The Lone Awesomes

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The Lone Awesomes
Abbreviation: Totally unnecessary.
Group Numbers: Just this guy. Currently on hiatus.
Leadership: Redundant.
Goals: Being awesome. Spreading the awesome.
Recruitment Policy: Affiliated with anyone else concerned with making Malton more awesome.
Contact: Eh, try the talk page.



A survivor... eh... group?


Dedicated to awesomeness, and the intense being thereof. Also: spreading the awesome to places lacking the aforementioned awesome.

The Lone Awesomes also keep a journal, which is currently lacking in actual journaling.


The Lone Awesomes prefer the northwest, an area which (although it does have its fair share of awesomeness) The Lone Awesomes feel could use slightly more awesome.


Good Grooming

The Lone Awesomes support good grooming. The Lone Awesomes think it's silly to strut around wearing blood-soaked this and tattered that. Go find yourself a nice motel, draw yourself a bath, change out of your filthy clothes, crack open a bottle of wine, and look civil. Don't let these zombies take us down to their level! It doesn't even waste any of your precious AP. Clean up, Malton!

Good grooming.jpg Good Grooming
This user or group practices good grooming habits, and recommends that other Malton survivors do too.

Community Relations

The Lone Awesomes are here to lend a hand in making Malton more awesome, and they always show up for some tasty victuals at Malton Food Not Bombs!

Being awesome.jpg There's nothing quite like Being Awesome!
This user or group totally supports things that are awesome.


The Lone Awesomes unfortunately have no affiliation with the exceptionally awesome Portland, Maine-based band The Awesome.

209-rabbit.jpg Mr Fluffles
This user loves to butcher a cute, fluffy, darling, lovable bunny every single day!
Firefox.png Firefox User
This user uses Firefox, and so should you, because Microsoft sucks.
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