The Last Stand

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The Last Stand
The Last Stand.jpg
Abbreviation: TLS
Group Numbers: 7
Leadership: Jack Sorrows
Goals: To protect the NE Corner, and any 'burb in need.
Recruitment Policy: As long as you have no habit of general griefing, welcome brother.
Contact: (Jack Sorrows)


The Last Stand is a survivor group dedicated to ridding Malton of the zombie plague, and helping other survivors. We will happily assist anyone in need. Ours is a small but highly adaptive group, quickly changing tactics as the situation demands. UT ALII ETIAM VIVERE

      • A more detailed history of this group soon to come! I have been on and off this game as circumstances in my life dictate since 2006, and have only recently (about a year actually) began regularly playing again. When I get all my info right, something worth reading will be here***--Jack Sorrows 00:06, 08 January 2015


  • Jack Sorrows (Active, Leader)
  • Fighting Day (Status Unknown at this time)
  • The Liberator V (Active)
  • Mista Ninja (Active)

Current News & Events

08 January 2015

Mista Ninja, Jack Sorrows, and The Liberator V have been in Gibonston for the last few days, attempting to rebuild the ruined suburb. Progress is going well, as there has been virtually no zombie activity in the area.

General Orders

The general orders for all Last Stand members are as follows:

  • Help all survivors in need.
  • Report and/or deal with Griefers.
  • Be safe, you can't help anyone if you're dead.
  • If it is dead and walking, kill it again.


Refer to the Mall Defense Plan on the Dulston Alliance page. This is the plan that we will do everything in our power to make happen.

TMMtemp.jpg The Malton Mafia
This User or Group is respected by The Malton Mafia.
They have the support of the Families.
Don't cross them.
Mpd.png Report PKers!
Don't let them get away with murder! Register them on the Rogues Gallery.

Thank You

My, and the rest of The Last Stand's, thanks go out to any and all revivers of the DEM. You have helped not only our small group, but many groups abroad, with our anti-zombie ways. You have done a true service to all of Malton, THANK YOU.

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