The Loftus Monument

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the Loftus Monument

Miltown [96, 90]

Lanham Drive
a warehouse
the Press Motel
Salde Road the Loftus Monument Mussabini Place
wasteland Cowdrey Grove Railway Station the McCullock Building

Basic Info:

  • A monument is a city block containing a statue or similar piece of public art, without a building in it. It is functionally equivalent to a street, except that players with the Tagging skill can gain 2 XP for writing graffiti on a monument.
  • This is, game-play wise, an empty block, and cannot be barricaded.
  • After the July 3, 2009 update, some monuments became tall and can be seen from a distance with binoculars


Humans and zombies alike will see the following (permanent) description when standing in front of the monument:

"You are at the Loftus Monument, a black granite statue of a soldier that leans to one side."

The Loftus Monument is one of three Monuments in the suburb of Miltown.

The monument of a tall well built man looking to the horizon.

It was designed by Henry J. Loftus, who died mysteriously the day the monument was unveiled.


  • This monument is of the greatest Coalition member Max Hudd. His battle on both sides of life have been legendary amongst the young Coalition recruits and sleeper cells. Unfortunately the monument does not do him justice as it looks nothing like him and in all probability wasn't even designed with him in mind. But it's the thought that counts.

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