The Laurence Building

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The Laurence Building
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the Laurence Building

Foulkes Village [7, 86]

Scudamore Road Gully Grove a warehouse
a carpark the Laurence Building wasteland
Richings Crescent Ayers Cinema a carpark

Basic Info:

The Laurence Building


The Laurence today: as uninspiring and uninviting as it was in its prime.

A squat office block, with peeling white paint.


Built in the 1950s, the Laurence's successive generations of office workers could be considered the original sufferers of 'sick building syndrome'. Whether it was overflowing toilets, mould in the air conditioning units, dead insects trapped in the double-glazing, or an infestation of cockroaches, something has always been not quite right with the structure.

Slated for demolition in 2006, the building was spared by the zombie apocalypse, to the chagrin of its cubicle-dwelling populace, who were itching to see it crumble into dust - as well as itching because of the dust mites in the cheap office carpeting.

Barricade Policy

Cubicle partitions are not a secure defence against zombie attack.

Current Status

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