The Lamport Brewmasters

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The Lamport Brewmasters
Abbreviation: Brewmasters, LB, Lamport Brewmasters
Group Numbers: 3
Leadership: Custos
Goals: Defending the Hollwey Arms, Lamport Hills and McCloud's Pub
Recruitment Policy: Anyone who cares to protect Lamport and loves a well crafted beer
Contact: Hollwey Arms

The Lamport Brewmasters, also known as McCloud's Pub Lamport are a small group of civilians turned guardians and proprietors of their former favorite brewpub The Hollwey Arms as a part of McCloud's Pub. The Lamport Brewmasters are generally a sedentary group and are frequently found in Lamport's southern pubs. Though few in numbers, the Brewmasters are strongly pro-survivor and are fiercely opposed to PKers. The Lamport Brewmasters have been in existence since late 2005 and are one of the oldest groups in Lamport Hills.

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