The Lagging Dead is a small group of zombies that have taken a liking to several buildings along the Scarletwood-Danversbank border, and have vowed to keep them ruined and in zombie hands until the end of time... or until we all get bored and go home, whichever happens first. Our ultimate goal is to rule over all of Malton, but until we recruit another few thousand zombies to make that possible, we'll settle for what we have while always looking to expand our domain as far as we can.

Pinky and the Braiiiins

  • "Gee, Brona, what do you want to do tonight?"
  • "The same thing we do every night, Laggers. Try to take over the world.

We patrol the area nightly, ensuring that every building is in proper (non) working order. If we come across a site that does not meet our safety codes, we'll tear down the doors and remedy the situation. Or, at the very least, leave behind a stern letter pinned to one of the half-dead survivors inside who wouldn't cooperate. We take pride in our work, and ensure that every building we inhabit adheres to the highest standards of zombie home-decor.

Now, by circumstances known only to God Himself, the Lagging Dead managed to settle not three blocks from a group of survivors who also seems to prize a particular piece of real-estate, that is the Garniss Building, defended by the suitably named Garniss Border Patrol. It so happens that they're decent chaps as breathers go but terribly stubborn. And pushy.

Now it could have been that we had our buildings and they had theirs, but they kept trying to repair places they shouldn't and kill poor zombies standing around, harming no one. We wanted five squares and were content to leave them the other 95, but oh no! This would not do.

Since then we have been locked in a yet-unending stuggle against the squishy scourge of Malton, trading property back and forth as though one or both groups were a collection of Native American givers (the Lagging Dead is a culturally sensitive group). The two nearby Necrotech facilities usually stay in human hands, the blocks adjacent to Luellin Towers usually stay ruined, and everything in the in-between is up for grabs on any given day. They barricade; we tear down barricades. We ruin; they dump us outside and repair. They kill us; we stand up. We kill them; someone sticks them with a needle. Etc.

But a fun etc., while it lasts. As much as we enjoy it, we'd appreciate any and all who's willing to help tip the balance in our favor.


We are currently recruiting any zambahs who wish to join the fight with us against the warm, squishy scourge that is humanity. Go here for details.