The Legions Of Literacy

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The Legions Of Literacy
Abbreviation: LOL
Group Numbers: 40-ish
Leadership: N/A
Goals: No Survivor Left Behind
Recruitment Policy: All are welcome to become more literate
Contact: See The Profile Police or Those Dudes


Together as one, against the dumb.

In a text-only format, your syntax, grammar, spelling, and style define you as a resident of Malton. Be you zombie or survivor, there is simply NO excuse for failing to present a coherent description for the rest of us. Really, we’d prefer you be clever as well, but we’re well aware that this is a tall order for some of you – particularly those of you with rotting brains.

A snappy profile tells the world that YOU are someone who cares about the face you present to the public. You are someone worthy of knowing, someone to be reckoned with, someone to respect.

Half of our order will kill you in order to drive this point indelibly home. Half of us will mock you. Either way, best run your profile through spell checking software and have a friend read it for you. If you wish, post your profile on our discussion page, and one of our expert editors will be happy to correct it for you, and suggest exciting new language that defines your character as one of the literate.

Best of luck with your chosen ends in Malton – but remember: The mighty are tidy!

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Supporting Groups

The Profile Police

Those Dudes

Malton Five-O

Supporting Players


8 Bucks

Squid Boy

News and Commentary

Today, Barf Chunk of Those Dudes was PK'd by Rika Nonaka for his beliefs. All hail Barf Chunk, the glorious Martyr for Literacy. He has been revived, and has exacted his revenge already on the fascist Rika Nonaka who would end the citizens of Malton's right to express our free thoughts and opinions.

Let me be completely clear: Those Dudes support literacy in Malton. We share this goal with the Profile Police. We do not support PK'ing, nor do we PK. It is up to our individual members whether or not they take a stance against the Profile Police's actions should they witness them. I will not. I will, with ferocious tenacity and infinite enmity, punish those who PK members of my organization possessing articulate profiles. I'm not even sure one death for one death will be enough to satisfy my righteous indignation at this violation of our right to express our opinions - I may assassinate any person who infringes on our free speech at every opportunity. Rika Nonaka has become a PK'er herself, plain and simple. If you abhor PK'ing, and care to take revenge, you must provide evidence of your target's PK'ing activity, and be prepared to defend your actions. There is no such defense for the killing of Barf Chunk. Give me liberty or give me death - but get ready if you choose to pronounce the latter. --Squid Boy 14:32, 31 May 2007 (BST)

Rika Nonaka can decide that it's over, or she can decide that 'It's ON!' The choice is up to her. --8 Bucks 14:53, 31 May 2007 (BST)

Although, if I do see her again, I might shoot her for putting her myspace link in her profile and not warning me about the music. I HATE websites that play music automatically. --8 Bucks 16:24, 31 May 2007 (BST)

June 4th

After getting PK'd 3 times in the course of 2 days, Barf Chunk is officially annoyed. KaliMa and Gorbatron are both looking to enjoy some deadness.

I've already smacked down Rika Nonaka but would probably treat her to a freebie PK'ing if I run across her again. It appears that this is a result of the slander campaign initiated by Izumi Orimotoand her pals. As such, and until I hear a retraction, I'm putting Izumi and the Lockettside Valkyries "on notice". That's right.