The Lime Brigade

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The Lime Brigade
The Lime
Abbreviation: Lime
Group Numbers: Inactive
Leadership: The Thread Mind
Goals: Loving limes and turning suburbs lime colored
Recruitment Policy: semi-private

So, you want to know about The Lime Brigade yes? Give me a moment to collect my thoughts....

A discovery of abandoned lime groves in Raines Hills mobilized a group of survivors dedicated to the restoration, preservation and distribution of Limes to all the survivors in Malton. This was an attempt to reduce scurvy, increase the use of gin and tonics and margaritas, and provide lots of limeny citrus to all in need of a fresh lime.

The goals of the Lime Brigade involved the need to recapture lots of sand to improve the soil of the defunct groves and grow lamps to combat the generally non-tropical atmosphere of Malton. The suburbs where a thirsty traveller could find a lime, lamp and sand are indicated by their fresh lime-green color. The Lime Brigade tried to spread this in more parts of Malton.


We all liked to visit the hotspots. Raines Hills was a place that liked oranges, not limes. When we first came to town, we went to Orders Crescent Police Dept, St Henry's Hospital, and the Harnett Building. Bares Park was a good place to go for a revive, and poor souls whose brains had rotted went to the Jack Building in search of help. Things took a while to get organized, but it was amazing how quickly people joined up!


February 22nd, 2007 - While a cold, wet drizzle fell over Malton, the Zombies of the Mall Tour '07 (some 500+ strong) simultaneously broke into the Whippey Building and Stickling Mall as traitorous humans killed generators and humans alike. The SE corner of Stickling was the first to be ransacked, and the rest of the mall soon fell as the Shearbank residents began randomly Reviving Zeds and fleeing in an effort to stave off their own destruction. The Lime Brigade kept Stickling's mall rats safe and citrusy for almost a month. What will now become of The Lime Brigade? The generals of the Brigade will burn the midnight oil in their trusty lamps and pore over attack plans drawn up in the sand. Will Malton ever again smell the citrusy goodness that was the Lime?

February 14th, 2007 - Despite the prospects of a Saint Valentine's Day Massacre by the members of Red Rum, the confines of Stickling Mall remain firmly within human control. At present, 300+ zombies are attempting to impose their will on the inhabitants of the Whippey Building. The scent of citrus fresh limes is no doubt driving them mad. All humans who are serious about holding malls and crushing zombies should head to Stickling Mall, where the Lime Brigade and her numerous honorable allies are employing the Turtle Defense. This entails holing up in all four corners of the mall as well as the Whippey Building and beating the lemon-lime out of any zombie / PKer / GKer that stands in one square for more than five seconds.

January 25th, 2007 - The Lime Brigade has succeeded in planting sweet lime citrus plants throughout Havercroft and Ackland Mall, and has set their eyes on Stickling Mall. Stickling Mall seems familiar to most of the Brigade, but it's as if it was an experience from a previous life. Whatever the fact, Stickling lacks a produce section, and the Brigade plans to change that.

January 19th, 2007 - The Lime Brigade, having settled into Ackland Mall for a week, had become restless. The mall continued to lack a certain aroma. The smell of the undead that had populated this structure for many weeks is beginning to fade, being replaced with the that of new construction and neverending bargain hunting. The Brigade was never satisfied until there was a hint of tangy, citrus goodness in the air, a whiff of the the unmistakeable Lime. However, Ackland lacked such an aroma. So, on that day, the Brigade doublechecked the doors and jumped outside as a mob to decimate the undead horde that had been knocking on the doors ever since the last one of them was dumped uncerimoniously into the street. The Lime Brigade, knowing that the undead stench continued to taint Havercroft, went outside and hand delivered countless headshots to those rotting zombies swaying back and forth outside. Within a mere two hours, of the more than sixty rotting corpses none remained standing, the last blow delivered by Intelligence Agent Toxy. It was a glorious day for Ackland Mall. On this day The Lime Brigade tossed aside their label of mere survivors and went on the offensive, striking a blow to the zeds that will be talked about until the end of time. The seeds of many Limes were planted. May they grow throughout Havercroft and continue to sow across all of Malton.

January 10th, 2007 - It is a thing of sheer beauty. The once depleted lands of Millen Hills have once again become home to the joy and the cleanliness that is The Lime. With a spritz of tonic and liberal amounts of Gin, the Brigade has moved on, bent on restoring the limes of Ackland Mall.

January 1st, 2007 - The Lime groves in Raines Hills have been restored. The air is filled with the sharp tang of citrusy goodness. The Brigade picked up rumours of a near to death lime grove in Millen Hills, and have trooped on over to restore order and garnishments for all.

December 22nd, 2006 - The Lime Brigade is founded. Raines Hills is selected as our home. Wiki page created and radio frequency (27.40) is selected.

Contacting or Joining The Lime Brigade

I do recall that The Lime Brigade used 27.40 Mhz on our radio. The soldiers would chat at the oddest hours. There was also talk of "the thread" or "latest chatty" -- you could find this inside if you were clever and diligent enough to learn how to track it down. The group remained closed to outsiders for quite some time at its beginning, but it was known to make exceptions for old friends. These were the strangest characters... many of them stared straight ahead as if they were just zombies.

The Memoir

The Beginning

I often dream of Bares Grove. In these dreams, I’m lost – cut-off and discarded by circumstance.

Bares Grove has been tidied, the rows of trees far too straight and narrow. The lines of trees more like hallways stretched taunt against the horizon. And here I am, sitting at the very edge. Here I'm slouched against a crumbling brick wall gazing down endless rows of limes. Someone else is here as well... someone yelling.

I wake not knowing where I am. Crooked trees crowd together and reach out of the darkness. Someone is shaking my arm. They’re screaming. Screaming what? The daze slowly fades and I’m standing: this is Bares Grove. Not the altogether too perfect Bares Grove, but the distorted malformed one: abandoned and overgrown. I do not approve of these matters, I barely ever do. Sometimes I wake with weary survivors at my side. More often I wake alone. It hardly matters. This time I wake with a man dragging me out of sleep by the arm. His screams become more incessant, “Get up! Get – up! They’re here!”

It hardly seems fair to wake with throbbing head and a worn axe in hand. It seems even less fair to wake with men screaming and an undead corpse gnawing on the remains of the man you shared the last half a tin of expired baked beans with on Friday. No wait, let me explain a bit first.

Bares Grove is a real place. It’s a lime orchard in the rundown suburbs of Malton in the place they used to call Raines Hills. Years ago I had lived there for a time. Not by choice, but out of necessity. Lost, stranded away from the remains of my group, I stumbled into that unkempt knot of dying trees in search of food; in search of anything at all. What I found was a half withered lime. So I stayed.

Cultivating the Groves

Raines hills, I remember when we returned the groves to full blossom. From one half-withered lime to a full grove of bountiful green. We had done it, yet we were unsatisfied. Did we have enough limes to feed the citrusless? Was there enough space here in Raines Hills to cultivate the size crop we needed?


But Millen Hills had the same sandy soil and stricken groves of limes. So we moved on, to plow the dirt, grow the trees, and fill the boxes of Malton with limes.

Setting up a Lime Stand

Millen Hills turned out to produce record crops in record time. Maybe it was the parched, sandy soil that worked extra hard to produce it's bountiful harvest, maybe it was the love and care that the Lime Brigade put into the cultivation. Whatever the reason, a bumper crop of limes had been produced. More than the Brigade or our neighbors could eat.

We needed to open new business opportunities. Being the supplier of limes and violent zombie death no longer was enough: we needed to get into the retail aspects of Lime distribution. And where was the best place for distribution back then?

Why, a Mall of course.

Lime them (m)All

It was the best of Limes, it was the worst of Limes.

After we moved to Ackland we set up a small Lime stand, to dispense the luscious fruits to all that sought them. We were successful. So successful that we literally had the living and the dead pounding on our doors trying to get in. So we got to thinking... how could we better serve the citrus deprived of Malton?

Why, franchise opportunities of course!

We thought long and hard and realized that Stickling Mall had a huge influx of Lime deprived souls nearing it. Leaving some trainees at Ackland with thick operations manuals on how to properly sell and distribute Limeny goodness, we moved to set up a new stand at Stickling Mall. There was thick anticipation of many new customers in need of limes.

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